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Meaning Mualamat

Meaning Mualamat
Transactions that are all related and justice to the business world, with regard to a person's life activities such as sale and purchase, barter, borrowing, and so on.
Transactions also a procedure or rules of human relations with other people to meet their needs based on Almighty Allah's laws involving economic and social areas of Islam.
Transactions which are in the economic field which is the focus of all persons to obtain a comfortable life in the world and happiness in the hereafter.
All property that is in nature, whether in the land, at sea or in the policy is ultimately owned by God. Humans are asked to own property, which was provided by Allah through knowledge and skills that a reward to him. Those who have the world's wealth is in the mandate from God and responsible for these properties.God's Word S.W.T:

Meaning: He Who made the earth for you, easy to use, then walk everywhere and eat far-flung regions of the provision given by God Almighty and remember to Allah belongs (your return) in the wake (hence appreciate the joy and fear wrath)
(Surah Al-Mulk verse 15)
Find great wealth is encouraged by Islam, because the property is a tool for achieving worldly and happiness in the hereafter. With the property a person can meet his needs as well as being able to fulfill its responsibilities towards religion.In the search for wealth, Muslims are required to use part of their wealth in charity and welfare for the common good.
To ensure that the economic activities undertaken by people well and to achieve Allah's pleasure Islam has set out some rules to achieve these goals.
RegulationsTo accumulate wealth by way of a good and blessed by Allah swt
Adopt-character of a noble character in the conduct of economic affairs with other parties such as trust, fair, honest, not cheating and others.
Conducting an economic activity that can benefit all mankind.
All activities undertaken should be based on faith and piety to Allah and Islam. Faith in God is a stronghold to prevent a person from doing things that are not in want.
All activities are carried out to establish good relations with other people. The advantages incurred while carrying out economic activities will indirectly foster unity and brotherhood between Muslims and non-Muslims.
PurposeThat is so in human life will not happen any dishonesty, such as seizure-take, bum-invading the ownership and deception, and so on.The human will itself is to put human values ​​and high standards to have the pleasure of Allah in this world and the hereafter.
Transactions also ensure the rules work and work for people with a legitimate way.S.a.w Prophet: mean:
Abdullah bin Al - Nu'man bin Bashir r.anhuma, said: "I have heard the Prophet saw said: 'It is lawful is already clear (clear ruling) and is also expressly forbidden (clearly legal) and between the two (halal and illegal), there are things syubhah (which is not clearly be halal and prohibited), which is unknown by many people, then those who watch from syubhah matters indeed, he has freed himself to religion and honor and those who falling into syubhah things hath fallen into illegal matters, such as shepherding shepherds around a fenced pasture nearly gembalaannya animals in and eat grass that is fenced.

But know that for every king before him out of bounds, and know that God truly protected areas is a matter - things that have been in haramkannya. And know that in the body there is a piece of meat, if it is good, then let the whole body and if it is damaged then gave us the whole body is damaged, because it is the heart. "(Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

To create a peaceful and prosperous society. Transactions are carried out according to Islamic law will create a safe and away from any fraud, extortion, injustice, and the monopoly of property, this is the goal of Islam muamalat human well being.
Transactions in Islam seeks to prevent the occurrence of any human oppression. Islam forbids its followers to do acts that are not good to be troublesome in the suppress.
That all economic activities carried net of any act prohibited by Allah, we shall leave the vile things, such as usury, bribery, fraudulent or otherwise prohibited by Allah
S.a.w Prophet: Meaning:
Abu Huraira r.a. he said: Rasulullah saw said "Anyone who amassed great wealth from illegal sources and then remit the property, he will not be rewarded, but sin which will overwrite"(Reported by Ibn Khuzaymah, Ibn Hibban and Al-Halim)
Islamic collaborative noble human birth in carrying out a mandate of God
Facilitating people to experience God's gift the right way and is pleased. If there is no practice muamalat rules, people will do anything to acquire wealth, they also will use the property in accordance with desires without considering the interests of others.
Encourage people to work hard to improve the economic status of families, communities and countries.Create a co-operation, mutual assistance and helping each other for the good and welfare together.
So that the wealth provided by Allah not only on the monopoly by certain groups. All human beings are entitled to and have the property in accordance with their capabilities as long as the right way and pleasing to Allah swt
Acquire wealth by way chosen by Allah swt
One can use part of his wealth in charity.
A person who uses his wealth for the benefit of others will get a recompense from Allah swtPeople who spend their wealth in Allah's way will get the blessings of this life and the hereafter.God's Word s.w.t:

Meaning: Believe in Allah and His messenger, and spend (in charity) part of the property (gift of God) has made you heirs, then those who believe among you, and they spend (part of the property is in the way of Allah), then fixed Reward besa.
(Surah Al-Hadid, Verse 7)
The regulations in accordance with Islamic practice muamalat indirectly create a virtuous man.
A society that is fair, responsible, trustworthy, honest and safe from committing bad acts.The effects that arise if muamalat conducted not in accordance with Islamic law, including:Lead to fights and hostilityBuild a society that is not secure.Produce individual selfish attitude.Obtain property by means of non-halal.Using the property in things that are not chosen by God and wasteful.

Produce a greedy man, stingy, covetous, and willing to oppress others in the interest of themselves.
Matters relating muamalat
Murabahah (Sales Increase in Profit)Mention that the capital prices of goods purchased to the person who will buy to give conditions under which the goods are given a profit.
Example 1:For example, someone said: "Stuff I bought this at RM100, now give me 10% of profits" and accepted by people who will buy.-The seller on the capital profit from buying precious RM10 to RM100.
Example 2:For example, someone says: "I sell this house for a price that I purchased an additional profit of 10%".
Example 3:For example, someone says: "I sell to you as I buy, and profit per dirhams on every ten dirhams," said the buyer, I accept.-The lawful sale.
Example 4:For example, someone says: "I want to sell the belongings kubeli, if you want to buy all the things that every 10 books, I give you a. So the buy is 9, while the other is a gift."
Wadi'ah (Storage)Means the goods delivered (mandated) to a person that the goods are kept dengna good. So it should be translated items items Wadiah message should be returned to the person who owns, when he came asking.
God's Word s.w.t:Meaning: "There shall be the person entrusted to execute what was entrusted to him, and let him fear Allah"(Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 283)

God's Word s.w.t:Meaning: "God commanded, that message is delivered to the person entitled to receive (the owner)".(Surah An-Nisa 'verse 58)

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