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Ibn Rushd

Ibn Rushd
Ibn Rushd or full name Abu Walid Muhammad Ibn Ahmad was born in Kardova in 1126. He was the greatest philosopher in the history of Islam was born. Expand its influence not only the Islamic world, but also in society in Europe. In the West, he was known as Averroes.
Descendants of those who are knowledgeable and well-known.His father and grandfather was judge at the Kardova. As such, he was sent to study under the Ibn Zuhr who later became his close friend. Ibn Rushd study of jurisprudence and medicine from his friend who is also a well-known medical figures in Spain, Ibn Zuhr who served in the palace at Andalusia.Sebelum doctor died, he has produced his famous book Al Taysir. The book has been translated into Latin and English with subtitles Faclititation of Treatment.
Aside from its close relations with Ibn Zuhr, Ibn Rushd also has good relations with the Islamic government Muwahidin. This relationship has enabled Ibn Rusy appointed as a judge in Seville in 1169. Two years later, he was appointed a Justice of the Kardova.
After some time a judge, he was appointed as palace doctors in 1182 following the retirement of Ibn Tufail. Many people feel jealous and envious of the position of Ibn Rushd. Because of pressure and pressure those who regard them as Mulhid, he moved to the area Alaisano.
After undergoing a period of abandonment, he returned Kardova.Kardova presence not only accepted, but he was ignored by the public and receive a variety of insults of late masyarakatnya.Pada end of his life, Ibn Rushd's position was restored when the Caliph Al-Mansor Al-Muwahhidi recognize mistakes. However, all the awards and honors given to him because he had no time enjoyed the last breath in 1198.
His death is a huge loss to the government and Muslims in Spain.He did not leave any property unless the knowledge and writing in various fields such as philosophy, medicine, theology, astronomy, jurisprudence, music, astronomy, grammar, and grammar.Among the major works ever produced by Ibn Rushd, including "Kulliyah fit-Thibb" which contains 16 volumes, on medicine in general, Mabadil Philosophy (Introduction to Philosophy of Science), Tafsir Urjuza addressing the medical and faith, Taslul, books on theology, Kasyful fair, which reveals the philosophical and religious questions, Tahafatul Tahafut, commentary on Imam Al-Ghazali's book entitled Tahafatul Falaisafah, and Wal Wisdom Syari'a Muwafaqatil affecting parallels between philosophy and religion.
Series of the writings of Ibn Rushd demonstrates mastery in various fields and branches of knowledge are obvious to the effort to translate the writing he had done in other languages. The book "fit-Thibb Kulliyah" was translated into Latin in 1255 by Bonacosa, the Jews of Padua. Then the book was translated into English by the title of the General Rules of Medicine. The results contained in his thinking, especially in the fields of philosophy, has influenced Western philosophers. Two European philosophers, Voltaire and Rousseau is said to be not only influenced by the philosopher Ibn Rushd, but are inspired by the reading of his work.

Voltaire and Rousseau's thinking has given rise to the era of the Renaissance in France to change the face of Europe as a whole as it is today. Western society is actually indebted to Ibn Rushd keranapemikirannya, either directly or indirectly, has sparked a revolution in the continent Eropah.Pemikirannya allow the people there out of the dark ages to the era of rapid industrial development.

Les Quinze-Vingt Hospital which is also the first Hopital in Paris was founded by King Louis IX, based on a model hospital in Damascus Sultan Nuruddin the medical method is the result of ideas and thoughts Rusyd.Ibnu Ibn Rushd also wrote a book on music titled "De Aristotle Anima "(Commentary on the Aristotle's De zest). His work proves that Ibn Rushd was terpengaru and attracted by the logic presented by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle.

Discusses the philosophy of Ibn Rushd more focused on issues related to the metaphysical, especially divine. He develops ideas more clearly, and to innovate in making huraianya tersebut.Pembaharuan matter can be seen also in the medical field when Ibn Rushd to emphasize the importance of health care.Some of the views expressed in the medical field is also available ahead of his time. He once said that measles will only be experienced by everyone at all sahaja.Kehebatannya in the medical field does not revolve around the general medicine, but also summarizes the operation and function of organs in the human body.

Knowledge possessed by Ibn Rushd also reach areas related to community when he tried to make the division of society into two groups which consist of elite philosophers and civil society
. Distribution of this social stratum is fundamental division of society based on class identity as did the later philosophers such as Karl Max and they are aligned dengannya.Apabila see Ibn Rushd skills in various areas, then no doubt he was a prominent Islamic scholar who has no gauge unmatched. In fact, in many cases, thought Ibn Rushd much bigger and influential than the philosopher who ever lived before his time or after his death.

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