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Imam Al-Ghazali

Imam Al-Ghazali

Imam Al-Ghazali is known as a scholar of Sufism, and faith.Therefore its contribution to the field of philosophy and science can not be denied. Al-Ghazali was a Sufi called "hujjatui Islam".

Abu Hamid Ibn Muhammad al-Tusi al-Ghazali is the man who was born in Tus, Pars! in the year 450 AH. Since childhood, he showed remarkable ability to master the various branches of science.
He not only productive in terms of producing books and papers, but was a Muslim thinkers terulung.Kecintaannya to knowledge so profound and prompted him to travel and traveled from one place to another place to study with scholars who lived in his time.

While in Baghdad, Al-Ghazali was appointed Master of the University Baghdad.Walaupun was called master, but he still felt a lack in the knowledge they posses. Thus, he left his office and move into Sufism by traveling to Mecca, he studied with members of the famous Sufi there

In addition to learning and studying. Al-Ghazali also has written. It is estimated that he had written 300 books representing various fields of science such as logic, morality, interpretation, ulumul Quran, philosophy, and so on.

However, most of his writings were burnt dibbakar results by the Mogul army attacked the city Baghdad.Antara yan destroyed book includes: 40 Volume Tafseer, Sirrul El Alamein (Two Secret World), and al Madhnuuna bihi Qhairiha style (Knowledge Must Be Hidden From People ' who are not Members,).
Only 84 books of his writings has survived, such as Al Munqiz Um al Dhalal (Rescue Error), Tahafut al Philosophy (Philosophy of Destruction), Mizanul Charity (Charity Scales), Ihya Ulumuddin (Livelihoods Knowledge), vow Mahkun fMengenai Science Logic), Miyarul knowledge, and Maqsadil Philosophy (Goal Philosophy).
Although Al-Ghazali has written on philosophy, but he was not regarded as a philosopher. In fact, most writers classify Al-Ghazali as a fight and be antifalsafah. This view is based on the writings of Al-Ghazali in a lot of philosophy books Tahafut criticized and denounced philosophy. Even in the book, Al-Ghazali said the purpose of compiling the book was to destroy and undermine the confidence of the philosophy of philosophy.However, the view that Al-Ghazali, a antifalsafah not shared by several people sarjana.Biarpun no one can deny Al-Ghazali's criticism of philosophy as written in the book Tahafut philosophy but should be noted that the attitude of skeptics (doubtful ) and his critique of the philosophy is part of the philosophy itself.

This is because the philosopher's task is not simply to seek the truth and the solution to a problem, but also challenge and object to the settlement of the problem presented.If you travel down the Al-Ghazali's life it will be found that he was the first Muslim scientist to learn the philosophy and then criticized attitude.

Although Al-Ghazali not happy with the philosophy and the philosophy but in the book hukm al Falasifah., He had filed a philosophical method to describe the questions related to logic, divinity, and physical. According to Al-Ghazali, philosophy can be divided into six science is mathematics, logic, physics, metaphysics, politics, and ethics.

These areas are sometimes parallel to, religious, and sometimes is very contrary to religion. However, Islam does not prevent his people from learning the knowledge and the benefit should not cause harm.

For instance, religion does not prohibit the mathematics because it is the result of proof of knowledge of mind that can not be denied after it was understood.There are three philosophical metaphysics which according to Al-Ghazali was against Islam is qadimnya universe, not knowing God of small things and events, and the disavowal of the body or bodily resurrection.
Al-Ghazali did not rule out the use of reason in philosophical discussion and the production of other knowledge. Instead he was earning that kalam and research use of the mind is apt to add confidence and ignite faith in the hearts of non-Muslims to leave Islam.

So, the development of a knowledge not only based on satisfaction of mind but also to take into account aspects of feeling and conscience. Al-Ghazali suggested that Muslims seek the truth by making the Quran as the primary source rather than through a process of thought and reason alone.
So, what is attempted to be done by Al-Ghazali is a display error and falsehood of knowledge against religion and against the currents of Islam. Thus showing that Al-Ghazali actually a member of the Islamic falssafah the search for truth by following the Quran and the Hadith is not as thinking and logic games that are commonly used Greek philosophers. Things that are opposed by Al-Ghazali, philosopher, and thinking is not brought by them, but mistakes, errors, and the error committed by this group. In Al-Ghazali, the cornerstone of philosophical thought is the Quran itself.

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