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Stools and Istinja '

Stools and Istinja '
FilthIn terms of language, meaning unclean dirty things such as blood, urine and faeces. In syara `, stool means the dirt that prevents the validity of prayer.
Distribution of impurityUnclean 'ainnya divided into two:Haqiqiyy faeces, which filthy thing either frozen or liquid, and whether tangible or not. It is divided into three:Mughallazah (weight), the dog, pig, and the birth of both or one of them.
Mukhaffafah (light), the urine of boys who do not eat other than nursing and have not attained the age of two.
Mutawassitah (middle), which is other than the above two types of blood, pus, stool and so on.
All animal carcasses is unclean except fish and locusts. Skin dead animals to be sacred when tanned skin except pigs, dogs, and the birth of both or one of them.
Hukmiyy stool, which is dirt on the inner body of a small hadath can be relieved by wudu 'and large hadath (impure) which can be removed with a bath, or TAYAMMUM when no water or sick from the water.
Excused stoolThere were no stools forgiven. Even so, syara `excuse for a bit rate of excretion is difficult to avoid, as well as for facilitating and accommodating to his people. Therefore, the following droppings were excused:Stools that are not visible to a more moderate view as a bit of blood and urine splashes.Acne blood, blood boils, scabies or ringworm of blood and pus.Blood does not flow the blood of animals such as ticks, mosquitoes, midge and massage.Place CUPPING, manure flies, uncomfortable urination, blood istihadhah, water ringworm or scabies.
How to cleanse the impurityHow to remove the stool is to beristinja ', washing and tanning.How to purify unclean haqiqiyy hand, is as follows:Mughallazah stool (weight)Should be removed 'ain's first stool, then washed with water seven times, one of which is mixed with soil to lose its nature (color, smell and taste).Mutawassitah stool (middle)Should be removed 'ain's first stool, then washed with water points to be unclean until the missing character (color, smell and taste).Mukhaffafah stools (soft)Ain `droppings should be removed in advance, then sprinkled or drain enough water on it.
To purify the unclean hukmiyy that there is no color, smell and taste is to drain the water on the place of the bird droppings.
Istinja 'Istinja 'means removing excrement from qubul or anus with water or rocks or hard objects like stones and holy, can remove the faeces and not illegal to use it.
Law Istinja 'Istinja Law 'to remove faeces is mandatory. Circumcision beristinja 'with stones and then washed with water. Must choose to beristinja 'by using only water or using at least three stones if you can remove the faeces. However, more Afdhal use water because water is more capable and effective way to remove the faeces.
If using a stone, must apply to at least three stones or three corners of a stone with the following conditions:Droppings to be cleaned is not dry.Not spread to other parts.Not mixed with other manures.If you do not meet these requirements, it shall be with water.
Manners did the WaterQiblat facing illegal or membelakanginya when urinating in open spaces. However, circumcision is not facing or back qiblat when waste water in buildings such as toilets or when there is a wall or veil between the person and the qiblat.Not encouraged to remove the water in the water does not flow or in the water to flow a little, but if the water flow is more, the better to avoid than to remove it. This is based on the hadith narrated by Muslim, which means:
"That the Prophet sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam forbade urinating (urinary) in water is not flowing."
Not encouraged to remove water under fruit trees to bear fruit either during or not.Makruh to urinate in the hole and land in between the cracks.Disapproved urinating in the street, in the shade and in the hole is not dug specifically for removing water.Not encouraged to talk during a bowel except for a requirement.Disapproved facing toward the sun or moon when passing urine.Circumcision refuge from human view.Sacred brings together anything is recorded the name of Allah, the Qur'an and the like when passing urine

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