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Indonesian Hajj pilgrims flying Group Finally Ready to Return; Indonesian Hajj pilgrims who dies during the course of Hajj Reaches 414 People

Indonesian Hajj pilgrims flying Group Finally Ready to Return; Indonesian Hajj pilgrims who dies during the course of Hajj Reaches 414 People

Last kloter pilgrims ready to be discharged. Head of the Regional Working Medina, Ahmad Jauhari said last kloter will depart on Sunday (11/12) morning from Medina.

"That kloter of West Java with Jakarta-Saudi flight 84," he said when contacted on Friday (9 / 11).

It is estimated that, last pilgrims from Medina in the country will arrive at 09.00 pm, Monday (12/12). But he could not confirm whether the remaining number of pilgrims will ditebangkan entirely.

Because, until now there are still pilgrims who still have to stay in Madinah because of illness. "There are 11 pilgrims who were treated in hospital in Medina Saudi Arabia," said Jauhari.

Of the 11 people, mostly men as many as seven men and four women. According to Jauhari, to fly the pilgrims have to look at their condition. This was reinforced by a doctor's certificate stating the pilgrims who are sick already airworthy.

"If there is no letter ketarangn it, the airline would not accept. So that we can not ensure there will be how many people living in Medina for being sick, "he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Regional Working Jeddah, Ahmad Abdullah, said in its working area there are three kloter left. Namely BDG 17, UPG 45, and UPG 46. Last kloter will depart on Saturday (10/12), at 12.00 local time.

Each kloter consists of about 360 pilgrims. However, Abdullah affirmed to kloter most recently, will not necessarily correspond with the amount. Because there are still pilgrims who were treated at local hospitals.

He was sure, for the pilgrims who are sick, health workers and doctors will remain on alert until the end of their duty which is December 21. However, if within that time frame had not yet healed pilgrims and officials must return to the country, the government handed over to the consul-general to monitor the health of the pilgrims.

Jamaat Reaches 414 People Died

Indonesian pilgrims who died Wednesday at 17:29 until the time Saudi Arabia (WAS) or 21:29 o'clock pm reached 414 people, with details of the 389 regular worshipers and pilgrims special or ONH plus as many as 25 people.

"From the number of pilgrims who died that most are men and women of 274 people 140 people," said Haji Head of Integrated Communications Systems (Siskohat) Ministry of Religious Evi Al Hudori in Mecca on Wednesday.

He said most pilgrims who died came from Surabaya embarkation 76 people, followed by embarkation Solo 74 people, 48 people embarkation Jakarta, Jakarta embarkation 44 people, as well as embarkation Makassar 27 people.

Pilgrims who died, he added, mostly due to circulatory system diseases 268 people, followed by respiratory system diseases 104 people, diseases of the blood vessels anorgan 13 people, endocrine diseases and metal nutrition of nine people, as well as infectious and parasitic diseases of eight people.

Judging from the age of most pilgrims who died was 60 years and over as many as 303 people, 90 people aged 50-59 years, 40-49 years of age and 19 people aged under 40 years of two people. "Location is the biggest pilgrims died in Mecca, Medina 328 people and 45 people," he said.

Pilgrims who died, he said, there are at Arafat 25 people, six people in Jeddah, as well as in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia travel as many as four people.

Hudori also said up to now has 81,980 members of Indonesian pilgrims who had returned to the country or 41.05 percent of total Indonesian pilgrims are expected to return to the ground water.

Indonesia most pilgrims who had returned to the country are arriving at the debarkation JKS (Jakarta) as many as 14,798 people, debarkation SUB (Surabaya) 14 263 persons, and the debarkation SOC (Solo) 14 216 persons.

He added also, until now there are a number of Indonesian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, particularly in Mecca and Jidda and they are a group of pilgrims who come to the second wave of the Holy Land.

The number of Indonesian pilgrims in Medina is 39,748 people and that there are still 64,803 people in Mecca. "Indonesian pilgrims are still in Mecca and Medina will have to be moved to Medina to run Arbain," he said.

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