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Taharah-(Purification)1. Definitions:i) In terms of language: the Sacred and cleanii) In terms of Islamic terms: holy and clean from the filth or dirt.2. Taharah is the key and the condition for prayer.3. Law taharah is COMPULSORY on every mukallaf men and women.4. Evidence naqli of instruction was purified as words of Allah in Surah al-Anfal, verse 11, which means:"And (remember when) he has revealed to you rains from heaven to purify you with it ..."Prophet s.a.w. never said which means:"The religion of Islam is founded on cleanliness"5. Taharah purpose is to enable a person to perform prayers and other religious duties.6. Asked to do taharah wisdom is that all the worship that we do is act unto and worship Allah Ta'ala. Therefore, to do so, it is imperative is in good condition as to glorify the greatness of Allah swt .7. Taharah the benefits of doing so that the body is clean, healthy and farthest from the disease and bring happiness to those who do.8. Taharah prerequisite is:IslamSanityPubertyAccess time (for the obligatory prayers).Not sureNot forcedMenstrual blood stopsNo water or dust of the holy land.Viable to do so within their means.9. Taharah is a proof that Islam is very concerned with cleanliness and purity.10. Jurists have unanimously said that cleansing with holy water (mutlaq) as the word of God:Meaning:"He winds (a) short good news before His Mercy (rain) and we sent down from heaven water very clean"11. In addition, the need to use paper or stone when beristinja 'and the dust of the land or water instead of requiring prayer known as TAYAMMUM.12. Clearly, the tools for the purification are:Mutlaq water, the water alone, without accompanied by a supplement or a feature. Mutlaq water is divided into several parts:Water pouring from the sky. It is divided into three, namely rain, snow melt water and dew.Water that rises from the earth. It is divided into four, which is water derived from springs, water wells, river water and sea water.Land, can be purified if it is not used for an obligatory and not mixed with something. Word of God:
"O ye who believe, do not pray, but now you are drunk, until you understand what you say, (do not be close to the mosque) is now you are unclean), except only just passed, until you have bathed.And if you are ill or in travel or back of the closet, or ye have touched women, and ye find not water, then bertayamumlah you with good soil (good) and rub therewith your faces and hands.Verily, Allah is Pardoning, Forgiving. "(Surah Al-Nisa ', 4:43)3. Samak, ie to remove the excess material that sticks to the skin and the damage it along if soaked or washed in water after tanned, the skin is still not rotten or damaged.4. Takhallul, the wine turns into vinegar without any material included therein.
aharah-(Division of Water)Distribution of WaterWater must by law be divided into three types, ie:ii) In terms of Islamic terms: holy and clean from the filth or dirt.1. Water is pure and can purify another thing. It is divided into two:a) Water Mutlaq:The holy water is purified water which remain mutlaq original character creation have been made by AllahWater is still water mutlaq said although it was changed due to a long neglected, due to the soil, moss and a stagnant or mengalirnya contain sulfur. This is because the water is difficult to avoid the matter.Evidence showing mutlaq water purity, as saying of the Prophetwhich means:Abu Huraira r.a.h. he said, a Bedouin stood up and pass urine in the mosque, and his companions went to prevent. Then the Prophet s.a.w. said, let him and pour over the water bucket urine.Indeed, you are asked to facilitate non-troublesomeOrder Prophet s.a.w. to menjiruskan water to where the urine is evidence that water has purifying properties.b) Water Musyammas:of pure water, but not encouraged to use them again purified.Holy water purify other again, but not encouraged to use the body is not in the clothes.Musyammas water means hot water is exposed to the sun is in the states in hot climates where it can cause rust as iron, tin and others where it hurt when it hits your skin or cause it hairpiece tubuih body, leprosy and so on. As Word Rasullah s.a.w. which means: -
"From her, indeed, he had warm water in the sunlight Rasullah said nor saw him do so, O surely she dried the water can cause disease to be cured." (Reported by Sufism)2. Pure water but can not cleanse the other thing. It is divided into two:a) Water Musta'amal:That is the holy water on him but does not cleanse the other words which mean the water is potable but not legally be used to purify things.The water is said to lift dirt Musta'amal is the first wash in bath or ablution 'mandatory and divorced from the member.The water is said to eliminate stool Musta'amal that if the water is unchanged and not increased.Water from the trees and fruits such as water from the top made of palm sap or roots.Changing the water two ways: -Taqdiri change - changing water Taqdiri of water only the only decree which can not be seen as the watershed.Hissi change - change in Hissi water is the water changed to something that can be seen as the watershed.- How mentaqdirkan water law is mixed up with something who looked like rose water that has been lost smell, taste and color.- The smell of incense shall ditaqdirkan with the Arabs.- In a sense be ditaqdirkan with pomegranate flavor.- The color should be ditaqdirkan the color of wine.If change is the legal decree musta'amal water and if not changed by the decree absolute is the ruling on the water.Water is mixed, there are two ways: -MajawirMixed with the way the water changed Mujawir because including it with something that can be separated from water, such as a bucket full of water, including in it a stick of sandalwood and timber can be separated from the water, the water law is the absolute water .MukhalitMixed with the very thing Mukhalit way into the water can not be separated from water, such as a bucket full of water inside it, including the indigo water dihukumnya Musta'amal.b) Water Muqayyad:Water mixed with something that turns one of the sacred character (color, taste and smell) that it would not be called again mutlaq water such as water mixed with honey, syrup and others.3. Unclean water or mutanajjis, the affected water excretion. It is divided into two:
a) Water tank sukatannya less than two and in contact with excreta unless excused, either change the properties (color, taste and smell) or not.b) Water sukatannya more than two-tank and change the properties (color, taste and smell) whether the change is small or large.Two-tank water measurements were as follows: -If calculated with cans of kerosene, the two-tank water was of 9 2 / 3 cansIf calculated by weight, the weight of two-tank water is weighing 162.72 kg.If the measure is calculated by a four-square, then the water would require a two-tank measuring 60 x 60 cm.
USING OF MISWAK (bersiwak)1. USING OF MISWAK or bersiwak is an act of cleaning the mouth and teeth2. USING OF MISWAK ruling is voluntary and the time is any time but the most demanded is after getting out of bed, when to be steadfast in prayer, when to read the Qur'an, and when changing bad breath.3. USING OF MISWAK makruh adjudged when the sun (at the time for Zuhr) for those who are fasting, as saying of the Prophetwhich means:"From Abu Hurairah r.a.h. Prophet s.a.w. indeed the bad breath is the sight of Allah fasting is more fragrant than musk ".(Reported by Muslim)- In the opinion of Imam Nawawi RA that is not makruh for those who are fasting USING OF MISWAK whether or not the sun was slipping down of the sun.4. USING OF MISWAK is a tool for all things pure and abrasive such as toothbrushes, wood alcohol (siwak), rattan and coconut manggar other.5. Hadith of the Prophet s.a.w. about USING OF MISWAK:1) From her r.a.h. "Allah's s.a.w. USING OF MISWAK said that cleaning the mouth and have pleased the Lord ".(Reported by Sufism)2) From Abu Hurairah r.a.h. Prophet s.a.w. said:"If it was not over-burden my followers I will orderUSING OF MISWAK their time every ablution ".(Narrated by Ahmad)6. How USING OF MISWAK implementation shall begin with the right hand and right side of the mouth and continues to be on the ceiling mouth slowly and on the gums and teeth.7. Among the advantages USING OF MISWAK are:
1) As the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. which means:"Two and offered prayers to the first USING OF MISWAKbetter reward than seventy rak'ahs prayedUSING OF MISWAK not ".(Reported by Muslim)
2) Able to add a sense.3) It can brighten the eyes.4) Delay grow gray hair.5) Can double the reward.6) It was like Creed, when almost died.7. Should not be USING OF MISWAK every time dituntuti let him USING OF MISWAK once a day.8. Among the reasons people USING OF MISWAK pray that more and larger Afdhal fadhilatnya because it will bring more humble prayers and to maintain good mixing within the congregation in prayer with the smell of a clean mouth and teeth fragrant and fresh light.
(Reference Book - Book Matla'al Badraian - Sheikh David Fattani)
Leather Tanning1. The purpose of tanning is to cleanse the skin uncleanness (dead).2. Law of leather tanning is a must.3. Tanning is not specific to Muslims but unbelievers shall cover as long as it is in the manner done by Muslims.4. Relationship with human skin tanning:To increase the economy for those who do.To avoid wastage.5. Only tanned skin can not be on the nails, teeth and bones.6. The definition and identification of the carcass:Animals are consumed the dead are not slaughtered according to Islamic ways.Eaten unclean animal that died either slaughtered or not, still it is dead.7. The dead animals included in the total dead: -Invoked using the bone.Been invoked by the Magian (those who worship fire)Slaughter of those who pilgrimage (Hajj or Umrah Ihram)8. Animals that are not good even tanned skin:PigDogChildren born from marriages between dogs and pigsChildren born out of lawful marriage of animals with dogs or pigs.9. The tools that are used for tanning leather is a tangy or chelate such as alum, vinegar, tamarind, lemon and others.10. How to tan animal skins:First be shredded leather from animal body parts (after slaughter)All the hairs shaved and cleaned all the veins and mucus which adheres to the meat and fat on the skin.Then the skin is soaked in water mixed with things that become a tool tanners until all the fat off meat and slime that sticks to the skin above.Then lifted up and washed with clean water and dried.11. Tanned skin is eaten DUREN illegal can cause illness in a human body.
12. Meaning of the word holy pure in tanning animal skins:Holy apparent is the growing place is the outer hair shaved and the skin was attached to the meat.Holy is next to the inner skin means that skin cut parts of the former is pure.13. The wool of animals that have been tanned and adhere to the skin if a little is forgiven.14. Leather tanning relations with other sciences:Transactions on Knowledge has tanned skin can dijualbeli.In Knowledge Crimes that have been tanned skin can be cut hand when stolen.In the knowledge that has been tanned skin Faraid be heritage15. The conclusion is that tanning animal skins are intended purify the skin.
(Book Matlaal Badrain - Sheikh David Fattani)

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