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Sale and Purchase Products Containing Gelatin From Pork

Sale and Purchase Products Containing Gelatin From Pork

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Before explaining the law of gelatin from pigsshould be explained beforehandistihalah law (change of a form into another form), such asbeing turned intosalt porkwhether it is lawful or salt to be unlawful.

There are differences of opinion of the scholars in this schoolThe Hanafi andMaliki schools of scholars argue that when a pig fell into the salt ponds and died and turned into saltthen salt it is lawful.

Because the substance has been turned into salt pork and salt is kosher law.Al-Hashkafi (Hanafi school of scholarsdied 1088Hsaid"Excluding uncleanunclean combustion ashes, as well as salts derived from the carcass of a donkey or a pig ... because his form has changedThis is difatwakan in schools"

The Shafi and Hanbali scholars argue that the salt is derived from changes in its legal form remains forbidden porkbecause pigs are unclean substances isunclean even changed its legal form into another substance remains unclean.Ar-Ramli (Shafi scholardied1004Hsaid"A substance that does not changethe law unclean ... absolutelyby way of being unclean transformed into another form, such as pig carcasses that fall into the salt pondthen changed to salt "

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