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Meaning of Worship

Meaning of Worship
Worship in Islam has its own characteristics totally different from the concept of worship in other religions and beliefs. Among those features is there is no intermediary between God and man, and worship in Islam is not bound by any particular place or time.Allah says:
Meaning: "It is not I make the jinn and mankind except that they may serve Me"(Az-Zariyat: 56)
Rasulullah SAW said. (Translation):"The whole earth is the mosque for me; holy and clean."
Worship consists of various forms, not one was just so people do not feel tired in the discharge of his worship. The increase in the sanctuary are different and varied according to the appearance of behavior, preferences and interests of humanity itself.
Worship in Islam encompasses all human activities in terms of spiritual and physical. Every business can mix a Muslim world and the hereafter, this is a beautiful combination in Islam that are not found in other religions.
The door to make places of worship are open in all directions. All human activity up to eat and drink shall be worship if they intend to collect energy to fighting for good things as instructed by Islam.
Meaning and Scope of WorshipThe word worship comes from the Arabic. In terms of language means: compliance, obedience, submission, worship and perhambakan yourself to something.
In terms of religion: Worship means action pursuant to and commit ourselves fully to all the things that were prescribed by God and called by the Apostles, whether it is in the form of instructions or restrictions.In the verse the order of worship, such as Allah says:Meaning:
"Establish regular prayers and give alms."(An-Nisa ': 77)
While there are many verses in the Qur'an and Al Hadith which mandates that worship. Among them:
Meaning:"And (remember) I have not created Jinn and Mankind except to worship Me."(Az-Zaariyat: 56)
Word of God again:
Meaning:"O people you serve the God who created you and those before you so that you (the people) fear."(Al-Baqarah: 21)
From the above verses can be concluded the following:God created mankind and enjoined them to do worship and honor Him, and leave the ban-forbidden.
The real purpose of God creating man was to worship. Humans are required to worship to God and ask worship-worship, only to God without being join gods with Allah.
Mandating and duties of worship are required to come to meet God, someone may not be spared from the duties of his soul has risen even higher and keep a strong relationship with his Lord.
Every liturgy should be given in good faith that comes from the heart pleased, as devotion to God Almighty.
Distribution and Goal of WorshipWorship is divided into three basic worship (prayers ain), ritual prayers and worship kifayah public.Basis of worship.
The basis of worship is worship that is obligatory ain covering issues sperti faith in the six pillars of faith. It is also a mandatory practice to be discharged by a Muslim as contained in the five pillars of Islam. This means that before we implement other places of worship, the two basic worship should be done first.
Prescribing kifayah worship.
Areas of worship focuses on social practices in the Muslim community which is the nerve or nerves that connect between each other. It includes maintaining the body to buried,the cause of jihad in all areas, establish schools and institutions of higher learning (all fields required), establishing the Islamic economy, Islamic administration to create and implement the general welfare.Public Worship.
Public worship is all human activity subject to the laws and values ​​of Islam. All activities and actions of people and duties included in the daily worship of the term if it is implemented with sincerity and honesty. Public worship can be divided into two parts:
High personal and moral development that can bring rewards, such as telling the truth, trust honest humble, selfless, or consider themselves superior and noble than others, its promise and does not betray others.
God's Word: Meaning:"... You must help one another to righteousness and piety do not help one another in sin (disobedience) ..."(Al-Iara ': 37)
Prophet Muhammad SAW (translation):"Faith has 77 branches and shame is one of the branches of the faith.(Al-Bukhari)
Included within the meaning of faith is love for his brother.Rasulullah saw effect:"Not believing (faith perfect) sin (among Muslims) as he loves himself. "(Al-Bukhari)
Public worship in the form of organizing daily lives of the personal needs of management down to the way of nation building, the relationship between race, how to implement the law in times of war and peace.
They all had the regulations morals from the Islamic perspective that can make our practices became ritual.
Terms and Conditions For A Practice (Traditional) It is WorshipAll our work can be worship if done in accordance with the methods prescribed by Islam. It must contain the bilateral relations. That is our relationship with God and our relationships with other people.Allah says:
Meaning:"There will be abased on them anywhere. They are but they connect with God and connect yourself with other people ".If we just stand in one of two relationships alone, such as human relations without regard to the relationship with God and not by order of Allah and the Prophet, it is not counted worship and God may afflict the punishment and disgrace on us.
Therefore, the common practices will only be recognized as places of worship if it satisfies the following conditions:Working practices should be recognized that Islam, which is in accordance with the laws and the laws do not conflict with these laws.
These practices are done in good faith and pleasing to Allah. As a Muslim practice must be to preserve the dignity, family fun, benefit the people and to glorify Allah's earth, as enjoined by Allah SWT.
Such practices should be made preferably to meet the requirements of the Prophet SAW as narrated by Muslim, which means: "God requires good in all things."
When doing the work should always be according to the laws and limit laws, do not oppress people, not treacherous, not cheating and not oppress or take away the right person.
In world practice do not default, and not negligent of the specific duties of worship such as prayer, fasting and so on according to the word of God:
Meaning:"(Worship that is carried by) those who are strong in faith who are not distracted by business or berjualbeli from the remembrance of Allah and establish prayer and give alms. They fear a Day (of Judgement) in which hearts and views. "(An-Nur: 37)
So if only a believer could complete the five conditions on the conduct of all jobs and for every day of his life he was considered always call on God even though he does not sit in the mosques or suraus when making these works.
The concept of worship in Islam is very broad and comprehensive, encompassing human behavior and practices that are done entirely in accordance with Islamic teachings.Worship is closely related to morality. Through proper worship will produce good behavior courteous and honorable. Arising from religious moral values ​​in the Al Quran and Al Sunnah. Every practice that meets the conditions set to be compassionate

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