Thursday, December 22, 2011

Importance of Faith To the End (Day of Resurrection) AndInfluence Of Human Behavior

Importance of Faith To the End (Day of ResurrectionAndInfluence Of Human Behavior


As for those who do not believe in Allah and the Last day and what is in itboth calculations and revengethen he will alwaysstrive to fulfill all the desires in this life, panting behind her jewelry,greedy in collecting itand very stingy if others want to get through it good.

  He has made the world as the greatest goaland the peak of his knowledge (knowledge). He measured each case withkemaslahatannya alonedoes not care about others and neverglanced at each other except within the limits that can realize thebenefits for themselves the lives that are short and limited.

He moves with the earth and life as limits only. Thereforeanysystem of calculation and consideration of changing and will end up with the wrong resultsbecause he thought that the day of the Resurrection is not possible"Even the man is about to makepersistent sinners.

He said, 'When will the Day of Resurrection it?' "This way of looking jahiliyyahlimited and very narrowThis viewpoint hasmade ​​them the courage to do the killingseize propertyandrobbed.

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