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Faith in terms of language or meaning knot holding strong faith or a belief that a strong grip
From the point of faith is the belief that certain terms and a final decision has not been mixed with suspicion or doubt on whether a person of faith berakidah correct or otherwise
Islamic faith is the belief and confidence in God as rabb and god and believe in the name of His name and attributes of all believers with the angels, the scriptures, Messengers, the Day of Judgement and faith with the decree of God, whether good or bad, as well as all that came from God. Next obedient and faithful to the teachings and instructions. Therefore, the Islamic faith is the faith and confidence in God and His Messenger, and what is brought by the messenger and implemented in the life
Meaning of FaithThe knowledge that deals with matters related to confidence in God and perfect characteristics.Every Muslim must know, learn and learn more faith to avoid the things that lead to distortion of faith to AllahTrue faith is the faith that is based on the Quran and SunnahKnowledge Faith
Knowledge of Tawheed
Knowledge that describes the nature of God that must be known and trusted
Knowledge UsuluddinA knowledge of the faith in Islam, the faith in Allah and His Messenger
Knowledge Enlightenment
A knowledge of the debate on the matters relating to the means to know GodWord of Knowledge
A knowledge that talk about faith with aqliah evidence (scientific) as a shield against all opposition from the opponents
Knowledge FaithA knowledge of the debate on matters relating to faith in Allah swtDescription Fundamentals of Faith
A hadith narrated by Muslim, the son of Umar Al-Khattab, that in the meeting with Allah's angel Gabriel in a ceremony attended by many friends of the Prophet saw Gabriel has submitted questions to the Prophet, which means: -
"Gabriel had said to the Prophet, you are the light of faith, then the answer to Allah, the faith is that we believe in Allah, the angels, the scriptures, to the messengers, the Last Day, believe that the reward and provide for you whether good or bad is all from Allah SWT, then Gabriel said what you said is true. "
So, from the verses in the Quran and Hadith we can conclude that faith is six aspects:Trust in GodBelieve in angelsBelief in the BibleBelief in the MessengersBelief in the Day of JudgementBelieve Qaida and PowerBelieve In Allah SWTThe meaning of faith in Allah Ta'ala is to know, believe and beriktikad the mandatory matters, matters and things that should be impossible for Allah Ta'ala.
Belief in Allah also says:Allow the assurance of the existence of GodAllow certain of the oneness of God, both in nature and acts to make them all and in every creature receives worshipAllow to believe that God is with all the attributes of perfection, pure and holy and Perfection also like all the new
"O mankind! Worship your Lord who created you and those before you so that you (the people) fear -(Surah Al-Baqarah: 21)
Means that God is the creator of everything that is in this style include the heavens and the earth other planets, which can be seen or not, everything belongs to Allah swt
Believing that God is the tree of the pillars of belief or faith to another, given the existence of God, then there's others.
Rububiyah and Uluhiyyah Tawheed of AllahRububiyah Tawheed means only Allah as the Rabb (Creator, the owner, the government provides and the like). Can not be, considered or felt the other as a rabb or with God to be Lord of Lords.
Uluhiyyah Tawheed means a Muslim who believes in true faith, he only took God as a god. He did not put God with others as a god.God only as an idol and worship. Maklud is a veritable god and worshiped.
Learn and understand the teachings of AllahThe purpose of God also believe we should learn and understand everything that comes from God through His messenger either in the Quran or the Sunnah. The purpose is not merely believe in God believe in the existence of God but also all that comes from God
Confident and implement Allah's RevelationAmong the purposes and demands faith in God is sure of what comes from God. Convinced of the truth, the perfection of Islam as a Din of Shamil and perfect and the best
Believe in angelsMeans is that God has created a kind of ghost that can not be viewed original condition, not men and not women. Their lives are always faithful to the commandment of God without ever menderhakainya. Angel created by God from light. Saying of the Prophet (terjemahanya):
"Angel is made from light, jinn created from smokeless fire & Adam made a prophet of God as described, from the land" - (Narrated by Muslim)
Name and Duties AngelGabriel - Delivering revelation and commandment of God to the prophets & messengers-messengers to pass on to humansMichael - Controlling cekerawala including the sun, moon, stars, rain & other hot and as required by GodAngel of Death - Revoking all living creatures lives when they have reached the time required by GodIsrafil - Blowing sengkekala when it comesRaqeeb - recording good practices engaged in by peopleAtid - recording the bad deeds done by humanWrong - Questioning the man in the graveNaker - Questioning the man in the graveRidhwan - Controlling heavenMalik - Fire Control
Among the duties of the Angel as:Bring revelation to the ProphetsPraise and obedience, and prostrating to AllahMemikut Throne
Pray for those who believeThe role of Angel in the hereafter as greeting on the heaven, hell and punish members of suchFaith to Angel Wisdom
One is aware that he is being supervised by the Angel, he will always take care of good behavior, keeping even the rich speech in which he is
Someone will immediately repent and not repeat the errors and mistakes because they realize that every spoken word and in behavior that is not spared from the Angel record Raqib & AtidA Muslim will always do what God commanded and avoid what is forbidden of God to be safe in the grave because he knows when he dies, he will be questioned and tortured by the angel in the tomb
Believed to BookMuslims must believe that Allah has sent down several books messenger His messenger. Fill in the teaching of the scriptures is containing the teachings of their religious duties to the Hereafter, and also the indicators to improve the lives of people on earthBooks that must be known are:Psalms: David (in the Coptic language)Torah: Moses (in Hebrew)Gospel: Jesus Christ (in Syriac)Al-Quran: Prophet Muhammad (in Arabic)
Allah says which means:"At first man is of one (according to Allah is one, but finally they had a slight misunderstanding), then God has sent prophets as bearers of glad tidings (for those who believe the reward of heaven), and warning ( to the disobedient to the punishment of hell), and sent down with the prophets of the scriptures that have real evidence to carry out the punishment of the people on what they argue "(Surah Al-Baqarah: 213)
Al-Quran is the last book revealed by God & the cover of all the previous scripturesBelieved to Messenger
A Muslim must believe that God has sent some of His chosen messengers of the perfect human nature. They guide people to a life that brings happiness in this world and hereafter
The properties are mandatory for the messenger:Siddiq - True at all the talk, news & actTrust - Be honest and do not make mistakesTabligh - Delivering all the commandment of God to manFathonah-Wise
Meaning in language Messenger: Messenger delivers a message for someone to othersThe meaning of the term apostle in: Men messenger of God who received God's revelation to him that must be communicated to the people so that they can right path and spendIn terms of originality: original fixed Quran there is no change and can not be amended by the people, while other books do not change and natural
Al-Quran for all times and places, while other books for specific periodsLanguage of the Quran is Arabic pemakainnya living all the time, which is used by many and many countries around the world
Wisdom of Faith With BooksShows that the religion came from God is only one Islam contained in the scriptures came from God and lead. The Prophet time to time until the Qur'anMankind throughout the ages really need a religion called Islam, a faith-based beliefs. This is all contained in all the books that come from God
Differences in key areas related to the implementation of laws in religion may occur. Explicitly prohibited is the difference in matters of faith or motion. This is evident in the laws-laws from the books of the prophets with the other prophets is different, but the faith and the other trees are all the same
All the prophets are Muslim. There is no contradiction between the Quran and the Torah as well as there is no conflict with the Bible and other scriptures.To believe in the Last Day
Belief in the Day of Judgement is the most serious problems of all kinds of people of faith and belief. Since the days before Islam arrived now man has been made of this problem. The members of the poor are always placed as the core research question, because faith in the hereafter will bring people to the belief that a worldly life and the creation of man. Thus the importance of this problem to the revelation of God verses describe the Day of Judgement.
Five phases pattern believe in the Hereafter:The level of destruction that are on earth. There was an earthquake, in which the mountains to dust, boiling sea water boil over, the stars falling, the sky bergulungan, being human intoxication and blackouts. Then destroying all living beings, whether or not, only God remains
The day of resurrection in which people will be resurrected from the dead and gathered together in Padang
Disclosed all former deeds. Nothing is hidden, whether good or evil, even though the size of the particles
Menghisab days before courts of justice of God, where people will get the most fair decision without persecution
Day decisions about where people will receive benefits commensurate with the practice. Here, when the Covenant will be fulfilled as the purpose of human creation. They placed a lot of good deeds in heaven, and many evil practices will be placed in the Fire
Importance of Belief in the Last DayRenew awareness of the fact that hereafter there is a place people get a response and also the place for all mankind eternalTo enhance the taste of faith-Alamin Rabul supremacy of God as the ruler and the ruler and owner of Nature, the creator and ownership of the Last Day and all its contents
Soften the hearts of men by remembering the dead and the Last Day
Islam encourages people to do ma'ruf (good) and leave the evilCondoms to believe '
The Meaning of FateFate or decree of the human creature in particular can be divided into two:Terms of nature that causesFate or decree against the creatures, especially human
Muslim attitudes in Receiving God of FateReceive and pleased with what is destined by God, because God is Adir and can not be doing injustice to the creatures.Determine what the people of God outside of human choice is the wisdom and justice of God. There is a virtue in such conditions. Maybe what we think good is bad for us and so vice versa. Allah is Aware of what we do not know
Must be patient if Allah destined something bad that happened to us. Perhaps what is happening behind it there is something good that God would have bestowed upon us
Stages of FaithBlind faith - faith follow, follow, simply follow the opinions of others
Knowledge of faith - Belief simply because knowledge and based on the mind is not located in the heartA'yan Faith - Faith is located in the heart. Faith is owned by the righteous
The right faith - true faith that regardless of the desires of Satan.Faith is owned by the muqarabbin, a person close to God
The fact of faith - faith at the highest level attainable by man. Live by faith in Allah and His Messenger and the Hereafter as the ProphetIman Iman increases or decreases in
People of faith always increases and decreases in practice.Things to do in order to strengthen:
Desire to fightEmptying the heart of the reprehensible natureFamiliarize themselves with admirable characteristicsExpressed sincere worship & sacrifice just because God
Increase the recommended practicesMeditation, which is observing the signs of Allah and of power
Importance of Knowledge Learning FaithSome learn the importance of faith include:
To be spared OF deviant teachings detrimental to faith a person against GodStrengthen the faith and confidence on the properties of perfect
Strengthen the faith of a person that is not shipped with and influenced by the practices can be detrimental to faith
Audit and Practice Scales. Among the matters to be experienced by people in the hereafter is the practice of mathematics and weight
Replies Heaven and Hell. Based on the authoritative texts of the Qur'an shows that people who have a lot of good practice to weigh scales of good practice it will be inserted into heaven, while those who otherwise would be put into the fireAble to produce arguments that can break the argument of the opponents who tried to pervert the faith of a
Importance of Faith in Human LifeBasis of faith asDeterminants or creed As EnablerDistortion and Damage creedThrough conversation or speechThrough the act ofThrough faith in the liverConstruction creedUnderstanding the Islamic concept of the truth and understand the concept of specific beliefsCleaning the liver in a manner to leave sin and do things that are commanded by GodAlways fought against evil desires and committed to Islam
Together with those who are good or always look good atmosphereHe always prayed for the leadership ofTrust in God
ConclusionOverall, the concept of faith is very easy to learn and understand in general to anyone who wish to practice faith in istiqamah (continuous). Indirectly, the community that the concept of the right faith will produce a higher state of knowledge, charity and morality.

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