Friday, December 16, 2011

Importance of Arabic

Importance of Arabic

Imam Shafi'i said"Humans do not be stupid and always at loggerheads except because they left the Arabic languageand prefer the concept of Aristotle". That expression of Imam Shafi'ifor peopleso we do not marginalize the language of Muslimpride.

  If the priest witnessed the condition of the people present on the Arabic languagehe will surely heightened concerns.

Arabic is different from other languages ​​as a means of communication among human beingsVariety of Arabicsuperiority so muchIdeally, Muslims devote its attention to this languageGood to learn it for themselves or to facilitate and direct the children for the purpose.

In the pastArabic is a place in the hearts of the MuslimsUlemaand even the caliphs did not see with one eyeFashahah (truth inlanguageand the sharpness of the tongue in the language to be one indication of the success of parents in educating their children during childhood.

  Pehatian ruination of the Arabic language appears when thespread of Islam has entered the countriesAjam (non Arab).Between races interact and unite under the umbrella of Islam.Increasingly dominant spelling mistakes in conversation.Moreover, when examined current reality of Muslims in general,many of which are still menganaktirikan ArabicA quite alarmingturns out, the parents are less encouraging their children in order to pursue Arabic.

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