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Prophet and Messenger

Prophet and Messenger

Prophet and Messenger The Prophet was a human being have the privilege to receive revelation from God Almighty. Among the prophets are mandated to deliver it receives revelation to mankind. So the Prophet called Messenger.
All the prophets and apostles is usually equipped with a miracle, that is an extraordinary act can be done by prophets and apostles, are often used to prove themselves as prophets or apostles.
All messengers are prophets, but not all prophets are messengers. There are 25 mandatory prophets we know as Muslims. The names of 25 prophets and apostles tsb stated in the Quran.
1. Adam
The first man was created The first man in the world, the ancestor of all mankind. Created from the ground by God, and then breathed the soul into it. All creatures in heaven prostrate to him by order of God, only that rejected iblislah, krn he felt himself that is created from the fire are higher in rank than him. As a result, God cast out demons from heaven and cursed until the day pambalasan. Since the demon vowed to always deceive Adam and his descendants until the Day of Judgement, in consideration of Adam has caused it considers to be expelled from Paradise.
The story of the creation of Adam, insubordination demons, and the expulsion of demons from heaven mentioned in the letter Al-Baqarah: 30-38, Al-`raf: 11-18, and Shad: 73-83.
Prohibition of Eternity
Again Adam was alone in the garden, but then God created Eve as his wife. Satan's unrelenting and Eve tempting Adam to eat of Eternity, the only forbidden fruit to eat God in heaven.Temptations of the devil to be successful, because in the end Adam and Eve ate the fruit. Although already indicated repent, and Allah will turn unto them already, but they both should come out of the garden, and down to earth.
The story of a breach of the prohibition of Eternity, and down to earth, Adam and Eve in the letter al-A'raf: 19-25 and Thaha: 123.
The story of the Sons of Adam
In the land of Adam and Eve couple worked hard to develop descent. They were the first sons of Cain and Iqlima twins, then the second couple's two sons, and Labuda. After four adult children, Adam U.S. guided his son to marry a fourth cross, the latter by Labuda, former, with Iqlima. But the latter refused because Iqlima more beautiful than Labuda. Adam then put this persolan to Allah, and Allah commanded the two sons of Adam to berkurban. Who kurbannya received, is entitled to choose conjugate. To sacrifice the former to take a goat, the most beloved of pet animals, and the latter taking the most ugly sack of wheat from which it owns. Allah accept the offering of Abel, Abel thus is entitled to determine his choice.
The first murder on Earth
Cain is not satisfied with this event. Top suggestions he killed Abel demons. This is the first murder that occurred throughout the history of human life. After losing his brother, Cain feel confused about what should he do about his brother's funeral. God does not want his body servant of righteousness, being wasted. It gives examples of the latter through the behavior of birds that excavate land to bury the dead opponent who lost the fight. Cain also mimic the behavior of birds and bury the dead Abel reached.
The story of Adam, son-daughter of the U.S. is found in Surah Al-Ma'idah: 27-32.
2. Idris U.S.
Prophet who can write, sew, learn science, animals, and horse riding. Prophet Idris, the U.S. sent to show him the proud offspring of God. It is a descendant of the 6th of the Prophet Adam. It includes one of the prophets who are patient and faithful to worship.
According to many narrations, the Prophet Idris U.S. to live in Egypt. He taught theology and worship preaching to worship Allah. He died at the age of 82 years. When the Prophet Muhammad do Isra Mi'raj, the Prophet Idris, the U.S. has been found in the heavens to-6 and saluted the Prophet Muhammad.
In the Qur'an there are two verses that mention the Prophet Idris U.S., the letter of Mary, verse 56 and 57.
3. Noah the U.S.
After many centuries elapsed from the time of Prophet Idris, and the moral man is too far from the truth, but God sent down a prophet named Noah. It is a descendant of the 9th from Adam, U.S..
He was appointed as a prophet and messenger at the age of 480 years. It conducts its mission for five centuries and died at the age of 950 years.
Noah, known as an eloquent prophet speaks, wisdom, and patience in carrying out his treatise. However, it can only get followers between 70 to 80 people, it was only among the poor.
Noah's Boat
Looking at the hard-headed people, U.S. Noah prayed to God to his people is afflicted. God fulfilled the prayer of Noah, the U.S. and ordered it and his followers to make a boat. Hurry and the U.S. He and his boat building on the hill. Headstrong people, including a son named Kana'an, continue making fun of the U.S. act of Noah and his people are.

Between them and some even dare to throw dirt on board who have not finished it when Noah and his followers are not there.But the consequences of their stomach that remove dirt becomes ill. No one can cure it. With their badger asked Noah to mengobatinya. Noah just told them to clean their ships kotori, after which they were recovered from stomach pain.
After completion of the U.S. boat of Noah, Noah invites the disciples to board. Noah also had all kinds of animals each pair for each type. This later type of animals that can breed reached back and not go extinct.
After that, the punishment of Allah Almighty be a devastating flood away all his people. Noah, son of the U.S., Kana'an, including among them. From the deck of the ship, driven by her inner, U.S. Nuh cried out to his son and told him to repent, but Kana'an steadfastly refused until finally it was sunk.
Noah was much sorrow and regret the attitude of the permanent hard-headed son until the last moment by death. It delivers this feeling nervousness God. But God gave him a warning, that while his son is his own offspring, but it includes the infidels because reject his message.
After those who rebelled was destroyed, God stopped the punishment. U.S. Ship of Noah glued on a hill. The story of Noah, the United States contained in the Holy Qur'an in verse 43, verse 28 of them are in the letter of Noah.
4. U.S. HUD
U.S. Hud down in the middle of the famous Aad has a strong physical and muscular rigid. But their morale is very bad, they are the law of the jungle, one strong, he who wins. These people live in the state Ahqaf, between Yemen and Umman. They were worshipers of idols called Shamud, shada, and Al heat.
Evil and evil they really are excessive. Hud is an indulgence, virtuous, loving, forbearing, patient, but smart and tough. He is a descendant of Sam son of Noah, the U.S., the son of Noah. He was sent into the midst of his people to uphold the true teaching again. However imbauan U.S. Hud realized that his people and walked in the way of Allah is not ignored, so Allah sent down a penalty in the second degree.
The first stage is a great form of drought. U.S. Hud trying to convince them that it is against God and will be revoked if they repent and believe in God. Aad would not believe until the second penalty came in the form of devastating hurricane disaster for seven and even eight days to destroy all the cattle and crops. Ad disaster destroyed the proud. U.S. Only Hud and his people safe from the punishment reached. In the Qur'an, the story of the U.S. Hud in verse 68 as stated in 10 letters, including a letter Hud: 50-60.
5. Saleh U.S.
Prophet Saleh AS, according to the genealogies, he was the son of 'Ubaidah bin Thamud bin' Amir bin Sam bin Noah IRAM U.S.. It was sent into the heart of the people who lived in the former Thamud, Aad ruins. Thamud race was more clever than the 'Ad.After Aad destroyed, their land was barren and dry. Then the country was rebuilt by the Thamud, so how disulap a green and prosperous state.

However, like the preceding, the Thamud became arrogant and forget themselves. Mob rule occurs again, the strong push to the weak. They did not listen to preaching Prophet Saleh AS.
Miracles of the Prophet Saleh AS
Prophet Saleh Thamud challenging the U.S. shows signs of God granted to him. Facing such a claim, there's no other way for the Prophet Saleh, except to apply to God to provide miracles to him.God granted his prayer. Prophet Saleh AS and then invite people to go to the foot of the mountain. The people that follow the call of the Prophet Salih, but it is not because they believe Prophet Saleh, but because they hope that the Prophet Saleh can not produce miracles, and so they mocked and insulted the Prophet Saleh.
But how surprised those who disbelieve. Shortly after they gathered at the foot of the mountain, camel emerges from the stomach of a large stone. Camels are big and fat, they never look as good as the camel. Prophet Saleh and remind people, "This is the camel sign from my Lord. Camels can you squeeze the milk each day. Milk will not cease. But note my commandments, camels should be allowed to roam freely, nobody can be bothered. Camels are entitleddrinking water in wells, alternating with the population. If today a camel is drinking, then none of the people may take water wells. On the other hand the next day, the residents can take water wells and camels will not drink a bit too well. "
Thamud rebellion
But apparently the presence of camel's milk was a blessing to those who disbelieve to be jealous of the Prophet Salih. They then provide competition, who dares to kill a camel of the Prophet Saleh will win prizes of pretty girls. Were, two young men determined to follow this contest. They have agreed will enjoy beautiful girl gifts together. It mesum second intent of this young man.
Thus when a camel is just a drink in one well of the population, one of the boy let go of the arrow, right on the foot of a camel. The camel was running in pain, but another young man who was ready with a machete in hand immediately kill the camel. They successfully killed the camel, and get a gift that has been promised.
After the camel died, those who disbelieve relieved. They are boldly challenging the Prophet Salih, "O Salih, camels are you proud that now we kill. Why there is no retribution for us? If you are the messenger of Allah, of course, you could bring doom you threaten us!"
Prophet Saleh said, "You really have sinned. Now you can have fun for 3 days. After three days later, then came the promised threat."
3 days it was actually a chance for Thamud people to repent, but they even mocked the Prophet Saleh and consider it just shoot the breeze. Not yet up to 3 days will come again to the Prophet Saleh and said, "O Salih, why do not you accelerate the punishment comes upon us?"
Prophet Saleh said, "O my people, why do you seek the punishment come? Not even ask for good? Why are you not ask forgiveness of Allah, semoha you be forgiven."
Punishment for the arrogance Thamud Quietly the unbelievers were afraid. Is not speech the Prophet Saleh often prove the truth? What if the punishment will really come to them? So to prevent any future punishment, the day before the promised time, they have a close dark.

They meant to kill the Prophet Saleh punishment will not be revealed. It's stupid really make sense to them and their despicable actions. Do they think the punishment of Allah can be canceled just because they kill the Messenger of Allah?

Glory to Allah, Most Gracious, He protects His servant, Prophet Saleh AS. He survived the assassination plan of conduct. But for those Tsamu itself, as a result of their disobedience, God sent down a very terrible punishment.
Nations Thamud the explosive lightning and thunder skies. Earth also at the arrogance nation wrath was in default. A devastating earthquake had destroyed and tear-porandakan stately homes and large they are. Before the punishment reduced, the power of God Prophet Saleh fled to the U.S. and the release of Ramlah, a place in Palestine. Prophet Saleh AS contained in Qur'an in verse 73 is prevalent in 11 letters, including a letter of Al-`raf: 73-79, Hud: 61-68, and Al-Qamar: 23-32.
6. Ibrahim, AS
Ibrahim was born in Babylonia, the southern part Mesoptamia (now Iraq). His father was called Azar, a doll maker and seller.
Abraham, the U.S. faces a race that is broken, led by King Nimrod, a king who is afraid of its people, and regarded himself as God. Since small U.S. He is always interested in thinking about environmental events. It concludes that miracles certainly reached a strength set by the Almighty.
The shift adult, Abraham began to mingle with the public. One form is a large discrepancy, which he saw the attention of society on the statues. Abraham, which the U.S. has set one's mind to worship Allah and stay away from idols, to apply to God in order to be shown his ability to give life to the dead. The aim is to strengthen the faith and confidence.
God meets demand. On the guidance of Allah SWT, four birds were killed and his body crushed and consolidated. Then the body of the birds is divided into four and each part is placed on top of a hill separated from each other. God commanded Abraham to summon U.S. birds reached. Top of his birds had died and his body was returned to live mixed. Lose all faith Abraham indecision about the greatness of God U.S..
Ibrahim destroyed the idols people of Babylonia The first to get the U.S. missionary Ibrahim Azar, his father himself. Azar very angry to hear a statement that his son does not believe in idol worship, but to invite to join the new faith to worship Allah. Ibrahim was expelled from the house. Ibrahim planned to prove to the people of the offense they worship idols. The opportunity is obtained when residents celebrate a great day of Babylonia to live outside the city for days. Abraham and his people's place of worship and to destroy all the idols, except that a large statue. By Ibrahim, the neck of a statue is dikalungkan ax.
Miracles of God: The fires were cold As a result of these actions, Ibrahim was arrested and tried. But it states that the image which is what destroyed the ax berkalung their idols, and suggested the judge to ask him. Of course, the judges said that the idol could not have asked. He is currently the U.S. that contains a forward thinking missionary to worship Allah.
Ibrahim judge should be burned alive as a punishment. When is a sign from God down. On the command of Allah, the fire became cool and safe Ibrahim. A number of people who witnessed this incident from the U.S. interested in missionary Abraham, but they feared the authorities.
Measures of U.S. missionary Abraham really constrained by King Nimrod and his hand away. Chance of seeing a very narrow preaching, U.S. Abraham left his homeland to Harran, a district in Palestine. Here he found the people who worship the beast.
Residents in the region reject U.S. missionary Abraham. U.S. Ibrahim who was then married to Sarah and then migrated to Egypt. In this place of Abraham, the U.S. business, farm, and Farming. Development efforts to envy the people of Egypt until it went back to Palestine. Abraham married Hagar
After many years of marriage, the couple never Abraham and Sarah were blessed with a son. To get a descent, Sarah allows her husband to marry Hagar, their assistants. From this marriage, born Ismail, who later also became a prophet.
U.S. Abraham 90 years old, God decree that it does circumcision himself, Ismail who was then 13 years old, and all his family members. This order is immediately run the U.S. He then conducted a case the next prophets to the people of the Prophet.
God also ordered the U.S. to improve the Kaaba of Abraham (the House). At that time the Kaaba as a temple buildings have been put up in Mecca. This building diperbaikinya U.S. Ishmael. This is explained in the letter of the Qur'an Al-Baqarah, verse 127.
Abraham is the ancestor of U.S. and Israeli Arabs. Many of the descendants of the Prophet. In the history of Abraham is said that the U.S. reached the age of 175 years. The story of Abraham, the U.S. embodied in the Qur'an, including a letter of Mary: 41-48, Al-Anbiya: 51-72, and Al-An'am: 74-83.
7. Ismail U.S.
Hajar separating Abraham and his son With the birth of the baby Ishmael, Sarah, first wife of Abraham, the U.S., little by little jealous that he asked her to move Hajar and her son to a remote place. On the word of God, Abraham U.S. needs them. It then moved to the middle of Hajar and her desert in Mecca, near a building then known as the holy Kaaba. He then left them in place because they have to return to Palestine to meet Sarah. On the way home that Abraham unceasing prayer for safety for the wife and son he left.
Miracles of Zamzam Water Once the food is left out, Hajar trouble finding water. The help of Allah through the angel Gabriel suddenly appeared near the Ismail a clear fountain. Spring is known as the Zamzam well and still have so far.
Ismail, who had moved very happy young Abraham, but the joy was suddenly unable to concentrate because the order of God through his dream of asking that her child was killed. At first, Abraham very sad to receive the dream, but as a righteous and obedient they intend to follow orders reached and then God delivered the news to her son. Without doubt, Ismail asked his father to carry out the order.
In the end, when the case reached implemented, replacing God Ismail with a sheep. This event is always commemorated every year with the organized slaughter the animal sacrifice on Eid ul Adha.
U.S. Ishmael married a son of new immigrants in the well of Zamzam. The child comes from Jurhum. It later became the guardian of the well of Zamzam which has become increasingly crowded. According to history, the U.S. Ishmael died at the age of 137 years.
The story of Ishmael the U.S. that can not be discharged from the U.S. told the story of Abraham in the Qur'an in verse 30 that spread in the 5 letters, among which is the letter Abraham: 35-40, and Al-Baqarah: 124-129.
8. U.S. Lot
Lot is the nephew of the Prophet Abraham AS U.S.. U.S. Abraham migrated from the city of Harran to Palestine with his wife and his followers, Lot the son of Aaron joined them.
Abraham with Lot and then to Egypt at a time when famine struck the Palestinian tragedy. Once the crisis is abated, they returned from Egypt with the Egyptian king's cattle given to them.Regarding pastures are inadequate for the many cattle, but often there is a dispute between the shepherds of Abraham and the herdsmen of Lot.
To resolve this dispute, Abraham and Lot offers to choose another place to graze cattle. Lot chose Jordan, where there are two cities, namely Sadum and Gomorrah, and Lot lived in the city Sadum.
Moral unusual townspeople Sadum been caused. They perform a variety of crimes, such as rob, commit adultery, and the most severe and have not been done by one of the sons of Adam, they satisfy the sexual desires of each type.
U.S. Prophet Lut's preaching to the fight against tyranny. But it does not work, even his wife, including the person doing the people's departure.
Lut U.S. barbarism depicted in the Qur'an al-Ankabût letter: 28-29.
Some angels to Sadum
Prophet Lut the U.S. and then pray to God that his people be given the punishment. According to Prophet Lut the U.S., that's the only way to eliminate his people to corrupt morals did not spread to the nations in other regions, as well as education for the people around him.
Lot prayer granted. Some angels came to Ibrahim the U.S. as a guest house disguised in the form of youths. They preached at him that they would destroy the people of the City Sadum due to their protest against the Prophet Lut the U.S. and their despicable acts.
Ibrahim was very surprised to hear this news, because there is the son of his brother, that Lot. But the angel said, "We know that there is a Lot, and that the destruction does not occur unless the unbelievers who do not believe in God. As to Lot and his family and his followers, they would be safe, except for his wife to besuffer punishment as those who disbelieve, and its position as the wife of Lot could not save, because bad deeds while he betrays her husband and continued to protest and was in disbelief ".
The story of the coming of the angels to Abraham, the U.S. is found in Al-Qur'an Al-Ankabût letter: 30-32. Angel of the visit to the house of Lot
The angels had left him and went into town Sadum. They came to the house of Lot who do not know who exactly the penthouse suite of the handsome face. Lot heart very anxious, because they worry about living embraces his people would be raped.
Spread the news of the Lot of the coming of good-looking guests in the house of Lot, so quick they came there with the intent to do evil.
To protect his guests, Lot U.S. effort to persuade them offering to marry his daughter Princess, provided they do not disturb guests.But Lut still insist implement their intentions. When they are in position, then the angels blind them to gagallah disabilities in a state of shame. The angel was finally revealed to the Lot on who they are and tell him that they came to destroy his people after their blind until they can not escape.
As for the U.S. and his Lot, the angels commanded them to leave the village at night, because the punishment of Allah will be dropped off at dawn. And not one of them looked back so as not to see the punishment is going to happen. The story of the coming of the angels to the house of Lut Lut and acts recounted in the Qur'an letter Hud: 77-81, Al-Ankabût: 33-34, and Al-Qamar: 37.
Punishment of Allah against the Lot U.S.
At dawn, there came a terrible punishment in the form of terrible natural disasters. Land the Lot countryside residence will be lower and the hail came down hard on them from the land successively until they die. Only the U.S. and the Prophet Lut his daughter, and his followers who believe, who survived the disaster reached.
Punishment God has inflicted on those who do wrong and wicked.
The story of Prophet Lut punishment against those found in a letter to U.S. Al prophets: 74-75, Hud: 82-83, and Al-Qamar: 33-38. District of doom descends upon the Prophet Lot AS is the area we know today as the Dead Sea or Lake of Lut.
9. Ishaq U.S.
Isaac, the U.S. is one of Abraham's son by the name of the U.S. from his wife Sarah. Isaac is a word in Hebrew which means laughter. In the Qur'an told that Sarah laughed when they received information that he will have a son, while she was already very more, namely 90 years.
When Ibrahim's fate was about to arrive, Isaac, not married.Abraham did not want to marry it with Kana'an women who do not know God and foreigners in the household. That is why it assign a server to go to Harran, Iraq, and brought a woman from her family. The woman is the daughter of Rafqah Batuwael bin Nahur.Nahur U.S. is the brother of Abraham, so Rafqah niece is the daughter of the U.S. Abraham. The woman was later married to Isaac.
After 20 years of marriage, Isaac blessed with two twins, the first given the name Al-Aish, a second out memegangi feet until it is given the name of his brother Jacob. U.S. Isaac died at the age of 180 years and buried in a cave where his father, Abraham, the U.S., was buried, that the city of Al-Khalil.
The story of Isaac in the U.S. in the letter of the Qur'an Hud: 69-74, Mary: 49, and As-Sãffãt: 112-113.
10. Jacob the U.S.
As mentioned previously, the U.S. is the son of Jacob Isaac, the U.S., and it has a twin brother named Aish. Aish loves his father more than his brother because he was born first, is it because he loved his mother more than smaller ones.
When he was very more, Isaac could not see anymore. It is often served by Aish clever and often get deer hunting. Jacob is very quiet and easier to stay home to learn the knowledge of religion.
U.S. disputes with his brother Jacob One day, Isaac wanted a food, he asked for Aish to mengambilkannya. But on the instruction of her mother, comes first Ya'qublah bring him food. After Jacob desertion, Isaac and mendoakannya, "It may bring down the prophets and kings." Prayer is the prayer of the prophet efficacious, and that is what we know in history that the descendants of Jacob will soon produce many prophets and kings.
Aish knows that his brother was getting a good prayer from his father became jealous. It was angry and even threatened to kill Jacob that his descendants do not have to be a prophet and king.
Knowing this, Rafqah then asked Jacob to flee to the place of his uncle, Laban bin Batwil, in the town of Harran, Iraq.
On the way to the house of his uncle, Jacob did not dare walk in the day, for fear will be found and tortured by his brother. It is only dare to walk at night, is when it is time for the day they rest. This is why it is also known by the name of Israel, which means walking in the night. But soon his descendants was known as the Children of Israel.
The sons of Jacob the U.S.
Laban had two daughters, the first named Leah, and the second named Rachel. Jacob actually want to marry Rachel, because it is more beautiful. But Laban said that was not their custom to marry before a big small. If Jacob to marry Rachel Leah then he should marry first, then worked for seven years for Laban in order to woo Rachel.
At that time the law allowed married two girls home. To their daughters, whom Laban gave a woman. To Leah whom he gave a girl named Zulfa, and to whom it gives Rachel a girl named Balhah. Leah and Rachel and then give them to whom diperistri is by Jacob, so Jacob became the wife of 4 people. From the fourth wife of U.S. is to acquire 12 of Jacob's son.
From his wife, Leah, it was blessed Ruben, Syam'un, Levi, Judah, Yasakir, and Zabulon.
From his wife, Rachel, it was blessed Joseph and his brother. From his wife Balhah, he was blessed to Daan and Naphtali. From his wife Zulfa, it dikarunian Jaad and Asyir. These sons of Jacob who was born the embryo of the Children of Israel. They and their descendants is called Al-Asbath, which means the grandchildren.
Sibith the Jewish people are in the Arab quarter, and those who are in a sibith comes from a father. Each son Jacob became father to sibith Children of Israel. So the children of Israel came from the sons of Jacob numbered 12 people.
In this sibith sibith-soon revealed the prophets, among others: Sibith Levi, among them are Moses, Aaron, Elias, and Ilyasa.
Sibith Judah, among them are David, Solomon, Zachariah, John, Jesus.
Sibith brother, among them there is Jonah. Eventually, 20 years Jacob lived with his uncle, he asked permission to return to his family in Kana'an. As she was about to arrive in Kana'an, they know that Aish was ready to find his brother with 400 men, so that Jacob was afraid and mendoakannya and prepare great gift for the brother who sent the ambassadors of those.
Lunaklah hearts for the gifts of Aish brother. Then she left the state Kana'an for the brother and he went to Mount Sa'ir.
While Jacob, he went to his father, Isaac, and he lived in the city of Hebron, which is called Al-Khalil.
In the Qur'an, the story of Jacob, the U.S. on its own can not be found, but his name mentioned in connection with the other prophets, of which U.S. Abraham (grandfather), and the U.S. Joseph (son).
11. Joseph, the U.S.
Beloved son of Jacob, the U.S. Joseph, the U.S. is one of 12 sons of Jacob, the United States.Jacob excessive love for him to make his brothers became envious against him. Moreover, Joseph's face was far more handsome than the other brothers.
One day, Joseph's dream about the 11 stars, the sun and the moon, came down from heaven and prostrated in front of him. He told this dream to his father. Jacob was very happy to hear the story and said that God will give glory, knowledge, and enjoyment of the luxurious life of her son.
Joseph's brothers to destroy him Joseph's brothers envied the love that poured out the advantages of their father Joseph and his brother, brother. They planned a conspiracy to destroy him. One of them suggested not to kill him, but throw it far away into the pit, so that it can not be restored to her father.
Little Joseph asked by my sister play-sister, after they successfully persuade his father to let them take him. When that they perform their evil intent to remove him. When arrived at a place, they plunge him into a deep pit. Torn his shirt torn and bathed in goat's blood. Then they presented her with sad news on their father that Joseph had been killed the wolf devoured.
The story of Yusuf's dream U.S. and brethren of this act there in the Qur'an: Surat Yusuf: 4-21. The story of Yusuf and Zulaikha
Without knowing his brothers, Joseph, helped by a passing caravan in place. It was brought to Egypt to be sold as slaves until finally purchased by a family named chief Kitfir Egypt. He is very handsome face that makes wife named She attracted speakers.Once, when her husband was not at home, She asked him to do no profanity, but Joseph refused a call-up, there was tension reached. While the incident took place, the husband and wife wife came distort the facts by saying that Joseph has occurred against a disorderly manner.

Enlargement was very angry, but did not get it to do something about him the baby suddenly that there was talk around the place with fasihnya. The baby was said that if the shirt was torn in front of him so Yusuflah fault, but if his shirt was torn at the back, the wife is guilty. After magnifying the inspection, it appears that ripped the shirt off the back of Joseph. Thus Joseph was safe.
Stories reached then spread to the wider community. She is ashamed and because the hearing people to invite the wives of princes of Egypt to his house. They gave nice food and they will be given a knife to peel the fruit. While they are busy peeling the fruit, She asked him out. When she saw the face of Joseph, saking terpesonanya without the women realize the fingers cut their own hands. Now they understand why She was attracted to him. Some of them urged him to accept the desire She, moreover his own wife is a very beautiful woman.
Hearing that, the U.S. praying that Joseph will always be the strength of faith. Finally, at the request of the wife feel insulted, U.S. Joseph put in prison. The story is found in Surat Yusuf: 22-35. Joseph interpreted the dream Intelligence U.S. Joseph was blessed by God the ability to interpret dreams.When the U.S. Joseph in prison, one day two friends told her about a dream sepenjaranya them. The first is the beverage maker foreman named Nabu, dreamed that he saw his wine to make wine. The second person was the head baker named Malhab, dreamed that he saw himself carrying bread on his head, which head is eaten by the birds.
Joseph interprets their dreams too, he said to the person, "O thou foreman drink, cheer, you shall drink thy lord with wine, which means you will be saved because you are not shown to be involved conspiracy against the king. As for you, head baker, excuse me I have to say that you will be put to death by crucifixion, and the birds will eat some of your heads, because you are shown to be involved conspiracy against the king.
The same decision as I explain God, and must be done because I did not speak arbitrary except what my Lord has inspired the two of you interpret dreams. "
He predicted all really happened, and the head of a drink finally received its independence. When it exits, Joseph reminded him that he told the king about her condition. They want the king to look back on his decision because he was not guilty. But because it is too happy artisan drink until they forget to deliver a message over his king, and caused him to remain in prison a few years.
Ability of the U.S. Joseph interpreting the dream is told other friends in the Qur'an Surat Yusuf: 36-42. Pirate King
One day, the king had a dream that is very disturbing and frightening him. It then gathers shaman-healer and smart people to ask them to interpret his dream. It said, "I have dreamed that seven fat cows eaten by birds seven thin heads of cattle, and I dream about look at seven bars and seven green wheat dry wheat stem, then tell the dream exegesis if you could interpret it."
Those who were there surprised to hear this king of dreams. They are confused and gave unsatisfactory answers by saying that the dream can not be interpreted because they are only a troubled dream of the king and did not have any meaning, while they actually do not have knowledge about the interpretation of dreams.
When the foreman heard the dream king drinks and answers from the shamans and the smart people. He remembered back to him. Immediately said it was in the audience that is in the room, "I am willing to tell you about the meaning of this dream, because in jail there was a young man named Joseph. I and the head baker was arrested with him. We had a dream and was described by Joseph and proven to be true. When Excellency agree to send me to him, then I will turn the interpretation of this dream. "
Finally, the drink is sent foreman to Joseph. After discussions with him and told the reasons kealpaannya to message him, he even raised the sense of arrival.
"O Joseph, who told the truth, tell the dream meanings follows: 7 heads of cows devoured seven skinny cows tail, and 7 bars near the seventh green wheat dry wheat stem. O give him a religious verdict about the reality of this dream, I will shew unto the people in government, perhaps they know ilmumu priorities and positions. "
He began to explain the meaning of the dream king. Not only that, he explained the intricacies of breaking his dream meanings. It said, "Egypt will experience seven years of fertility, so in the years you shall your land with wheat and menanami sya'ir, then the results panenannya you keep in wheat stems, and not extravagant in its application, use just the required only. After that will come seven years cleaning where you will eat your wheat supplies store, and do not spend, that can be used as seeds for subsequent years.
Eventually, these dry years, will come a year fertile rain and the land would generate a lot of grain and fruit juice such as grapes and olives. "
The story of the king's dream is told in Surat Yusuf: 43-49.
Joseph was released from prison Foreman immediately serve drinks dream interpretation has been described him to the king, the king also sent messengers to call him and explain again in detail. But Joseph refused to come out of prison before his name was released from all charges that persecuted him. It is requested that the government investigate the conspiracy against him and ask the women who attended a dinner at home wife first speaker former employer as to the reasons for their detention as a witness in the case.
Request is then delivered by Joseph messenger to the king. The king also instructed his messenger to call the women and explain the real facts. They also testified that Joseph was not guilty, and that the wife of the Egyptian princes, wife, that's what appealed him thus. After the testimony of these women, his own wife can not be denied again. Finally, it has admitted his actions.
He thus escaped from prison with the self-clean from all accusations and slander. King and also rehabilitate his name in the community. God condemn injustice that had been received by Joseph changed the glory.
The story is described in the Qur'an Surat Yusuf: 50-53. The truth about him has added beliefs to the king, therefore he was raised to the minister on a variety of economic and financial problems for the nation of Egypt. This is the reward of Allah to the servants of righteousness.
The story of Joseph in the adoption of this distinguished position described in Surat Yusuf: 54-57. The meeting of Joseph and his brothers Exegetical vision which Joseph later described really existed. At 7 years the fertile, the people of Egypt had ordered him to keep the excess seeds from their crops. Then came the famine in the next 7 years. There was famine and drought disasters, especially in states neighboring residents because of the lack of preparation for this, including the Palestinian state, where Joseph's family lived. Jacob and his children also experience difficulties. He heard that in Egypt there is adequate food supplies, it was told the children, except the brother, to go to Egypt to take the form of supply of goods and silver and the other in exchange for wheat and sya'ir.
When they had arrived at the royal palace of Egypt and met with him, to see their face and their garments to show that they came from Palestine, Joseph knew that it was his brothers. But they do not recognize itself as the condition of Joseph who had long since changed, special clothes, and accent discretion of the ancient Egyptian language.
He treats his brothers like a person living, and consider their wheat and sya'ir for the measure, who have been, and provide supplies for their homeward journey. When they get ready to go, he said, "Bring me another half brother of you. If you do not bring it, so I will not want to exchange for food for you, if you go back to Egypt for the second time."
They said, "We will persuade our father so that he will allow us to take him to Egypt, and we affirm to you that we will carry out your command."
When they want to start back, Joseph asked the server to return the goods insert the brother who had converted to wheat and sya'ir into their bags without their knowledge. It is intended that they felt good and thought him friendly, so they will return to Egypt because we hope to get even more benefit from it.
Joseph's brothers returned to Palestine and told about the benefits of economic ministers of Egypt and the respect they receive. They also presented the Egyptian minister's request that they bring their brother will later be returned to Egypt.

Apparently having abandoned by him, Jacob was grieved. Every day he wept until his eyes turn white and blind. Hearing requests presented this Joseph's brother, Jacob did not believe them. But they continue to persuade and said that if the brother did not they bring, they will not get this food from the minister of Egypt.
They also promised to take care of the best brother and would never nyiakannya. After hearing this promise, the son-son, Jacob a little more peaceful heart. Finally, Jacob reluctantly let them bring it brother.They also remind them to enter the city through a door so as not to attract attention.
The story of Joseph meeting his brothers are described in Surat Yusuf: 58-67. Joseph's brother arrested
When they come back to Egypt with brother, Joseph, to find an opportunity to be alone together with a brother, then he tells her that it was Joseph, his brother home. It tells the story of what he has done his brothers before him, and what had happened to her.
He has a plan to be able to withstand longer brother with him.When Joseph's brothers would return home, Joseph squeeze cup to drink the king into bags brother. When they had to leave, one officer Joseph called them back, and said that the king has lost trophy. Whoever is able to return it will get the weight of food a camel load.
Joseph's brothers swear that they do not steal. Joseph, one of the officers then asked, "What's the reward if you find you lying?"
They said, "In one of the missing items found in karungnya, he made a slave. This is a fair reward for the thief according to the shari'a Jacob." So Joseph and his officers began checking their bags.Accidentally checked bags the last brother to avert suspicion on the other brothers that the theft had been arranged.
When the cup was found in a sack brother, Joseph's brothers saw it was very surprised. They feel ashamed of this incident, so they said, "There has to steal his brother was before." Of course they are Joseph's own purposes. He does understand what these brethren, and indeed they were annoyed and disappointed with them, but the attitude is not be seen.
According to history, when Rachel was the mother of Joseph to go with him to Palestine, it carries a small statue of her father Laban's. Laban, who felt the loss of the statue was later to find it, but it can not find it good on Rachel and others, because Rachel had kept them on the sidelines of equipment boarded camels.
When Jacob and his family arrived in Palestine, the statue was at Joseph and made toys because it resembles the usual puppet played by young children. That is why Joseph is accused of stealing from grandfather Laban's house, when in fact not so.
Joseph's brothers to apply it to brother released and took one of them as his successor. They said, "O Al-Aziz, because it has a very aged father, and therefore take one of us instead of, for we see thee of those who do good."
So he answered, "I will not detain a person, except those of our property was found on him. If we arrest innocent people, so we include those who do wrong."
Joseph's brothers are confused and hopeless. They have promised to care for their father's brother after him. Previously they forsake him, if now they did not bring back brother, surely their father would get angry and do not trust them.
After consultation and to whisper, the oldest of them said, "I will not leave Egypt until his father allowed me to return, or that God gave me the results. And He is the most fair judge." But Joseph said, "Come on dad, and tell her that her son had stolen, and that you only saw what happened and can not afford to take care of things are missing."
Finally, Joseph's brothers returned without brother. Thus, to investigate biological brother Joseph to hold ultimately unsuccessful. The story is described in Surat Yusuf: 68-82.
He returned with his family gathered Jacob is very sad to hear this strange encounter brother. It does not believe the words of his children and was very disappointed with them. Nevertheless, they submit them to God and believe that Allah will create hopes to be able to meet again with the second son of the beloved.
Jacob ordered his sons to find a newspaper with Joseph and brother. Putra-son to obey their father, and returned to Egypt. To him, they ask for mercy so that it consented to release the brother. They complain of the poor condition and need of food in the hope that Joseph would give them enough food.
There was a sense of compassion in the hearts of Joseph's brothers hear the complaint, until it occurred to him to reveal who he is in fact so that they can live with being at peace. Then he called brother, and he said unto his brethren, "Did you guys to be bad behavior and his brother Joseph? Remember you will you separate the act of Joseph and his father to throw into the pit?
And the brother, then you have made it sad for the loss of his brother until it shall come to suffer. "
Hearing the words of Joseph, alleged arose within his brothers, perhaps speakers who spoke in front of them was Joseph.
With the pounding they asked, "What are you Joseph?"
He said, "Yes, I am Joseph. And this is my brother's brother."
So Joseph's brothers were promptly seek forgiveness and apologize to him on the evil they had done before. With the indulgence, Joseph forgiving his brothers. He then commanded them to invite her father along with their families to come to Egypt.
Knowing that his father had lost their sight because of extreme sorrow since kepergiannya, Joseph gave gamisnya to diusapkan to his father that he could look back.
After mengusapkan robe to face Joseph, Jacob Joseph and his presence felt immediately know that Joseph was still alive.Because happy with the fact that it was able to look back with the permission of Allah.
Finally, Joseph was able to gather again with both my parents and brothers and sisters in Egypt. Jacob and his children were covered by the respect given him the glory of God. They paid tribute to him by bowing down in accordance with the custom of the time the authorities to respect chiefs.
Seeing this, Joseph remembered the dream once when he was young, he said to his father, "This is the first interpretation of my dream I told them to, as in a dream I saw the 11 stars and the sun and the moon prostrating to me."
Heartwarming story of Joseph with his family gather there in Surat Yusuf: 83-101.
12. U.S. Ayyub
U.S. Ayyub was the son of U.S. Aish bin Ishaq bin Ibrahim AS. As mentioned in the story of Prophet Yaqub U.S., Aish is the twin brother of the Prophet Yaqub U.S., so the Prophet Ayyub is still niece and cousin of Prophet Yaqub Yusuf AS U.S.. U.S. Ayyub was one of the famous prophet rich, abundant wealth, countless cattle numbers. However, it still cling, like doing good, helpful people who are suffering, especially among the poor.
Demons of doubt on the obedience of the U.S. Ayyub The angels in the sky dazzled, amazed and talking about obedience Ayyub and sincerity in worship to God. Satan heard this talk of angels feel jealous and want to upset Ayyub to be impatient people, and woe.
At first the devil tried to tempt Prophet Ayyub himself to get lost and do not give thanks to God, but this effort failed, that does not tergoyahkan Ayyub. Then the devil before Allah, rather they seek to test the sincerity permitted Ayyub. It said, "O Lord, for Ayyub always obedient and dutiful to You, ever praising you, not only for fear of loss of enjoyment of whom thou hast given him, because he wanted his wealth will be protected. All is not as sincere worship, love, and obedient to you. Suppose it hit the accident and loss of property, and children and his wife, is not certain it will remain faithful and sincere worship You. "
God said to Satan, "Verily, my servant Ayyub is very loyal to me. It was someone genuine believers. What does it do to reach out to me is purely driven faith in me. Faith and taqwanya tergoyahkan not only by changes in the world. His love to me will not decrease even afflicted anything that struck him, because he believes that what he possessed was giving me that at times can I disconnect from it, or I make the folding double. It is net of all charges and prasangkamu.
You are not willing to see my slaves, children of Adam, is on the right path. To test the courage and faith in the destiny of Ayyub me, I shall let you tempt and try turning it away from me. The aide-pembantumu Kerahkan to seduce Ayyub through property and family. Divorce beraikan the rule of his family's peace. Look up where your power to mislead Ayyub my servant. "
Tests and trials of God to the Prophet Ayyub U.S. Thus, the devil and his assistants began to invade Ayyub faith. At first they destroy animals farm preservation Ayyub, followed by wheat and barn-barn burned agricultural land and destroyed. Satan will calculate Ayyub sighed after the loss of livestock and agricultural, but the fact remains berhusnuzhon Ayyub (peace think) to God. All it pasrahkan to God. Property is titipan God which at times can only be taken back.
Next demons' sons came to the U.S. Ayyub who had a large and magnificent buildings. They shook the pillars of the building until the building collapsed and Ayyub children who are all dead inside.
Satan computing efforts will be successful this time shaken the faith of the Prophet Ayyub a very loving son-son, but once again they must be disappointed. Ayyub surrender to God. It is sorrow and tears, but the soul and the heart remains firmly in the belief that if God is the Giver wants something, no one is able to hinder him.
Satan is still not satisfied, then put the bacillus in the entire body of Ayyub that he suffered from a skin disease that is very disgusting, until he shunned relatives and neighbors. Many wives who ran away leaving only one man who remained faithful to support them, that Rahmah. Worse yet, the U.S. Ayyub neighbors do not want to catch a disease suffered Ayyub, expelled from their villages. So the Prophet Ayyub and his wife Mercy to a quiet place of humans.
7 years in the ongoing suffering is really a test heaviest of Ayyub and Mercy, but be patient and remain Ayyub says Asma Allah's remembrance. Narrated that his wife said, "O Ayyub, if you pray to the Lord, would he be membebaskanmu."
But even the U.S. Ayyub said, "I have lived for 70 years in high feather, and a new test of God in pain for 7 years. Ah, it's very small compared to the 70 years."
Thus, the Prophet Ayyub receive tests from Allah with patience and sincerity. They have lived in pleasure for decades, he felt ashamed to sigh to God on the misery that only a few years.Ayyub pain no longer make a strong limbs except for the heart / liver and tongue. With his heart and tongue, the U.S. Ayyub never stopped chanting to God, both in the morning, noon, afternoon and evening.
To meet the need for daily living, Rahmah had to work at a bread factory. Morning he left, the evening he returned home to segregation. But over time the employer know that Mercy was the wife of the Prophet Ayyub is a deadly disease. They worry Rahmah bacillus can be brought about through the bread, which is why they then fired him. Rahmah who is still thinking about her husband's loyalty. He requested that his employer gave him back the debt of bread, but her request was denied. His employer gave him nothing but bread if it is cut long hair loop, while loop is well-liked her hair.But in order to have bread, Mercy finally agrees with his employer's motion.
Apparently, the action would make Ayyub suspect that it was absurd. Finally one day, perhaps because it is no longer tolerate the continued suffering faced, Rahmah farewell to leave her husband. It reasoned want to work for her husband. Prophet Ayyub prohibited, but still insisted while Rahmah sigh. Indeed, the action is not even past Rahmah from the role of demons to leave her husband Ayyub menghasutnya.
Listening to the voices of his wife, Ayyub said, "If you have been exposed to gentle persuasion the devil, to sigh over the fate of God. Watch out, soon, if I have recovered I will strike you a hundred times. Between now and leave me alone, I do not need your help until He determines his fate. "
Thus leaving now Ayyub himself after he drove his wife Mercy. In the middle kesendiriannya, U.S. Ayyub contemplation to God earnestly implore His mercy and compassion. Allah accept the prayers of the Prophet Ayyub U.S. has reached the peak strength of the patience and faith in the face tests and trials. And he said to the Prophet Ayyub, "Strike with thy foot to the ground. From there it will emit water you will be healed from the diseases. Kesehatanmu will get better if you use them for drinking and bathing."
After a drink and wash with water, Ayyub was recovered as usual.Meanwhile, his wife Mercy, who had gone left, apparently in time to feel sorry for and she could not bear to let her alone. He came to look, but he did not know her husband again, because now look more healthy Ayyub, fresher, and more handsome. Prophet Ayyub is very happy to see his wife again, but he remembered his oath that is to beat his wife a hundred times. It should carry out the oath, but he was worried because his wife, however, has also suffered with him during these seven years. Tegakah he struck a hundred times?
He knows the concerns of U.S. Ayyub felt. Then came the revelation of God to the Prophet Ayyub, "O Ayyub, take a hundred sticks and skewers once strike your wife. This tertebuslah oaths."
Relieved Ayyub exit revealed by God. Skewers hundred, hit his wife with one shot, so the plan, the oath has been fulfilled.
Thanks to the patience and strength of his faith, the U.S. Ayyub was blessed again an abundance of riches. Of Mercy, it is then obtained son Basyar which came to be a prophet who is called Zulkifli.
The story of Prophet Ayyub U.S. are an example of His servants in the case of patience and strength of faith. Ayyub U.S. history occurring in the Al-Anbiya: 83-84 and the letter Sad: 41-44.
13. Zulkifli U.S.
Original name was Basyar, son of Ayyub U.S. from his wife, Mercy. Like his father, Zulkifli also has the nature of the patient and steadfast in its stance. They live in a country led by a wise king who knows. King reached on a day the people gathered and asked, "Who is willing to place patient, if the day of fasting and if the evening worship?"
No one dared to state capacity. Finally, young man called Basyar a show of hands, and said it is willing to do that. Since the time it is called by Zulkifli which means willing.
U.S. Zulkifli Prophet also a king. In the evenings they worship and fasting during the day it is. It also appointed a judge. Sleep at night, very little at all. One night, when he wanted to go to bed there was a living to be bothered. Properly when it is time for Zulkifli rest, but he serves his guests with the patient.
"There are the brothers here at night?" asked Zulkifli. "Servant of a journey, the slave was robbed of goods in transit", replied the guest.
"Come tomorrow morning or evening," said Zulkifli. But tomorrow morning, people had not come, but Zulkifli been waiting for him in the courtroom. Evening people were not coming, but he has indicated to come.
In the evening, when Zulkifli was getting ready to sleep, the person is coming back.
"Why do not you open conference time comes?" asked Zulkifli.
"People who rob me intelligent Majesty. If the time of the conference opened, I returned the goods, if the conference to be closed, I seized the goods," answered the man.
One night, Raja Zulkifli very sleepy. It has instructed the custodian to shut all doors and lock it. When they want to lay himself down, heard a knock on the door of his room.
"Who's in?" Zulkifli asked the soldier guardian. "Not one of my Lord", replied with a tone of wonder guardian soldiers. Clearly they had heard a knock on the door. Then checked around the house, it appears he found someone. It was surprising, therefore, clear all the doors were locked tight. How does that person get in? "You're not human, you must be the devil!" Zulkifli said.
"Yes, I was the devil who want to test your patience. Apparently it's true, you people who can meet the kesanggupanmu first."
It is so there. Zulkifli is the Prophet who are patient, always use common sense sehatnya, never angry with his guests. Told that a day of fighting between the rebel country by the rebels to God.Raja Zulkifli ordered soldiers and citizens to go to the fighting field. But what happens? Apparently people are afraid to fight.They fear death. People just refuse to fight if Zulkifli would pray to Allah to guarantee their lives, so they would not die. Hearing that Zulkifli thus not angry, but he was prepared to meet the demands of the people to pray to God. So Allah revealed to him, "I know request, and I heard your prayer. All that will Kukabulkan."
Finally, they won the war, and appropriate God's promise, none of those who died in the fighting field. The name of the Prophet Zulkifli mentioned only two times in the Qur'an, that the letter al-Anbiya verse 85 which means: "And (remember) Ismail, Idris, and Dzulkifli. All of them, including those who are patient." and the letter Sad, verse 48 which means: "And remember Ismail, Ilyasa, and Zulkifli. All of those the best." 14. Shoaib U.S. Shoaib is one of the four prophets of the Arabs. Three other prophet was Hud, Salih, and Muhammad. It is a prophet speaking interpreter nicknamed because proficiency and kefasihannya in preaching.
Prophet Shoaib U.S. people of Midian sent to the middle of living in Ma'an, a district on the outskirts of Sham (present Syria), which is bordered by Hijjaz and near the Lake of Lut. Exact name, people of Madyan were Arabs who bernasab from Midian bin Ibrahim AS.
These races worship of the wood, which is a piece of land is covered with a number of desert trees.
Shoaib U.S. preaching the people of Midian Midian is known corrupt society and carry out trade practices that deal. They use a large depth when buying and using a small measuring instrument if sold, until the wealth piled on a few people only.
In this case, the Prophet Shoaib U.S. warned to leave the shady practices, but it is perceived by the gross, but they threatened to torture and merajamnya if they do not want to stop preaching.
Finally, the Prophet Shoaib and his followers moved to the U.S. to other countries, because of the Madyan people can no longer hopeless. A few seconds after the Prophet Shoaib and his followers to go, suddenly awakened by the presence of the Madyan mighty earthquake until they prostrate. Preaching at people Ashabul Thicket Prophet Shoaib and his followers moved to the state of the wood as directed menugaskannya God who is preaching there.Dwellers in the wood just as it appears to rebel with the Madyan.They call the Prophet Shoaib refused to worship God. They even mocked and challenged the Prophet Shoaib that mensegerakan promised punishment. Because of their disobedience, in the end the punishment of Allah came in the form of burning tropical heat and suffocating chest. In vain his people ran here and there, searching for shelter.When they are confused, suddenly appeared a black cloud. The people thought that it was a cloud of help. When the people rebelled under the auspices of, the cloud suddenly producing terrible rumbling and destroy them all.
Woe to those who disobeyed it. The fact there is no left. Only the Prophet Shoaib U.S. and its followers who can secure the blessings and protection of God. U.S. Shoaib stories told in a letter Ash-Quran: 176-191, Hud: 84-95, Al-`raf: 85-93, and Al-Hijr: 78-79. 15. Musa
U.S. Moses sent to preach in the land of Egypt, and invites the children of Israel to worship Allah. Moses and Aaron is a descendant of the fourth of the U.S. Jacob lived in Egypt since the Prophet Joseph, authorities there.
Egypt is currently dominated by the Pharaoh. Population consists of two nations, which is a native of Egypt referred to as the Qubti, and the people of Israel, that the descendants of Jacob, the United States. Most people sit Qubti higher departments, while the Israelites only inferior, such as laborers, servants and messengers.
Pharaohs ruled with iron hands. It dictatorship of inhuman pitiless.Drunkenness and greed of power, so much so that he dared mention himself as God. The cruelty of Pharaoh to kill the baby boys At one point, Pharaoh dreamed that the shaman interpreted the dream peramalnya to be the birth of a baby boy from the Children of Israel who will seize the throne. Immediately Pharaoh instruct the team to kill all male babies are born.
Moses' mother, Yukabad, wife of Levi Imron bin Qahat bin bin Ya'qub U.S., feel very nervous because the task was strictly research. Once the mother of Moses guided by his dream to his son, aged 3 months included in the box and swept into the river.Allah guarantees that her baby would be safe, even Yukabad soon will be able to treat them.
The signals are implemented with the utmost courage and resolution. Brother Moses was commanded to follow the drift and where the set is in the hands of Moses, who is later found. The box containing the baby was suddenly caught in a tree and stopped at the back of the house of Pharaoh.

Reached Pharaoh's daughter found safe, and it was a diseased striped. When touched Moses, sudden illness cured. With feelings of joy he brought the ark to Asiah, the wife of Pharaoh, and tell what happened. Asiah took him and intends to keep it. Asiah was a believer in Allah SWT. But because of fear of the tyranny of Pharaoh, he hid his faith. When the Pharaoh heard there is a beautiful woman named Asiah, and it is already married. But when he wanted to mix his wife, the whole body suddenly become numb to it can not approach it, only you can see it.
Pharaoh was suspicious of his wife found the baby, but still insist to keep Asiah because it has long been craving child. The baby was named Moses by Asiah, which means water and trees (mu = water, t = tree). between a host carers Asiah choice, just like feeding the baby Moses in Yukabad, so Asiah finally accepted as a host of nannies Yukabad Moses. Thus Yukabad promise that God will get the baby back line. This story can be found in the letter Al-Qasas: 4-13. Moses left Egypt
After feeding time with his mother, Moses returned again to the palace of Pharaoh. It is observed as the children of other kings.Dressed as a Pharaoh, Pharaoh car ride, so it was known as Prince Moses, son of Pharaoh.
Although schooled in the tradition of the palace, since young Moses to understand that it is not the son of Pharaoh, but the descendants of the oppressed Children of Israel. Because people are concerned about the plight of a family persecuted by the king and the chiefs of government, Moses determined to defend the poor people.

He defended an action when a member of his people, who fights against one of the causes of the last Pharaoh was defeated. A witness who saw the incident and report on the Pharaoh.Knowing that Moses on behalf of Israel, Pharaoh immediately ordered the people to arrest Moses. He eventually escaped and decided to leave Egypt. He repented and asked forgiveness of God. At that time he was 18 years.
The story is occurring in the Al-Qasas: 14-21. Moses went to Midian, the city of Prophet Shoaib U.S. residence.From Egypt to Midian must be reached on foot for 8 days. Due to fatigue and feeling hungry, He rested under the trees. Not far from where the rest, he saw two girls fighting trying to get water in the well to provide them with their cattle drink gembalakan. Both girls fought over by a group of men, rough-looking men do not want to give. Seeing that, Moses quickly moved to help both girls reached.Rough men have tried to fight Moses, but Moses was able to defeat them.
He married The second girl was none other daughters of the Prophet Shoaib U.S.. They then reported the incident that was experienced with Moses to their father. Shoaib then asked the daughter to invite Moses came to their house. He meets the invitation. Shoaib family is very glad to see Musa.His manner is polite and appears once a young man of dignity among the aristocracy.

To Shoaib, Moses tells the events of murders he committed, that it expelled from Egypt. Shoaib suggested that he remained in his house to escape from the pursuit of the Pharaoh.
Shoaib means marry Moses with one daughter. As a condition of dowry, Moses asked to work tending cattle, cattle belonging to Prophet Shoaib for 8 years. He reached to take the conditions, but it fulfilled the 10 years of his career. It is through his work with the patient. During the family saw that Moses was a young Shoaib strong, powerful, honest and reliable. Shoaib's nothing wrong if he enjoyed it as law.
He is very happy living with his wife. Prophet Shoaib also relieved because his son get a trustworthy protector.
The story of this appears in the letter Al-Qasas: 22-28. Moses returned to Egypt
Ten years after leaving Egypt, Moses intends to return there with his wife. He realized, it is possible that the Egyptians would still find it, therefore he and his wife did not dare through the normal way but prefer a detour.
Until one night, they get lost do not know which direction that must be for travel to Egypt. When that he saw no bright light a fire on a hill. He said to her, "Wait here, I will take the fire to light our way." When he approached the fire reached, suddenly heard a voice calling, "O Moses! I was Lord, then the second Take terompahmu. Surely, you are in the valley sacred Thuwa. And I have chosen you, so listen to what is inspired. Indeed, I was God. There is no god but Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance. "
This is the first revelation Moses received directly by the U.S.. By receiving this revelation, then Moses was raised as a Prophet and Messenger. As an apostle, but God gave miraculous rod that can be turned into a snake and a white hand on which to shine after dikepitkan excellence in his armpits.
This story can be seen in letters Taha: 9-23. God commanded Moses to Pharaoh U.S. to preach. Moses was still afraid because once it had killed the Egyptian, but God promises protection for her, then tentramlah heart. To further strengthen the preaching, Moses prayed to God that he was joined by Aaron, his brother, because Aaron is talk the talk and debate. Moses' request is granted. Aaron is still in Egypt, moved his heart by God until it went to meet Moses.
It reached out in the letter Al-Qasas: 32-35 and letters Taha: 42-47.
Finally, along with Aaron, Moses facing Pharaoh. It had a dialogue with the Pharaoh of God. But Pharaoh perceived as cynical and mocking Moses did not know themselves. Before, it was nurtured and raised in the palace of Egypt, but now they even turned against the Pharaoh. He said that all that happens is because the action of the Pharaoh himself. If Pharaoh did not order to kill the baby boys, they may not be swept away in the river until eventually found and adopted son of Pharaoh's wife.Moses did not feel beholden to the Pharaoh. Moses told Pharaoh that Allah is not God. No other God worthy of worship, God of their fathers, the God of the whole universe.Pharaoh was angry and asked Moses to show the signs of God.
The success of Moses against the sorcerers of Pharaoh In front of the wider community, the U.S. He can show miracle face sorcerers of Pharaoh. He invited the sorcerers of Pharaoh to demonstrate their abilities first. They then threw a rope and rod-rod. Soon after the strings and the staffs that turned into a snake that many thousands of birds. Pharaoh laughed proud to see the members of his magic abilities. Present society there also dazzled, amazed.
Calmly Moses threw his rod, the rod quickly turned into a huge snake and immediately devoured the serpents of the sorcerers of Pharaoh. In a short time ran out serpents swallowed by the serpent of Moses.
The wizards were opened wide in surprise. What Moses was not seen as magic they have learned from the devil. Conscious of that, the witches reached their knees to Moses, and claim to be followers of the teachings he brought. They will only repent and worship God alone. The story is described in the letters AL-Quran: 18-51 Pharaoh was angry to see the witches defections that have repented it. It threatened to punish them with a very cruel punishment, but the witches was still choose to be followers of Moses.

Finally, Pharaoh ordered to cut their hands and feet, and crucify them in trunks of palm trees. They accept it with patience and believe in God. Their numbers then 70 people.
Punishment for Pharaoh and his followers Pharaoh annoyance peaked when the U.S. He obtained more followers. Pharaoh became more cruel to the children of Israel.U.S. Moses constantly told his people to be patient to face tyranny of Pharaoh. Pharaoh was incessant mocking and ridiculing Moses.
Because more and more high-handed actions of Pharaoh, Moses prayed to God the U.S. so that Pharaoh and his followers were given punishment. God fulfilled the prayer of Moses.Pharaoh Government financial crisis. In addition to the drought stricken regions of Egypt.

Many of the failed harvest, plants and trees that died many, followed by hurricane storm that demolished their houses.Millions of locusts invaded animals and gardening are coming, the vermin and the frogs. After drought, floods appear. Due to the floods and disease outbreaks are also emerging. Sons of the Egyptians died suddenly, not exempt the children of Pharaoh himself, including the son of the crown. Followers of Moses, Pharaoh came to the U.S. to apply the penalty extracted from them with the promise they would believe.But when God Almighty grant the request, they defaulted on their promises.

This history occurring in the Al-Mu'minûn: 26, Az-Zukhruf: 51-54, Jonah: 88-89, and al-A'raf: 130-135. Events Red Sea asunder

Children of Israel are increasingly suffering due to action of Pharaoh and Moses asks his followers to U.S. to bring them out of Egypt. After getting word of God invites his people to leave Egypt, Moses leading his people to Jerusalem. They went quietly in the evening. When they reached the edge of the Red Sea, they just realized that the army of Pharaoh pursued them.

The followers of Moses was panicked because he could not run any where. When it is revealed to Moses flail rod into the sea.Sea was cut through to spread the way for Moses and his followers to cross. Pharaoh and his army pursued the party, but when he and his followers had reached the edge of the Pharaoh and his army while still at sea, on the order of Allah, the sea went back close to the Pharaoh and his team lost.
At the last minute by his death, Pharaoh could repent and believe in the God revealed himself. But by the turn made by the Pharaoh died it was too late and not accepted by God, until it died in disbelief.
The story about this in a letter Taha: 77-79, AL-Quran: 60-68, and Jonah: 90-92. Apparently, the dead Pharaoh intact as mentioned in the Quran Jonah letter: 92, as a sign for people that later. This was evidenced by diketemukannya mummi Pharaoh (Pharaoh) of Egypt in the 20th century, M. Gift to the Children of Israel
On the way to Egypt, the Children of Israel are very spoiled. When they wear out, stick to stone Moses flail. From the stone reached, the water gushed forth 12 points, according to the number of tribes (sibith) Children of Israel, so that each tribe has its own springs.
In the scorching desert of Sinai, there was no house to live, no trees for shade, He patronized them with the cloud. When supplies of food and drink they finished, they asked Moses prayed to Allah Almighty to be given food and drink, Allah revealed to them Manna and Salwa. Manna is the food that falls from the air like a falling dew, fell on the rocks and tree leaves.Sweet as honey. While Salwa is a kind of quail came scurrying up-up in succession almost cover the earth because of the number. Obtain the Grace and this provision of the profusion of God, Children of Israel are not grateful, but they beg for food from other types yet. This is where she saw the children of Israel from the very ungrateful for the favors of Allah. Various claims and demands of the Children of Israel is told in the letter of Al-`raf: 160 and Al-Baqarah: 61. The revelation of the Torah After completion of the question to the Pharaoh, Moses granted the U.S. request to scripture as a guide. God then commanded Moses to U.S. to fast for 30 days and went to the Mount Thaur khalwat Al-Aiman ​​or Mount. Before going, Moses asked Aaron to be his representative to manage people. After fasting for 30 days, God ordered him to fast for 10 days to fulfill a 40-day worship. Then God spoke to him in his Kalam Azali, so he drew a privilege that is not owned by others. In contemplation of Mount Mount advantage of this, there is a yearning to meet God of Moses. It also asks that God will allow him to see His Face. God said that he had requested something beyond capacity. God then told Moses to look to a hill. God will reveal the existence of the hill. If the mountain is still standing, then Moses could see him, but if the larger hill it was not able to survive, but even more so himself. When Moses reached direct view to the hill, the hill was instantly devastated. See that Moses was shocked and horrified, he fell down unconscious.
Once aware, they celebrate and tahmid while seeking forgiveness from Allah SWT on kelancangannya. Furthermore, God gave the Torah as a holy book that purports to pieces of stone. In it is written guide and reference work life worship Allah. The story of Prophet Musa Sinai Mount Hill is told in the letter al-A'raf: 142-145. Statue of calf
U.S. Sepeninggal Moses, the Children of Israel provokes a hypocrite by the name he brought. Because confidence in their faith that is not too thick, they easily instigated Samiri. Children of Israel made the calf idol to be worshiped as their god.
Before going up the hill Mount, Moses said to his people that he would leave them no more than 30 days. When God ordered him to increase his worship 10 days until more long kepergiannya, they consider it has been forgotten. He brought the children of Israel said to Moses that the delay is because they have made God angry taking ornaments from the tombs of the Egyptians.Then to ask forgiveness of God and that He would return to them, they should cast ornaments, reached into the fire.
They believe in the evil he brought. The women and children of Israel threw their gold ornaments into the fire. From the pile of gold and he brought the calf to make the statue.

With special techniques, it makes the wind get in and create a voice from the mouth of the statue until the statue seems to be able to speak. Then he commanded the children of Israel to worship him. Aaron, the U.S. is not capable of meeting the people who turn apostate. U.S. Moses returned, he was angry and see how people grieve.

At first he was angry with Aaron that he considers is not able to keep people well, but after hearing an explanation from Aaron, it was quiet again. It drove Samiri and explain the people of their wrong actions. As punishment, he brought the curse given by God, if it is touched or the human touch, the body will be a hot fever. That is the punishment he brought in the world, his life does not work with anyone.
Once he brought away, burning effigies of Moses, the Children of Israel worshiped the calf and throw the ashes into the sea. God then commanded Moses to lead a group of U.S. people to seek forgiveness for their sins of idol worship of the calf. He asked 70 people selected from the Children of Israel to Mount Mount. Once they are fasting cleanse themselves, clouds appeared on the hill.Prophet Musa and his entourage entered the dark clouds and prostrate. When prostrate, 70 to hear the conversation between the U.S. Moses with God. There was an urge to see the Essence of Allah. Even those states will not believe before seeing him.Immediately turn their bodies touched by lightning until they lose.
Moses the U.S. request that people be forgiven and brought back to life. But God was to revive the followers of Moses 70. He then asked them to swear to abide by the Torah as a guide for life, and believe in God. This story is related in the Qur'an al-A'raf letter: 149-155, and Al-Baqarah: 55, 56, 63, 64.
Heifer (Al-Baqarah)
One day the murder took place between the people of Moses. To find out who the killer reached, the indication of God, Moses ordered his people to find a cow. With the tongue dead cow was later beaten and killed would be alive at will and permission of Allah.
The Children of Israel actually refused to carry out this order, so they are very picky and he asked the hope that God ultimately cancel, as narrated in the Qur'an surat Al-Baqarah: 67-71.
And (remember) when Musa said to his people: Surely Allah commands you to slaughter a cow. They said: What are you taking us in mockery? He answered: Allah forbid that I should be one of those who are ignorant. (Surat 2:67)
They said: Pray to your Lord for us, so he explained to us, whether it's cow? He said: He says that the cow is a cow neither old, nor young, between the two. Now do what ye are commanded. (Surat 2:68)
They said: Pray to your Lord for us to make plain to us what color.He said: He says that the cow was a yellow cow, a rich yellow pleasing to the beholders. (Surat 2:69)
They said: Pray to your Lord for us to make plain to us how the fact heifer, cow's Lo (still) alike to us and we will be guided if Allah (for heifers). (Surat 2:70)
Musa said: He says that the cow was a heifer that has never been used for tilling the soil, nor to irrigate crops, not flawed, there was no blemish. They said: Now you have brought the actual fact.Then they slaughtered her, but not with the order. (Surat 2:71)

The name Al-Baqarah letter which means cow taken because in this letter there is the story of cow slaughter. Can be seen on signs that the attitude of the Children of Israel reached a picky thus have their own difficulties. If during their first ordered direct effect, they would not be very troublesome, but they are even asking the difficult questions until they are almost unable to find suitable cow characteristics described by Moses.
Similarly, cows have been raised, and slaughtered their cows tongue dipukulkan the dead bodies of people killed. Immediately it became alive again and told that he was murdered by his own cousin.
God forbid Palestinian land for the Children of Israel God commanded Moses led his people to Palestine to the United States, the shrine was promised to Abraham, the U.S. as a place to stay their children and grandchildren. Children of Israel that has received many gifts from God were a hard-headed and ungrateful.
Before inviting people to migrate, Moses sent to investigate the way the people of Palestinian residents. When he returned, the precursor of the report that reached the holy land inhabited by a tribe of strong Kana'an, and its cities have a strong fortress.Knowing it, feeling gentarlah Children of Israel and Moses did not want to comply with the order to attack. They just want to go there if the tribe was removed first.
U.S. Moses was angry with his people's attitude, because attitude reflects that they have not reached true believers in Allah SWT, Allah SWT has promised that by His help they will be able to beat Kana'an quarter.

Among the children of Israel, there are two people who advise them to be cautious in from the door of the city so that they can win. But the Children of Israel rejected the advice and hurled the words which Moses showed insubordination and cowardice, "Go thou and thy Lord and fight, while we wait here."

Sacred patience of Moses. He then offered prayers that God will give his verdict on the attitude of his people. As punishment for the Children of Israel who rejected the command of Allah SWT, Allah forbid Palestinian territories for 40 years for them. They will get lost, but the promised land is already in front of our eyes. As long as they will roam the earth without a fixed place of residence.
It is narrated in a letter Al-Maidah: 20-26. The meeting of Moses with the works On one occasion, preaching in front of his people, Moses said that she was the U.S. the most wise and knowledgeable. God rebuked this attitude and said, "I have a slave on the sea the more clever from you."

Then Moses said, "My Lord, what should be now done to meet him?" He said, "Take a little fish and put in the basket. Wherever you lose the fish, then that is where it is."
Moses had to do what God commanded him. It takes a relatively small fish, then he went to to have a hands possess. When they arrived at the meeting between the two seas, they sat for a moment to rest. Tertidurlah them, while when the rain until they bring the fish to jump and glide to the sea.
Whom Moses knows this, but he had forgotten to tell to Moses.They continue to pursue the course. When they get hungry and want to eat, whom Moses' time, the thought of the lost fish, he already told Moses. He is very happy to hear that. "This is what we are looking for. Let us go back to follow where the fish was lost."
Has not reached the place of destination, Moses met with the people in question. The righteous servant of Allah SWT is known by the name of the Prophet Khidir U.S.. Moses the U.S. who want to learn from His righteous servants asked to be allowed to follow the Prophet Khidir.

Khidir Prophet replied that it would not be able to wait for its participation, because it will see the actions against the syariah.But Moses said that he would be patient and not be opposed to the business of the Prophet Khidir. Finally, the Prophet Khidir allow Moses to follow, but on condition that Moses could not questioning the actions that take place, because in the end it will be the tricks behind the actions.

Go down Moses with the Prophet Khidir sea. Suddenly, late in front of them on a ship, then they ask passengers to transport them. They are allowed to stay, and they went up into the ship.
When the passenger delay, the Prophet Khidir perforate walls made of wooden ships was such as to be easily damaged to be repaired. Moses, who saw this incident horrified and without conscious he forgot the promise to not ask any questions, he said, "Did you destroy the ship for those who have respect for us? You have done something to blame."

Moses reminded the Prophet Khidir be a covenant, then sadarlah Moses, he asked him not to be punished for this kelupaannya.Both then continued on and met a child who was playing with his friends. Prophet Khidir and persuade the boy follow him and take him to a place some distance from his friends, and he killed him.Warm hearts he saw this abomination up in anger, he said, "Did you kill the soul are pure, without sin? You have done something wrong."
Moses reminded the Prophet Khidir to conditions that occur between them. He regretted the ketidaksabarannya. It said, "If, after this I say to you, so do not accompany me, because there is already enough reason for me to part with you." Then they proceeded again. When feeling thirsty and hungry, they entered a village. They asked the residents to be ready to feed them and make them as guests, but their request was rejected harshly by rural residents reached.
On the way home, they found a wall about to fall down. Prophet Khidir and improve the damaged walls and erecting buildings.Seeing this, Moses could not stand and say, "Do you want to reward those who drive us to improve the walls of their homes?` If you please, you can ask for a reward for your work to buy food. "

With the emergence of inquiry of this Moses, the Distance is the Prophet Khidir. But before parting, the Prophet-secret secret Khidir explain his actions. It said, "On the ship I hole the wall, it belonged to some poor people have no property other than that, and I know that there was a king who seized every ship like the best of their owners. That's why I avoid damaging them slightly so easily repaired later again, and when the king saw that it was suspected that the ship is a ship that bad that it will let the ship owners and Peace be upon them.

On the small children who I killed, he was a child who showed signs of damage since childhood, when his parents were people of faith and works. I fear for love of her parents will make them deviate from their piety and diajari in disbelief and arrogance, then I shall kill him to calm both parents who believe this, and the wicked child may be given instead by God with children better and more devoted and more love to his parents.

As for the wall that kudirikan, belongs to two orphan boys in the city under which there are treasures that belonged to them, and their father is one who works. So Lord, Most Gracious, want to take care of their property until they are grown and out.
Everything is now done on usahaku not, unless it is a revelation from God Almighty. And this is the explanation of the events in which you can not bear. " The story of Moses meeting the U.S. and the U.S. Khidir He is there in surat Al-Kahf: 60-82. The story of Qarun and his wealth
Were, a follower of the U.S. He is very rich, whose name he went.Although very rich, but they do not want The distribution of wealth for the poor. He advices the U.S. has not ignored, but is mocked and defamed the Prophet Musa. Use the lesson went and gave an example in his people, Moses' prayer that God revealed himself to pass on the wealthy. God and give punishment to bury all personal wealth along with landslides went through a terrible disaster. The story of Qarun and his wealth is occurring in the Al-Qasas: 76-82. Prohibition Sabbath day In accordance with the laws of the Torah, Moses determine the day Saturday as a day to gather and worship. On that day the children of Israel are prohibited from doing anything, including trading and fishing. But on Saturday reached thus the fish is very much visible in the sea. Indeed, this is the will of God to test his faith and obedience Children of Israel. Apparently they could not stand this test and break the Sabbath day, therefore God then cursed some of them to be monkeys. It is mentioned in the letter Al-Baqarah: 65 and Al-`raf: 166. 16. Aaron, the U.S. U.S. Must prophet sent by God to help Moses U.S. apostolic task. In speaking, it is more talk than Moses the U.S.. When the U.S. He went to the Mount Sina to receive revelation, the Prophet should be his people dititipkan U.S.. But after the U.S. He returned, he found that they worshiped the calf statue. Seeing that, Moses was angry and sad. Recounted in the Qur'an: And when Moses returned to his people, angry and grieved, he said: Evil is what you do after my absence! Do you want to precede the promise of your Lord? And Moses threw Luh-Luh (Torah) and hold (the hair) the head of his brother (Aaron) while dragging it to him. He said: O son of my mother, for this race and reckon they'd nearly kill me, so do not make enemies rejoice, and do not include me amongst those who do wrong. (Surah Al-`raf: 150) So he finally realized it and prayed to God as mentioned in the Qur'an:
He said: Yes Rabbku, forgive me and my brother and admit us to Thy mercy, for You are the Most Merciful of the merciful. (Surah Al-`raf: 151)
U.S. Aaron died before Moses the U.S.. Moses was buried by the U.S. at Mount Sinai Hur in the Desert.
17. David AS
U.S. David is one of the prophets of the Children of Israel, that is from sibith Judah. It is the descendants of the 13 th of the U.S. Abraham.
King Saul After Aaron and Moses died, the children of Israel led by the Prophet Yusya 'bin Nun, which was already shown by Moses to succeed him shortly before his death. Thanks to the leadership Yusya 'bin Nun they can control the Palestinian land and reside in the palace. But after Yusya son of Nun died, they split apart. The contents of the Torah, their courage and plus-plus foxes. They often cross the opinion among themselves, until finally lost the strength of their association. Palestinian land was raided and dominated by other nations. Children of Israel become a nation of oppressed colonies. Those misses came a decisive and courageous leaders dare to resist their occupiers. One day, they go to the Prophet Samuel to ask for guidance. "O Samuel, take one of us as a King who will lead us to war against colonialism."
But the Prophet Samuel said, "I was getting worried when elected leader of God, you actually do not want to leave the war."
"We have long been oppressed nations," they said. "We do not want to suffer any longer."
Because urged by his people, the Prophet Samuel prayed to God and then to set one of them a leader. Samuel the Prophet's prayer is answered, God chose Saul as King who led them. But it appears that Saul heard the name spoken by the prophet Samuel, they thus rejected on the grounds that Saul is not known, it was just a normal farmers are very poor.
Prophet Samuel and Saul explained that although the ordinary farmer, but it articulated the strategy of war, stocky body and strong, and versed in the knowledge administration of the country.Eventually they would like to receive the new Saul as their king. The story of Goliath and David
Saul invites those who do not have homes and commercial ties to the battlefield. By selecting the best people, he hoped they could focus on fighting and do not bother with household and commercial matters. One young man who participated in the line of Saul was a teenager named David. It was ruled by his father to join her sister both developed on the battlefield. David was not authorized to advance to the next line, it is assigned to serve both his sister.Place in the heartland. If his sister hungry or thirsty, he was serving and preparing food and drinks for them. Saul soldiers are not as many. Far more numerous and larger oppressive forces Sang Goliath (Goliath). Goliath himself was a larger-sized warlord like monsters. Everyone who encounter it frequently perish. Saul soldier trembles upon seeing that his enemies might. In order to see the forces of fear, Saul prayed to God, "Our Lord, pour out constancy on us, and make our steps firm and help us against those who disbelieve." But the strength of prayer, they stormed the army Goliath. Not counting an opponent who has the courage of a little like a wounded lion, Goliath can finally team-porandakan diporak and fallen away retreat. Dwell Goliath The General and some remaining controller. Saul and his followers did not dare face the giant. Then Saul announced, one can kill Goliath, then it will be lifted as a law.Unexpected and unforeseen, David is still young age come forward, ask for permission to Saul to face Goliath. At first Saul to doubt, how much can still very young David defeated Goliath? But when pressed by David, he finally developed that allow young people to war. From a distance Saul to monitor football lunge Goliath challenging David. Goliath was arrogant. It was shouted again and again, challenging the people of Israel to fight counter. It also mocked the nation of Israel as a nation cowardly and insulting-insulting other offensive. David suddenly appeared in front of Goliath. Goliath laughed uproariously menantangnya see the young man duel. David did not bring a sharp weapon. Armor-only slingshot. Goliath repeatedly waving his sword to kill David, but David was able to prevent the gesitnya. On one occasion, David ketapelnya to post a bullet right between the eyes Goliath. Goliath shouted loud, fell down with his forehead burst, and tewaslah it. Thus Saul to fight Goliath menanglah team. Suitable promise, David, and daughter of King Saul, he became. He was married with a daughter named Saul Mikyai. David becomes king
Besides the law of the King, David is also appointed as the adviser. He respected everyone, even more respect for people like David from Saul. This makes Saul jealous. Therefore it seeks to harm David on the battlefield are difficult. David was assigned to fight an enemy that is far more powerful and larger numbers.But David actually wins the battle and return to the palace with the overflow of joy greeted the people.
Saul was jealous and tersaingi more on the popularity of David in the eyes of its people. They keep trying to kill and get rid of David in various ways, but always doomed to failure. David, as God is always protected. Finally, there was Jalbu war 'between Saul and David and their supporters. Saul lost the war. After the death of Saul and his crown, the son who also died in the battle reached, then the people directly raise David as King of Israel.
Miracles of the Prophet David, U.S.
Allah revealed the Psalms of David AS. In addition to the Psalms, other privileges the U.S. David is every morning and evening hymn mountains on the order of Allah to follow tasbihnya. U.S. David also understand the language of birds. Animals also follow the U.S. David rosary. This special form of worship described in the letter Shad: 17-19 and Saba ': 10.
Besides a strong government could have never even invincible.Instead, the U.S. David is always a victory of all opponents. It occupied the throne for 40 years. Among them was David miracle can soften the iron like a candle, then it can change the form of iron without fire or any equipment.Of iron, it can make a dikokohkan with armor woven from circles to establish a chain of mutually sustainable. Type this shirt make the wearer more freedom of movement, because it is not stiff like normal armor made of iron sheets. About this miracle mentioned in the letter of Saba ': 10 and al-Anbiya': 80. David is also blessed with a very melodious voice once. The Psalms revealed to him as well as with education and warnings, also contains a song of praise to God. The song is often referred to Psalms. David divided his days into 4 sections. A day of worship, a day he became a judge, a day to give lessons, and another day for private interests. They also like to fast. It fasting every other day, a day of fasting, a day is not. Remembrance of Allah in the U.S. David The prophet is a man who is a community role model. If they made a mistake, He immediately warned to straighten out the mistake. It is likewise the case with David. It has a wife of 99 people. At that time there could be no limitation of the number of wives that can be owned by a man. An ordinary man to have multiple wives, especially for a king. David would like to fulfill his wife to be 100. One day, there came two men complained to David. One of them said, "My brother has 99 heads of goat, and I only have one, but it demands and mendesakku to submit a sheep that was him, so that the number of 100 heads of sheep to be completed. It brings a variety of reasons I can not kubantah because I can not argue. "David then asked another man, "Is it true that his brother is?" "Yes," replied the man. David said angrily, "If this is the case, then the brothers have been doing wrong. I will not let you continue the doings of a sudden it or you will get penalty shot in the face and nose!" "O David!" the man said, "Indeed thou art the swift punishment that you have promised me that. Did not you have had 99 wives? But why are you still editing the other a girl who is betrothed to the young man became his own tentaramu?

But the young man was very loyal and devoted to you. " David dumbfounded to hear the speeches of decisive and courageous man. He thought hard, these two people who truly?But suddenly the man has vanished from sight. David knew that he had been reminded of God through his angels. It quickly turn to ask pardon of Allah, and Allah will relent toward him. Violation of the Sabbath Day
Once U.S. citizens David agreed to violate the requirements of the state on Saturday (Sabbath) as a great day for the children of Israel, as taught by the Prophet Musa. The Sabbath meant to do worship to God, purify the heart and mind with the remembrance and gratitude for all the blessings that were given him, as well as providing more charity and do a busy-busy banned a temporal nature.
Ailat villagers along the Red Sea also comply with the order. On Saturday they do not catch fish, but on Saturday was actually the fish of the sea appeared to many. Finally Ailat people can not help to break the Saturday. Saturday they used to collect fish. Punishment of Allah got down to them. Their faces transformed into faces is bad, then place a massive earthquake. The story is narrated in his al-A'raf: 163-166. Origins of Jerusalem One day, berjangkitlah cholera in the government-controlled territory to U.S. David. Many people who die because of this disease. David then prayed to God to get rid of this plague, then the disease. To show gratitude to God, then asked his son David, Solomon, to build the shrine, which is Jerusalem, which we now know as al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Palestine. The place was what the first Qiblah of Muslims before moving on to the Kaaba. 18. Solomon, the U.S. The U.S. is the son of Solomon, David AS. After the U.S. David died, Solomon, replacing the U.S. as King. The most famous miracle is that it was given the privilege by God to govern not only to humans, but also to animals, wind, or spirit. Solomon winds can make the order, to the place they want. He even beat demons to serve Solomon. Among them is that you can build palaces and fortresses, is in charge of diving to remove the stones, pearls and noble, as God gave Solomon power over the devils who disbelieved until it is able to bind them to prevent their crimes. God also gave him the ability to understand sign language in the form of animals. Wisdom of Solomon, the U.S. as a judge One night, a group of goats into a garden without knowledge penggembalanya, to rusaklah plants in the garden. But then came the plantation owners complained to the judge of the U.S. David."O Prophet of Allah, that we were plowing our land and menanaminya and keep them. But when it is time for harvest, a goat came these people in one night and eat our garden plants to the finish, as a whole." "Is it true what they say now?" asked David. "Yes," they said. Then David asked about the price of the crop and the price of a goat from the other. To hear both about the same price, it was said to the goat owner, "Give thy plant to the owner as compensation for the binasanya their crops."
But his son Solomon the court the witness is to give another proposition, "I have a different opinion in this matter. I think the goat owners should give their goats to the owner of crops, and take advantage wool be wool, milk, and goat kids tsb . while he himself took over the crops were damaged, the menanaminya back and keep it to irrigate and grow crops. When harvest time came, they should deliver the crop to the owner, and receive back their sheep. In this way, all parties will benefit and benefits. "
Extraordinary wisdom and Solomon arifnya in providing results.All parties agree to his proposal was a great live it. David said his son, "You have to decide the law correctly, my son." And it was politics as what is decided by Solomon. The story is told in the Qur'an al-Anbiya letter ': 78-79. The story of Solomon and the Queen Bilqis U.S.
One day, Solomon held his large apple for the whole army, both of those men, jinn, Shaytaan, and animals, all are commanded to assemble facing the U.S. Solomon. All are present except for a bird called the hoopoe. "Why not come hoopoe bird?" Solomon asked. "If they can not give a specific reason for a delay, as a punishment I will slay." Not long after the birds came and prostrated in front of the Prophet Solomon. The birds are almost exposed to punishment, if not immediately ask why it was late coming alasa. "Forgive the slave lord, the slave is already too late. But the servant brought a very important news. In a live thence called the Queen of Queen Bilqis. It has a great throne. Kingdom area and its people live in prosperity. Unfortunately they do not worship God. They are deceived by the devil to worship the sun. " Menjawablah him, "I believe the news that you got it. But I will investigate the veracity of beritamu. Bring a letter to the Queen Bilqis. If it receives later, sembunyilah you in between the windows, and hear what is going to do." Then Fly to Saba hoopoe bird within the city of Yemen. It gave the letter to the Queen Bilqis Solomon. Then, as instructed, they hide behind a slit windows. Queen Bilqis read the letter, the contents should look something like this: This letter came from Solomon. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Do not rise up against me and came to me as those who put their trust. " After reading the letter, the Queen Bilqis called the man and his advisors to consult. Queen Bilqis did not want to fight that just ruin the beauty of the palace at the expense of the people. So as a result of such deliberations, decided that it will only send clay to Solomon by his ambassadors. If Solomon received his prize, he knew that Solomon is a king who was pleased to receive gifts.But if it is a prophet, they just want that they follow the religion. Queen Bilqis messengers go forth to Palestine with a variety of beautiful gifts and expensive. When they arrived at the palace of Solomon, they were stumped. Saba Government-apanya nothing compared to the beauty and majesty of the kingdom of Solomon. When the messengers to deliver their gifts, Solomon emphatically reject such gifts because it has properties far better than a gift given by the Queen Bilqis. To the envoys reached, he asked the Queen coming to the Queen Bilqis converted to Islam and the worship of the sun. If complied, then the government will secure Saba, where rebel And he will deploy his army which could not be resisted by the Queen Bilqis. The messenger was immediately returned to the State of Saba.They reported everything he saw about Solomon and his kingdom is much larger, majestic, and powerful than the Saba.Queen Bilqis finally settled that the next U.S. demand Solomon. Solomon knew Bilqis journey towards his country, then it was meant to show a sign to him as proof of his prophethood.Solomon asked the jinns who are nearby, "Who is willing to bring Bilqis thrones of power of God to me to see the place in front of them?" Jin stalwart said, "I am willing to bring to you before you place a stand from." But there were other a nephew named Sulaiman bin Barkiya Ashif who has knowledge of the divine scriptures say, "I would bring it more quickly from thine eyes."
Then suddenly the throne may have been right in front of the U.S. Solomon.
Meanwhile, thousands of soldiers accompanied the Queen Bilqis of Saba authorities came to the Prophet Solomon in Palestine. It really see the beauty and grandeur bewildered government of Solomon. Queen Bilqis feel ashamed when you see how it used to have to send gifts to Solomon, to soften his heart that Solomon did not attack the State of Saba.
When he entered the palace Solomon, Solomon asked, "Is this the same throne with royal thrones?".
"Yes, it looks like it is mine," said the Queen Bilqis's throne while checking. After review, he finally convinced that it was her throne.Then she said to Solomon, "I already know the power of God and the truth kenabianmu before, that is when we come hoopoe bird, bringing a letter from you. But that precludes our cut to state our faith is because we live in the midst of people who have a deepaye. That's what makes us hide our faith so far we came menghadapmu. " Solomon smiled and invited the Queen Bilqis enter the palace.The floors in the palace was made of thin glass rinsed under water. Queen Bilqis really calculate water flow, so it appeared to pull back a little sarong legs. Solomon immediately told that the floor is made of thin white glass. Queen Bilqis shyly embarrassed. Immediately he bowed to their professed his faith in Allah SWT. "Yes Lord, I have done wrong to me, and I trust with Solomon to Allah, Lord of Hosts." The death of Solomon, the U.S. Almost no one knows when death for him, both of the jinn and mankind. Death of the U.S. Solomon only be known after the rod that is used independent of creep brittle and eaten on the floor he fell down. Solomon prayer is answered God, that no one who has a large and wealthy state like government. But despite the rich and powerful, Solomon still honor and adhere to the order of Allah. The story of the U.S. Solomon in the Qur'an An-Naml letter: 15-44, and Saba ': 12-14. 19. Elias, the U.S. The U.S. is a descendant of Elias to-4 from the U.S. Aaron. It was sent by God to his people, the children of Israel, who worship an idol called Baal. Elias repeatedly warned the U.S., they still rebelled. For this reason God sends down calamities drought for many years, until they realized that the call of new U.S. Elias is true.Once people realized, U.S. Elias prayed to God to stop the drought disaster. But after the crisis is stopped, and their economies recover, they returned rebel to God. Finally, the Prophet Elias, the U.S. again afflicted more weight than before, that a massive earthquake that they prostrate. 20. U.S. Ilyasa After the U.S. Elias died, he was succeeded by his adopted son named Ilyasa. U.S. to continue the mission of the Prophet Ilyasa father and his people to be loyal to him. During this time the leadership of the Prophet Ilyasa hit the Children of Israel, peaceful, prosperous, because the worship and duty to Allah. But after he died, his people again rebelled. Finally, people affected by misery, and in a moment such as the U.S. Jonah were born. 21. Jonah U.S. Points son Jonah was sent by God to face the people of Ninawa, a stubborn people, pagans, and like to do evil. U.S. Jonah repeatedly warned them, but they do not like change, especially because the U.S. is not of Jonah their people. There are only two people willing to become his disciples, that Rubil and Tanuh.Rubil is a pious sage, is Tanuh is a quiet and modest.
U.S. Jonah left his people
Because you do not get good response from residents Ninawa, Jonah gave an ultimatum to his people, if the tempo of 30 days they did not want insyaf, not to Allah, it will be reduced punishment. But He denounced the prescribed time limit of Jonah, and commanded it to add it to 40 days. Jonah had been obeying the command of Allah, and let the people that the deadline they changed to 40 days. But apparently people do not menggubris such downtime. They even dare to challenge and wait for the penalty.
Because regret leaving Jonah went to a place where people Ninawa. Jonah Sepeninggal the U.S., after 40 days of the sudden dark clouds appeared in the morning, the day they saw the red light a fire to come down from heaven. They are very frightened.They flocked to find Jonah, but there was no one who know where it exists. They then conscientiously repented and prayed to God. All people, whether men or women, not forgetting the children crying and restore mutual spoils to the owner. Then Allah turned to them, and pull back against him.
U.S. Jonah in the belly of the whale After leaving the race Ninawa, U.S. Jonah arrived at a place on the seafront. There he found a number of people who rushed the boat. Jonah sought permission allowed them to follow, and they allow it. But while he was at sea a sudden tempest crashing. The Master asked one of the passengers to get down to the other saved. After the vote many times, always the name of the U.S. coming out of Jonah, that it was pasrah. It considers that it is the will of God Almighty, and they were off to sea.

So jump into the sea, suddenly a big fish to swallow and took him to the beach. In the belly of the fish Jonah had left his people to realize fault. He prayed and repented to Allah seeking ampunannya. Of the determination of his prayer, then he arrived at the beach, Jonah from the belly of the fish released back in the sick and weak. After returning health and strength of God, Jonah's revelation that the U.S. had returned to Ninawa to build people already realize that.
The story of Jonah in the U.S. there is a Qur'an in a letter Yunus: 98, As-Sãffãt: 139-148, and al-Anbiya: 87-88.
22. U.S. Zakaria
He said the U.S. crave a child He said the U.S. is the leader of the Children of Israel. It is craving a child, but he was pessimistic because she was already very more. He said the U.S. and prayed to God to be a child. Finally granted his prayer. At the age of 90, he was blessed son, named John.
On hearing news brought by the angel that she will blessed with children and his wife will soon be pregnant, Zechariah could not convinced, and he applied to God to be a sign to know when his wife was pregnant. And God told him that the signs are he will not be able to speak to the people and exchange ideas except with hand signals, eye, shake his head or the like is, and it lasted for three days in a row. For 3 days, let him reproduce rosary in the morning and evening, because even if not able to talk with other people, but it is still able to worship and praise. The story of Mary tedapat in the letter: 7-11.
Birth of Mary, daughter of 'Imran
Zakaria was the uncle and guardian saint Mary, daughter of Imran. Imran is one of the rulers and the scholars are the children of Israel, who died when she was still in his mother's womb. Mary is the girl every day of holy worship Allah always in mihrabnya in Jerusalem. Suitable vows spoken mother since she was still in the womb, she earned the right maintenance He said the U.S. through a lot because so many of the Children of Israel who want to be a good girl's guardian.
While preserving Mary, suffered many peculiarities of the U.S. He said she was convinced that the preservation of Allah SWT.Among others he called the U.S. saw that in the sanctuary of Mary, there is a summer fruit, but no one can enter there, moreover when it is winter. She said that the fruit came from God Almighty.
The story of the birth of Mary and the preservation of the U.S. He said in the letter against Ali-Umran: 35-37 and 42-44. He said the death of the U.S.
John son of Zechariah comes first from his father's death. After the death of John, the attention of those who believed turned to the U.S. He said that was old. They have requested an opinion on the problem of marriage between his father and nephew of King Hirodus want to do, but just as the Prophet Yahya, Zakariya U.S. also remain steadfast on the Shariah law that prohibited such marriages.
As a result of this attitude, King Hirodus became angry and ordered to arrest Zakariya prajuritnya U.S.. But the people to protect the Prophet who are elderly it. Until one day, he called the U.S. an exceptionally hiding in the forest, surrounded by the sudden jungle camp assisted Hirodus Roman army. He said the U.S. saw a large tree cut through the middle. Enter it into the tree, until the army Hirodus can not find it.
But the demons that resemble human existence hideout Zachariah tells U.S. to host Hirodus. The soldier was actually not too trusting, but they saw was the tree in question. Sharply from the tree was bleeding. Thus they think the U.S. had killed Prophet Zakariya. Really so?
Only Omniscience God what had happened to the U.S. Zachariah.
23. Yahya
Prophet Yahya was the sole son of Zachariah the U.S.. Although he was born to couples who are very old, but it is still growing as a normal and healthy. The story of the birth of Prophet Yahya Ali in a letter-Umran: 38-41.
By his people, the Prophet Yahya known as pious, religious issues dominate, and memorized the Torah, and a judge in religious law. In its efforts to uphold the truth and John are very brave. At that time, Hirodus, Palestinian authorities, planning kemenakannya married himself, Hirodia. Hirodia myself feel happy if diperistri by a king. It is a girl who is thirsty of power and wealth.
John forbids this marriage because it is against the laws of the Torah and the Psalms. The whole palace was excited, they agree with John. The king was ashamed and angry. She and Hirodia trying to find ways to silence the mouth of John, even when necessary to kill him.
Then one day, with a beautiful dress came Hirodia John at his home. It tried to appeal mesum John to do an act. It is hoped that after committing such contemptible John will be obedient and no longer opposed her marriage with King Hirodus.
Of course, this appeal is rejected decisively by John. Youth is not seduced bit, but it even disgusted with the attitude Hirodia highly immoral. It drove very hard Hirodia voice blaring in her ear as Hirodia. Hirodia feel ashamed and humiliated at all, so he felt ill and was hated John.
He then complained to defame John with Hirodus that John was trying memperkosanya. Of course this Hirodia libel King Hirodus burning anger. He had sent his army to cut off John's head. The army was actually reluctant, but if rejected are threatened with heavy penalties. So with all the ways they try to catch John, took him to jail and cut off his head there. Prophet Yahya is known as a pembabtis, namely bathing sinners who repent, by the river Jordan. The bath does not mean we purified of sin, but only as a sign that the person has repented washed. So repentance is that if Allah will purify their sins.
24. Jesus the U.S.
Strange birth of Jesus Between the authority of God is created Adam without father and mother, created Eve from Adam's rib, and created him without a father. Yes, Jesus son of Mary, daughter of the U.S. are born without a father Imran, because Mary, pregnant with no relation to men. Mary is a woman who every day salehah worship Allah in mihrabnya in Jerusalem. An angel when it comes to tell you that it contains the permission of Allah. She felt very sad and worried because we fear that his name will be tarnished. By the birth of her baby, he soon left the district of residence. Under the palm tree, away from home, she gave birth. This strange event last known also by the population. They accuse Mary, committing adultery, but the magic happens, a new baby born to save his mother with an eloquent speech that her mother is not guilty and all this happens only God Almighty. Baby Mary, this is what Jesus would become the United States. The story of the birth of Prophet Isa Ali in a letter-Umran: 45-48, and 59, a letter of Mary: 16-35, Al-prophets: 91, and At-Tahrim: 12.
Miracles of the Prophet Isa AS
Since small, Jesus has shown a different behavior than the children of his age. It is very thirsty for knowledge. Since the age of 12 years he spent all his time to study and attend the meetings and discussions of the scholars in Jerusalem.
Jesus, the U.S., which in Christianity is known by the name of Jesus Christ, accept the task of prophethood at the age of 30 years at the Mount of Olives. He immediately proclaimed his prophethood at the Children of Israel. At that time the religious life of the Children of Israel are far from the teachings of Prophet Musa. In fact, some of them have fallen.
The leaders of the Children of Israel to claim Jesus to prove his prophethood. God gives many miracles of Jesus, of which it can raise the dead, cure a disease, cure the blind eye since birth, make living bird out of clay, and informed the people about what they eat and they keep at home their homes. This miracle is shown on the Children of Israel, and in a short time, Jesus the U.S. has achieved a lot of followers.
Besides the miracles reached, but God also bestow the Bible.
A number of U.S. special Jesus is told in the Qur'an letter-Umran Ali: 49-50 and Al-Ma'idah: 110. The news about the coming End-Time Prophet Among the duties of the U.S. is to tell Jesus about the coming end-time messenger of Allah in the name of Ahmad, as described in the Qur'an Ash-shafts letter: 6.
And (remember) when 'Isa son of Maryam said: O Children of Israel, I am the messenger of Allah, (sent down) before the Torah, and as Glad Tidings to (come) an Apostle who will come after me, whose name is Ahmad (Muhammad). But when the messenger came to them with clear proofs, they said: This is mere magic. (Surat 61:6)
Jesus, the name of Muhammad with the word that comes from the word Paraclet Piracletus in Greek. This word is found in the Greek Bible. In Greek, Piracletus means praiseworthy. Meaning is the same as the Arabic word Ahmad (= noble) or Muhammad (= the noble). Lifting Jesus with Allah SWT U.S. Jesus sent by God to the Children of Israel to the Children of Israel to straighten character who has deviated from the teachings of the Torah and the Psalms of Moses brought the U.S. and the U.S. David. In preaching, the U.S. Jesus accompanied his companions, called al-Hawâriyyûn, the number of 12 people, according to the number of tribes (sibith) Children of Israel, so that each apostle was tasked to convey the message of the Gospel for each quarter of the children of Israel. The names of the 12th apostle of the Gospel is as follows: Simon son of Jonah (aka Peter) Andreas son of Jonah Jacob, son of Zabdi Yahya bin Zabdi (alias resolution) Pilipus Nathanael (aka Bartolomius) Thomas Matthew bin Alpius (aka Levi, the tax collector from Capernaum) Jacob bin Alpius Lebeus (aka Tadius) Simon Zelotes (from Kanani) Judas Iscariot The story of the companions of Prophet Isa is occurring in the Al-Ma'idah: 111-115 and the letter of Ali-Umran: 52. In a letter reached al-Hawâriyyûn told that Jesus asked the U.S. down food from heaven. Al-Maidah letter name, which means that food is taken because it contains the story. Occurrence of food falling from the sky is getting increasing the thickness of the faith of the disciples of Jesus the U.S.. Because the U.S. gets more and more followers of Jesus, the Jewish leaders increasingly lost influence. They then make a false accusation against him which resulted in the Roman authorities decided to arrest him. Allah Almighty to protect His Messenger to save him by lifting his side. Meanwhile, Judas, Jesus' disciples deceived and betrayed the U.S. by showing the hiding place of Jesus the U.S. to pursue the enemy, his face is made by God to be like Jesus, the U.S., so he was then taken and crucified on the king's forces wooden pole. The story is found in the letter of Ali-Umran: 55 and An-Nisa: 157-158. According to history, six years after the adoption of the U.S. Jesus, Mary, died and was buried at a church in Jerusalem.Meanwhile, the al-Hawâriyyûn safe from pursuit of spreading the teachings of Jesus preaching in the U.S. by stealth.
25. Muhammad
Prophet Muhammad was a prophet carrying the message of Islam, the last messenger network covers the prophets and messengers of Allah on earth. It was one of the highest among the five messengers that are included in their Ulul Azmi or inflexible (Surat 46: 35). The four other apostles in Ulul Azmi Ibrahim reached the U.S., Musa, Isa AS, and Noah the U.S..
Birth of Prophet Muhammad Time care Haliman bint Abi Al-Sa'diyah Du'aib Signs of Prophethood Degree of al-Amin Marriage to Khadijah The first revelation Muhammad's preaching Da'wah action against the Prophet Muhammad Isra Mi'raj AH Formation of Medina Battle of Badr Battle of Uhud Battle of the Trench Hudaibiyah Agreement Spread of Islam to other states Return to Mecca The last hajj Back to Medina Death of the Prophet SAW Mother of the Believers
Birth of Prophet Muhammad Prophet Muhammad is a member of the Banu Hashim, one of the most noble tribe of the Quraysh tribe that dominated the Arab community. His father was named Abdullah Muttalib, a Quraysh chieftain great. His mother, Aminah bint Wahab called the Children of Venus. Good line, father and mother line, line of Prophet Abraham came to the U.S. and U.S. Ishmael.
Year of birth of Prophet Muhammad known as the Year of the Elephant, because of the large events occurred that year, that comes elephants raid team with the aim to destroy the Kaaba of Mecca. The team was led by Abraha, the governor of Ethiopia in Yemen. Abraha would like to take over the cities of Mecca and Ka'bahnya as a center of Arab economies and Praying. This is in line with keingin Emperor Negus of Ethiopia for the whole of Arabia, which, together with the Byzantine Emperor to face the enemy from the east, namely Persia (Iraq).
In the attack the Kaaba, the army of Abraha destroyed because of plague deadly disease carried by birds Ababil the pelt army of elephants. Abraha himself fled back to Yemen and soon died. This event is narrated in the Qur'an al-Fil letter: 1-5. Several months after the invasion army of elephants, Aminah gave birth to a baby boy, named Muhammad. He was born on the eve of midnight Monday, 12 Rabiul Awal Year of the Elephant, in line with the 20 April 570 M. When the father of Muhammad, Abdullah, had died. The name given by the grandfather of Muhammad, Abdul Muttalib.
The name was a little odd among the people of Quraish, so they said to Abdul Muttalib, "It was out of the box, the family of Lord so great, but none of that name existed." Abdul Muttalib replied, "I understand. He was very different from the others. Entrepreneur with this name I want for the world to praise him."
Time care Haliman bint Abi Al-Sa'diyah Du'aib It is customary in Mecca, a newborn child nurtured and fed by a village woman with a purpose so that it can grow in the association community better and cleaner air. When Muhammad was born, the mothers from the village of Sa'ad came to Mecca to contact the families who want to breastfeed her child. Sa'ad village located about 60 miles from Mecca, near the city of Ta'if, a very good mountain regions the air.
between the mothers reached there was a woman named Halimah bint Abi Du'aib as Sa'diyah. Halimah belong to poor families, so they are reluctant to nurture Aminah Muhammad because of his own family is not too rich. But for some reason the baby Muhammad was captured his heart, and eventually took Halimah Muhammad as a child asuhnya.
Apparently the presence of Muhammad is a blessing to the family Halimah. Haris told that the pet goat, husband Halimah, the fat and produce more milk than usual. Grass is also a small flock of sheep thrive. Halimah of the family life turned grim happy and peaceful. They were confident that their babies from foster Mecca that is what brings a blessing for their lives.
Signs of Prophethood
From a very young Muhammad had demonstrated extraordinary privilege. Age 5 months it was good at walking, age 9 months she is able to speak. At the age of 2 years it has been able to be safe with my children and other Halimah for shepherding sheep. When is it stops feeding and therefore should be returned again to his mother. Halimah reluctantly had to return the child who has been a blessing asuhnya, while Aminah very happy to see her back in a healthy and fresh.
But not long after Muhammad's return brought up by Halimah because of an epidemic disease in the city of Mecca. Brought up within this time, both Halimah and her children often find wonder in the vicinity of Muhammad himself. The sons of Halimah often hear a voice that greeted Muhammad, "Assalamu 'Alaika O Muhammad," but they do not see anyone there.
In another occasion, Dimrah, Halimah children, and ran, crying and complain that there are two large-sized and dressed in white arrest Muhammad. Halimah Muhammad rushed to follow suit.When questioned, Mohammed said, "There are two angels descended from heaven. They greeted me, membaringkanku, open me my own shirt, cut through my chest, washed with water they carry, then close up the chest without me feeling any pain." Halimah very happy to see the miracles in Muhammad's self, but because of family economic conditions increasingly weakened, it had to restore Muhammad, who was then four years old, the mother in Mecca.
In the age of 6 years, the Prophet Muhammad has been the orphan. Aminah died because of illness their return, she asked Muhammad's pilgrimage to the tomb of his father. After the death of Amina, Abdul Muttalib took over the responsibility of treating Muhammad. But then Abdul Muttalib also died, and the maintenance responsibility of turning on his uncle Mohammed, Abu Talib.
At the age of 12 years, Abu Talib, Muhammad fulfilled the request to participate in the caravan when he led a delegation to Sham (Syria). Age 12 years was still too young to participate in such trips, but on the way back there miracles are signs of Muhammad's prophethood.
Further cloud overshadowing Muhammad until the heat of burning the skin does not feel it. As the cloud motion caravan to follow Muhammad's mission. When they stopped, the clouds that follow the stop. This incident attracted the attention of a Christian pastor named Buhairah the attention of the biaranya in Busra. It's right over the content of the Torah and the Gospel. Her heart trembled to see the caravan there is a bright child who is a camel ride.Such children are protected from the sun highlights the cloud over his head. "This is the promised Spirit of Truth," he thought. Pastor is already running out to meet the caravan procession and invite them in a communion meal. After discussions with Abu Talib and Muhammad himself, he begins to believe that a child named Muhammad is the prophet of the candidates appointed by God. Dipertegas confidence by the fact that behind the shoulders is a sign of Muhammad's prophethood. When will part with his guests, clergy Buhairah remind Abi Talib, "I hope the Lord carefully guarded. I'm sure he is the prophet of the end was eagerly awaited by all mankind. Keep It it not known to the Jews . They killed the prophets before. I did not invent, what I describe is based on what I know from the Torah and the Gospel. May masters safely on the way. " What is the Christian clergy to immediately accelerate its business Abi Talib in Syria and returned to Mecca. Degree of al-Amin At the age of 20 years, Muhammad had established Hilful-Fudûl, an institution that aims to help the poor and oppressed. At that time in Mecca at that time was chaotic due to differences that occur between the tribe of the Quraish with Hawazin quarter.Through this Fudûl Hilful-leadership qualities Muhammad began to appear. Because aktivitasnya in this board, as well as contributing to his uncle to trade, his name is increasingly recognized as a trusted person. Widespread trading relations as news quickly spread veracity of mouth, until it received a Al-Amin, which means that people trusted. In addition, it is also known as the fair and have a high sense of humanity. A time when building the Kaaba was damaged because of flooding. The people of Mecca and then cooperate to improve the Kaaba. When jobs arrive at the adoption and placement of the Black Stone into place, there was disagreement. Each tribe would like to have the honor to do the job. Finally one of them then said, "Leave this decision on the person who first entered the doors of this Shafa." They all waited, then behold Muhammad emerged from there. All the audience shouted, "There he is al-Amin, the trustworthy. We are willing to accept all the decisions." Once you see the light, and presents sorbannya Muhammad on the ground, and put the Black Stone in the middle, and then asked all the chiefs to hold and carry sorban edges together.After reaching the desired height, Muhammad was laying back in place. Thereby completing the rift between the tribes reached and satisfied with the way they are very smart solution. Marriage to Khadijah At the age of 25 years, at the request of Khadijah bint Khuwailid, a wealthy merchant, Muhammad went to Syria to bring goods merchant who had been menjanda women's. It is assisted by Maisaroh, an assistant men who had been working on Khadijah.Since the first meeting with Muhammad, Khadijah sympathetic look at Muhammad's appearance is modest. Admiration for increasing sales results achieved knew Muhammad in Syria more than estimates. Finally, Khadijah sent Maisaroh and his close friend, Nufasah to serve out her heart to Muhammad. 40-year-old Khadijah, Muhammad's applying to become her husband. After consult with the family, marriage proposal was finally accepted and held fast in short time with simple ceremony.present at the event, among others, Abu Talib, Waraqah bin kounde and Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq. A happy marriage was blessed with six children, consisting of two sons named Al-Qasim and Abdullah, and four children, a girl named Zainab, Ruqayyah, Umm Kulthum, and Fatima. Two sons died while still young. Prophet Muhammad did not marry again until Khadija died, while 50-year-old Muhammad. In-house life marriage with Khadija, Muhammad did not offend them. Instead it submits everything his wife to her husband.Wealth used by Muhammad's wives to help the poor and the oppressed. The boys who have owned Khadijah before their wedding, all of it release, one of them being Zaid bin Haritsah who later became his adopted son. The first revelation By the age of the 40, the Prophet Muhammad often khalwat (alone) to the Cave of Hira, about 6 km east of Mecca. It can be many days of contemplation and worship there. At one point, on the 17th Ramadan / 6th August 611, he saw the light filled the cave. Suddenly, the Angel Gabriel appeared before him and said, "Iqra '(read)." Then Muhammad said, "Ma ana bi Qari '(I can not read)." Muhammad heard the answer, Gabriel and Muhammad embraced the body very tightly, then release and re-told Muhammad to read.

But once done up to 3 times and fixed Muhammad gave the same answer, the angel Gabriel and then to reveal God first, which means:
Read by (say) the name of your Lord who created. He has created man from a clot. Read, and Rabbmulah the Most Gracious. teaching (of) the word of intermediaries. He taught man what he knew not. "(Surat 96: 1-5)

At that time Mohammed was 40 years 6 months 8 days according to the calculation of lunar (removal based on the month), or 39 years 3 months 8 days according to the calculation of syamsiah (removal based on the sun). With five first verses of this revelation, this means that Muhammad was chosen by God as a messenger.
After the incredible experience of Hira reached, with some fear and reverence of the Prophet Muhammad's home and shouted at the Khadijah, "blanketing me, blanketing me." His whole body felt hot and cold alternately. Once more calm, then he tells them. For more comforting her husband, Khadija asked Muhammad came to his cousin, Waraqah bin Aris, who knew the scriptures and the Jewish Christians. Listening to the experience the Prophet Muhammad, Waraqah said, "I swear by God, who in His hands Waraqah is alive, God has chosen you as a prophet of this people. An-Nâmûs al-Akbar (Angel Gabriel) came to . your people will say that you are a liar, they will be hostile, and they will be against you. Really, if I could live on that day, I will fight membelamu. "
Muhammad's preaching
The next revelation was the letter Al-Muddatsir: 1-7, which means:Hi people up (blanket), Arise and deliver thy warning! and glorify your Lord, and thy garments keep free from stain and sin (idol worship) leave, and do not give (the purpose) gain (reward) more. And to (meet him) your Lord, have patience. (Surat 74: 1-7)With the revelation of Al-Muddatsir letter, the Prophet began to preach. At first they do it by stealth in the family and colleagues his.

The first to welcome the preaching was Khadijah, his wife. He was first to embrace Islam. Follow-up after it was Ali bin Abi Talib, his cousin and the time that was only 10 years, until Ali became the first man who converted to Islam. Then Abu Bakr, his closest friends since childhood. Then, followed by Zaid bin Haritsah, a former slave who became her foster son, and Umm Aiman, carers Prophet since his mother was still alive.
Abu Bakr himself then successfully circumcise several friends nearby, such as, Usman bin Affan, Zubair bin Awwam, Abdurrahman bin Awf, Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas, and Talha bin Ubaidullah. From the missionary was still secret, dozens of people have embraced Islam.

After some time of the Prophet SAW conducting missionary quietly, came the order to carry out missionary Prophet openly. At first he invited his close relatives in a meal. On the same occasion he delivered his message. However, it appears few are accepted. Some reject the fine, some coarse rejects, one of which is Abu Lahab.
Measures taken up later missionary Prophet Muhammad in a larger meeting. He went to Mount Safa, as he stood there he shouted to call people. Because Muhammad is the trusted, people believe that certainly there is something very important, so they gathered around the Prophet. To attract attention, first the Prophet said, "My brethren, if I said, behind the hill there who are ready to attack enemy forces you, Would you believe?"
They simultaneously answered, "I believe, we know brother had never lied. Honesty is not relative to none. Relatives who received a al-Amin." Then the Prophet continued, "If so, listen. I was a Nazarite (Warner). God has commanded that I should warn the brethren. Will you worship Allah alone. There is no god but God. When civil disobedience, you will hit escape, and his later will regret. regrets and no good. "
But this sermon appears to those who gathered the rage, but some of them even call her crazy. At that time, Abu Lahab, exclaimed, "Woe to you O Muhammad. To this where you gather us?"
As a response to the speech of Abu Lahab tsb came verse which means:
Perish the hands of Abu Lahab, and he will be destroyed. Not conducive to wealth and what it did. Soon he will go into the fire of hell. And (likewise) his wife, carrying firewood. in her neck a halter of palm-fiber. (Surat 111: 1-5) Da'wah action against the Prophet Muhammad
Reactions against the war in da'wah Prophet popping, but without the relentless Prophet Muhammad to continue preaching, so that it began to clear. Almost every day we are incorporating themselves in front converts to Islam. They consist primarily of women, children, workers, and the poor and weak. Although most of them are those who are weak, but the spirit which led them believe are fertilizing.
Heaviest missionary challenge came from the rulers of Mecca, those feudal, and slave owners. They want to maintain the old traditions while also worry if the structure of society and the interests of their commerce will tergoyahkan by the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad that emphasizes social justice and equality in the degrees.
They arrange the probe to release the family relationship between Abi Talib and the Prophet Muhammad dengen way to Abu Talib asked to choose one between the two: Muhammad ordered to stop preaching, or deliver it to them. Abu Talib affected by such threats, it is requested that Muhammad's stop preaching. But Muhammad had refused his request and said, "By Allah, I will not stop fighting for the mandate of God, even the whole family and squeeze my relatives." Hearing this answer, Abi Talib said, "Go on, for pity's sake I will continue to membelamu".

Failed with the first, last Quraish sent Walid ibn Abi Talib Mugirah met with a young man to be interchanged with Muhammad. The young man named Umara bin Walid, a strong and handsome young man. Walid bin Mugirah said, "Take him my brother, but leave it to us Muhammad to kill us, because he was against us and divide us".
Quraishi motion was rejected outright by Abi Talib said, "Evil mind. You leave it to my children you foster and feed, and I give my niece for you guys to death. It was an offer I could not accept."
Return failure, the next they faced the Prophet Muhammad directly. They sent Utbah bin Rabi'ah, a member of the rhetoric, to persuade the Prophet. They offer the throne, women, and their property into desired by the Prophet, the original Prophet dakwahannya ready to stop. However, all of the offer is rejected by the Prophet Muhammad by saying, "By Allah, even though they put the sun in my right hand, and the moon in my left hand, I will not stop preaching the religion of God, to religion, this is indeed so, or I perish."
After failing with the means of diplomatic and gentle persuasion, Quraish began performing acts of violence. The boys who have converted to Islam they are very cruel punishment. They were beaten, whipped, and not allowed to eat and drink. One boy named Bilal, to torture ditelentangkan on hot sand on his chest and put a big and heavy stones.
Each quarter judge asked family members who convert to Islam until he fallen back. Usman bin Affan, for example, locked in a dark room and beaten up battered by her own family members.Overall, since that time the Muslims have a painful punishment of the Quraysh of Mecca. They dilempari dirt, hindered to do worship at the Kaaba, and others.
Atrocities against the Muslims led to the Prophet Muhammad to evacuate his friends out of Mecca. With in-depth consideration, in the year-5 prophethood, the Prophet set Abessinia or Habasyah (now Ethiopia) as the land of refuge, because the king was a fair, open heart, and hospitable. The Prophet felt sure his party will be received with open arms.
The first company consisted of 10 men and 5 women. between the groups was reached with his wife, Usman bin Affan Ruqayah (Prophet's daughter), Zubair bin Awwam, and Abdur Rahman bin Auf. Then followed the second group, led by Ja'far bin Abi Talib.Some sources say the total of this group is more than 80 people.
Various efforts made by the Quraish to hinder migration to Habasyah, including the king of blarney reached to reject the presence of Muslims there. However, various efforts that also failed. The more cruel they treat Muslims, thus increasing the number of converts. Even amid the increasing violence reached, two powerful Quraysh to Islam, that Hamza bin Abd Al-Muttalib and 'Umar bin Khattab. With two people in Islamic nicknamed "Lion of Arab", the more potent the position of Muslims and Muhammad's preaching at the time. This makes the reaction more severe Quraish. They argue that the strength of the Prophet Muhammad is the protection of Banu Hashim, then they would strive to implement the crippling blockade of Banu Hashim. They decided all kinds of relationships with the tribe. No one can make contact the people of Mecca to the Banu Hashim, including trading relationships and marriage.Agreement they made in the charter-signed with their marks and they hang in the Kaaba. Consequently, the Banu Hashim hunger, poverty, and misery. To ease the suffering of the Banu Hashim eventually fled to a valley outside Mecca. Action boycott that began in the year-7 prophethood Muhammad and lasted for 3 years it was the action most Retribution. It's designed to stop because there are several leaders of the Quraysh realized that boycott action is really outrageous.Consciousness is what motivates them break the covenant they made themselves. Thus Banu Hashim was finally able to return back to their homes. After the Banu Hashim returned to their homes, Abu Talib, the Prophet's uncle who was the main patron, died at the age of 87.Three days later, Khadija, his wife, also died. Its 10th year of this prophecy is truly a Year of Grief ('am al-Huzn) of the Prophet Muhammad. Telebih sepeninggal two supporting the Quraish did not hesitate to vent hatred of the Prophet. Until then try to spread the Prophet preaching outside the city, that is to Ta'if. But the Prophet received a reaction from the Children Saqif (population Ta'if), not far different from the people of Mecca. Prophet mocked, cheered, till he stoned wounds in the head and body. Isra Mi'raj In its 10th year of prophethood, the Prophet Muhammad had Isra Mi'raj. Darwin, that journey by night from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca Mosque in Jerusalem. Mi'raj, ie the increase of the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad to heaven through several levels, continue to Baitulmakmur, sidratulmuntaha, Throne (Throne of God), and the chair (throne of God), to receive the revelation of God's presence. In kesempatannnya deal directly with God is the Prophet Muhammad received the order to establish prayer five times a day. Isra Mi'raj, there are letters in the Qur'an al-Isra 'verse 1. AH New hope for the development of Islam emerged with the arrival of pilgrims to Mecca who came from Yathrib (Medina). Prophet Mohammed take advantage of the opportunity to spread the religion of Allah to come to their tents. But this effort is always followed by Abu Lahab and his friends to deny the Prophet. Once, the Prophet met with the six men of the Aus and Khazraj tribes who came from Yathrib. After presenting the Prophet of Islam trees, they declared themselves converted to Islam before the Prophet. They said, "Our nation has long been involved in hostilities, between tribe Khazraj and Aus. They really yearn for peace. If now the Lord, they returned with perantaramu unify and teachings that you take. Therefore we will preach to themreligious know that we received from you this. " During the hajj next year, delegates came from Yathrib that consists of 12 quarter-Khazraj and Aus. They met the Prophet at a place called Aqabah. In front of the Prophet, they said the pledge of allegiance. Because of this pledge, made at Aqabah, then called Bai'at Aqabah. The delegation of 12 people reached and then returned to Yathrib as a missionary interpreter accompanied by Mus'ab bin Umair who deliberately sent by the Prophet at their request. In the next Haj season, pilgrims who came from Yathrib totaling 75 people, including 12 who previously had met the Prophet at Aqabah. They requested that the Prophet prepared to move to Yathrib. They promised to defend the Prophet from all threats.Accept the proposition that the Prophet they asked. Knowing there was an agreement between the Prophet Muhammad to Yathrib people, Quraish became more cruel to the Muslims. This makes the Prophet ordered his companions to migrate to Yathrib. Privately, Muslim delegations set out, little by little, to Yathrib. Within two months, nearly 150 Muslims have been in Yathrib. Meanwhile, Ali and Abu Bakr Al-Sidiq remained in Mecca with the Messenger of Allah, the Prophet helped up get inspiration to migrate to Yathrib. Quraish planned to kill the Prophet before he could follow his followers to Yathrib.

The killing was planned involving all the tribes. Each quarter is represented by one of the strongest young people. Plan of murder heard by the Prophet, that it planned emigration with his friend, Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr asked to prepare all that is required in the course, including two camels. While Ali bin Abi Talib, the Prophet asked to replace the bed occupies the Quraish to think that the Prophet was still sleeping.
At night planned, in the middle of the night the Prophet left his house without the knowledge of the siege weapons from among the Quraish. Abu Bakr, the Prophet found the finished waiting.They were both expelled from Mecca to a cave Tsur, about 3 miles south of Mecca. They hid in the cave for three days three nights waiting for peace.

On the fourth night, after the effort of calculating the Quraysh began to decrease because the Prophet had arrived at Yathrib, the Prophet came out and Abu Bakr from the den. At that time, Abdullah bin Uraiqit commanded by Abu Bakr came with the two camels which was already prepared before. Go forth with the Prophet, Abu Bakr to Yathrib along the Red Sea coast, a road that never go people.
After seven days' journey, the Prophet and Abu Bakr arrived at Quba, a village a distance of 5 km from Yathrib. In this village they rest for several days. They stay at home Kulthum bin Hind. In this compound, the Prophet and then build a mosque known as Masjid Quba. This is the first mosque built as a center of worship of the Prophet SAW.
Later, Ali merging with the Prophet. While the people of Yathrib was waiting for his return. According to their calculations, based on the calculation of the common people go, the Prophet should have arrived in Yathrib.

So they go to high places, looking at Quba, look forward and welcome the coming of the Prophet and his entourage. Finally, the awaited time came. With a feeling of happiness, they hail the coming of the Prophet. They marched along the street and sang Thala 'al-Badru, as it:
The full moon has come, from al-Wadâ'i Saniyyah (amid hills).
We must be grateful, for there are those who cry out to God, O you who have been sent to us, you have to bring something that should we obey. Everyone wants to stop the Prophet and stay at home. But the Prophet says, "I will stay where untaku stop. Let him run its own course."
Apparently camel stopped in land owned by two orphans, namely Sahal and Suhail, in front of the house belonging to Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. Thus, the Prophet chose the house of Abu Ayyub as a temporary stay. Seven months Prophet lived in the house of Abu Ayyub, while the Muslims cooperate to develop a house for him. Since the name of the town Yathrib changed to Medina an-Nabi (the city of the Prophet). People often turn to call Madinah Al-Munawwarah (the city of light), because from there that transmits light to the world of Islam.
Formation of Medina
Once the Prophet came to Medina and accepted the people of Medina, the Prophet became a leader in the city. It immediately put the policies of strong life for the formation of a new society.
The first policy is the Shoutbox ditegakkannya Islamiyah (Islamic brotherhood), which is among Muhajirs (those who migrated from Mecca to Medina) and Anshar (the people of Medina who converted to Islam and contributing to racial envy). Prophet unite individuals from the envy of individuals from the Anshar. For example, the Prophet, Abu Bakr unite with Kharijah bin Zaid, Ja'far ibn Abi Talib with Mu'az bin Jabal. So the respective person will be bound in a brotherly manner. With this kind of brotherhood that is, Allah has created a new relationship, that relationship based on religion, replacing kinship based on descent.
The second policy is the most important ingredients to create a sense of brotherhood reached, which is a meeting place. The ingredients in question is a mosque, a place to do worship to God as a congregation, which also can be used as a center of activity for various things, like learning to teach, adjudicate matters arising in the community, conference, and trade transactions. Charts the development of the Prophet's mosque and build a direct follow along with the Muslims. This mosque was built later known as the Prophet Mosque. Size is large enough, built on a piece of land near the house of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. The walls are made of clay, while the roof of leaves and palm fronds. Near the mosque are built Prophet and his family lived.
The third policy is the rapprochement with other parties who are not Muslim. In Medina, as well as Muslim Arabs there are Jewish communities and Arabs who still profess the religion of their ancestors. In order to create stability in society, Prophet Muhammad held the bond agreement with them. Reached agreement established by a charter referred to Mîsâq Medina or Medina Charter. Contents of the charter of freedom of religion, among others, rights and obligations of the community in maintaining peace and order state, social life, the equation degrees, and mentioned that the head of the reign of the Prophet in Medina.
Community formed by the Prophet Muhammad in Medina after the migration has to be said as a nation, the Prophet Muhammad as head of the country. With the formation of Medina, Islam, more and more powerful. The rapid spread of Islam to the people of Mecca became restless. They fear that Muslims beat them and respond to violence once they do. They also worry about their trade caravan to Syria will be interfered with or controlled by the Muslims.
To memperkokoh and defend the existence of the newly established country, the Prophet organized several expeditions into the country, either directly under his direction or not. Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib brought 30 people to the shore patrol L. Red.Ubaidah bin Haris brought 60 people to Wadi Rabiah. Sa'ad bin Abi Waqqas to Hedzjaz with 8 people envy. The Prophet himself led the team to the Al-Abwa and there successfully made a covenant with the Children damra, then to Buwat with envy and Anshar 200, and to Usyairiah. Here the Prophet into an agreement with the Children Mudij. Expedition, the expedition reached the Prophet moved deliberately as action readiness and ability of candidates to train the team that is absolutely necessary to protect and defend the newly formed country. Peace treaty with the tribe intended as an effort to strengthen the position of the Medina. Battle of Badr The battle of Badr, which is the war between the Muslims of Medina and Mecca, the Quraysh polytheists kaun occurred in 2 H. This war was the culmination of a series of disputes that occurred between the Muslims of Medina and the Quraysh idolaters.
This war raged after various efforts undertaken peace Prophet Muhammad failed. Madina Muslim army consisted of 313 people with moderate armor consisting of swords, spears, and arrows. Thanks to the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad and become strong team spirit, the Muslims came out as winners. Abu Jahl, the warlords and the main enemy force Quraish Prophet Muhammad since the beginning, were killed in the war. A total of 70 died from the Quraish, and 70 other people into captivity. On the part of the Muslims, only 14 who died as martyrs. It was a victory from Allah SWT (Surat 3: 123).
The Jews of Medina were not happy with the victory of the Muslims. They did not have whole-heartedly accept the agreement made between them and the Prophet Muhammad in Medina Charter. Meanwhile, in addressing the question of prisoners of war, the Prophet decided to release the hostages captive with their affordably. Prisoners who can read and write is released when ready to teach the Muslims who are still illiterate. However, prisoners who do not have the wealth and intelligence fixed anything released as well.
Not long after the battle of Badr, the Prophet Muhammad into an agreement with a strong Bedouin tribes. They want a relationship with the Prophet karenan see the strength of the Prophet. But it appears the tribes revere only just strength.
After the battle of Badr, the Prophet also attacked Bani Qainuqa, the Jewish tribe of Medina who conspires with the people of Mecca. Prophet and drove the Jews into Syria.
Battle of Uhud
War going on in Mount Uhud is held in the year 3 AH This war is the desire of revenge because the people of Quraish in Mecca, who lost the battle of Badr. Quraishi team, assisted by the Tihama and Kinanah tribe, brought 3000 camels and 200 cavalry under the command of Khalid bin Walid. Seven hundred of them clad.
As many teams of the Prophet Muhammad is only 700.
War was blazing. Soldiers of Islam to beat back the enemy forces far greater. Army of the Quraysh began to retreat and leave a mess of their property.
Seeing victory was in the doorway, the team placed the Prophet archers on a hilltop to leave their post and down to take the assets of the enemy. They forgot that Allah's message not to leave their posts before the ordered state, however. They do not care of the enemy. This situation benefited the enemy to immediately launch a counterattack. Without full concentration, the Muslims did not withstand the attack. They are squeezed, and one by one Muslim warrior fall.
The Prophet himself hit the enemy. The remnants of the Islamic forces rescued by the news received is not the enemy that the Prophet had died. This news makes them slow to attack and ended the battle.
Uhuh War led Islamic militants killed 70 people as martyrs.
Battle of the Trench
The war that occurred in 5 H is a war between the Muslims fight the Jews of Medina who fled to Medina, Khaibar associated with the community of Mecca. Because this war is also known as Ahzab War (allies few quarters). This combined team made up of 10,000 soldiers. Salman al-Pharisees, Prophet's, propose for the Muslims to ditch defenders of the parts of the city that are open. Because this war is called the Trench War, which means that the ditch. Soldiers are retained by the ditch allies surrounded Medina reached the camp set up outside the trench nearly a month. The siege of Medina was enough to make people suffer because of their contact with the outside world be severed. Critical atmosphere is compounded by the betrayal of the Jews of Medina, that the Children Quraizah, under the direction of Ka'b bin Asad. But in the end God help save the Muslims. Once a month to provide the siege, the allies reduced food supplies. Meanwhile, at night the wind and the storm was raging down, punch and flew around the tents and equipment army allies. So they had to stop the siege and returned to their respective states without a result. The Jews of Banu Quraizah traitors were sentenced to death. It is stated in the Qur'an al-Ahzab letter: 25-26. Hudaibiyah Agreement In 6 AH, when the pilgrimage was a ruler, the desire of Muslims to visit Mecca, very rough. Prophet led directly around 1400 people left the Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan Umrah, which prohibited the months of war. To do this they dress in garb, and what is available to carry weapons to protect themselves, not for war. Before arriving in Mecca, they camped at Hudaibiyah which is located a few miles from Mecca. Those who disbelieve in Quraish forbade Muslims to Mecca by placing a large number of soldiers to guard. Finally made a Hudaibiyah Agreement between Medina and Mecca, as it, among others: Both sides agree to a cease-fire for 10 years. If there are those who cross over to the Quraysh Muhammad, it should be restored. But when there are followers of Muhammad who cross over to the Quraish, the Quraish did not have to return it to the Prophet Muhammad.
Each tribe is free to do good agreement with Muhammad and with the Quraysh. Muslims can not visit the Kaaba during the year reached from, but postponed until the following year.
If next year the Muslims to enter Mecca, the Quraysh should come out first.
Muslims entering Mecca is not allowed to carry weapons, but the sword in the scabbard, and can not stay in Mecca for more than 3 days 3 nights.
The purpose of the Prophet to the agreement reached is actually trying to seize and occupy Mecca, and then from there the Islamic publish other districts.
There are two main factors that led to this policy: Mecca is the religious center of the Arab nation, so with the consolidation of the Muslim Arabs, Muslims are expected to spread out.
When the tribe of the Quraish to islamized, then Islam will have a great support, because the people of Quraish has great power and influence among the Arabs.
A year later the pilgrimage of appropriate agreements discharged. Many of the Quraysh to Islam after watching made the pilgrimage of the Muslims, while also saw the progress made by the Muslim community of Medina.
Spread of Islam to other states Ceasefire with the people of Mecca the Prophet gave the opportunity to divert attention to a variety of other states as they think about how to circumcise. One way that could be done by the Prophet then it is by sending messengers and letters to many of the head of state and government. between the kings who sent a letter by the Prophet is the king of Gassan from Iran, the king of Egypt, Abessinia, Persian, and Roman. It's that way no kings in Islam, but at least the message of Islam has come to them. The reaction of the king refused even a well and sympathetically while giving gifts, others are rejected by the gross.
King Gassan, including those rejected by the gross. The Prophet sent messengers killed in cold blood. In response, the Prophet and then send the war of 3000 the team led by Zaid bin Haritsah.The war going on in Mu'tah, north of the Arabian Peninsula.
The Muslims have faced difficulties Gassan soldiers who receive assistance directly from the Roman. A number of martyrs killed in the battle against the team's strength of hundreds of thousands of people. between those who died was Zaid bin Haritsah itself, Ja'far bin Abi Talib, and Abdullah bin Abi Rawahah. Looking at the disproportionate strength, Khalid bin Walid, a former commander of the Quraish who had converted to Islam, took over command and ordered the Muslims to withdraw and return to Medina. Gassan and war against the army of the Roman team is called the War Mu'tah. Return to Mecca Hudaibiyah Agreement for two years, preaching Islam has reached the Arabian Peninsula and the response has been positive. Almost the entire Arabian Peninsula, including the tribes of the most southern, have merged themselves into Islam. This makes people feel terpojok Mecca. Hudaibiyah Agreement had proven to be arms for Muslims to strengthen himself. Therefore those who unilaterally cancel the agreement reached Quraish.They attacked Bani Khuza'ah under the protection of Islam just because of this tribe of Banu Bakr, who is at odds with an ally of Quraysh. A number of people killed and some of their Kuza'ah other-beraikan divorced. Children Khuza'ah immediately complained to the Prophet Muhammad and asked for justice. The Prophet immediately went to the army of 10,000 against the idolaters. Except for a small game from those Ikrimah and Safwan, the Prophet Muhammad had no trouble entering the city of Mecca. Prophet entered the city as the winner. The Muslims entered Mecca without violence. They then destroyed the idols throughout the state. Allah Almighty says: "... The Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Surely falsehood is something that would be lost." (Surat 17: 81) Once you destroy the idols, the Prophet preached forgiveness promised for those Quraysh. After the sermon reached, they flocked to come and embraced Islam. Net of the idols of Kaaba and the traditions and customs idolaters. Since then, Mecca back under the authority of the Prophet. After Mecca can be defeated, there are Arab tribes that opposed, namely the Children Saqif, Hawazin Bani, Bani Nasr, and the Children Jusyam. These tribes were plotting to form a team to fight Islam because she wanted revenge on their idols were torn down and the Muslim Prophet in the Kaaba. The team led by Malik bin Auf (from Bani Nasr). In their journey to Mecca, they encamped in the Valley of Hunayn, a very strategic. Approximately two weeks later, the Prophet led about 12,000 troops to Hunayn. When the Muslims saw many dead, some teams are still alive to be shaken and confused, until the Prophet Muhammad then led directly to the spirit and the war reached.Finally, successful Muslims win. Enemy forces who fled to Ta'if were hunted down for a few weeks until they finally surrendered.Their leader, Malik bin Auf, reveals himself to Islam. With ditaklukannya Saqif Children and the Children Hawazin, now the entire Arabian Peninsula under one leadership, that leadership of the Prophet Muhammad. Looking at the statement, Heraclius, the Roman leader, organizing a large team in Syria, the northern Arabian Peninsula, which is the Roman occupation of the area. In the big teams to join the Children and the Children Lachmides Gassan. During the harvest period and during the very hot, many Muslim warriors prepare for battle with the Prophet. Roman team then pulled out after seeing how much the team that led the Prophet.The Prophet himself did not make the chase, but they camped at Tabuk. Here the Prophet made several agreements with the local people. Thus it can dirangkul borderland into the Muslim lines. War going on in Tabuk is the last war that followed the Prophet. In years 9 and 10 H many tribes from all over the Arab, who sent his delegation to the Prophet Muhammad to express subject of the Prophet. Inclusion of people of Mecca to the Islamic religion has a great influence on the Arabs. Therefore, this year called the Year's Message, or 'Am al-Bi'sah. Those who came to Mecca, the party in the caravan, learning the teachings of Islam and then return to their states to educate his people. In this way, Arab societies are formed. Intertribal wars that took place over the years transformed into a religious brotherhood. At that time there came Allah says: When comes the help of Allah and victory, and you see men entering the religion of Allah, flocked, then celebrate the praises of your Lord and ask His forgiveness. For He is Oft-Returning.(Surat 110: 1-3) Now what is assigned to the Prophet Muhammad has been reached.
In the midst of a people immersed in barbarism, was born a prophet. It has been successfully recite the verses of Allah, and purify them and teach them the Book and Wisdom, while before they are in the thick darkness.
At first the Prophet Muhammad found them to wallow in superstition that demean human beings, and it inspires them with confidence to the one and only God the Almighty, Most Loving.
When they separated and engaged in wars that seem endless, dipersatukannya them in the bond of brotherhood.
If previously the Arabian Peninsula in spiritual darkness, he came to bring light, to illuminate their spiritual. His work has been completed, and all worked well during his life.
This is where the benefits of the Prophet Muhammad park compared to other prophets.
The last hajj In the year 10 AH, the Prophet perform last hajj, also called the Farewell Pilgrimage. On the 25th of February 10/23 632 Zulkaidah Prophet left Medina. Around a hundred thousand pilgrims were on pilgrimage with him. At the Standing at Arafat, the Prophet Muhammad delivered a very historical preaching. The contents of the sermon, among others:
prohibition of shedding blood, except with the haq (truth) and take the property of others by falsehood (false), because the life and property is sacred. prohibition of usury and unjust prohibition order to treat the wife with the good and gentle
orders away from sin all argument between them in the days of Ignorance should be excused Judgement of Blood hostage as it did in the days before Islam is no longer allowed brotherhood and equality among men should be upheld
slaves should be treated well, that they eat what they eat and wear what the employer used his employer
and, most importantly, that Muslims should always adhere to the two sources are never obsolete, namely the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Then the Prophet asked the entire congregation, "Have I delivered a message of God, kewajibanku, to you?"
That is in front of the congregation immediately answered, "Yes, it's really true." Prophet Muhammad then looked to the sky while saying, "O Allah, You are my witnesses." With such words of the Prophet ended the preaching.
Back to Medina
After another pilgrimage rites completed, the Prophet Muhammad returned to Medina. This is where they spend the rest of his life. They organize community organizations in the tribes that had converted to Islam and became part of the Islamic alliance. Security guard and sending preachers to the various districts to spread the teachings of Islam, Islamic justice organizing and collecting alms. One of the task is Mu'az bin Jabal was sent by the Prophet to Yemen. It was then that the famous Mu'az hadist appear, ie the Prophet order to Mu'az using wise consideration in regulating questions of religion when it does not find instructions in the Qur'an and the Prophet hadist. In those moments, it is the final revelation of God Downloads: "... This day have I for you your religion and I have to compensate nimat me, and I have so ridhai religion of Islam ..." (Surat 5: 3)
Hearing this verse, many people are happy because they have perfect faith, but some are crying, like Abu Bakr, knowing that the sentence is obviously a sign of the end of the task of the Prophet.
Death of the Prophet SAW
Two months after the Farewell pilgrimage 'in Medina, the Prophet have a fever. Despite her poor start, they are leading the congregational prayers. New after the condition is not possible yet, which is three days by the death, it does not lead congregational prayers. Instead it pointed the prayer of Abu Bakr as a priest. Energy is rapidly decreasing.
On the 13th Rabi 11 / 8 June 632, the Prophet Muhammad breathed his last breath at home with his wife, Ayesha bint Abu Bakr, the last will, "Remember, prayer, and taubatlah ...".
Mother of the Believers
After Khadijah's death, the Prophet Muhammad married 10 times, until the number of women who became his wife is 11.Eleventh women referred to as Mother of the Believers (the mother of those who believe). References tsb shows that the wife of the Prophet SAW was selected women and glorified God.
Prophet married the women for several reasons, among others to protect them from pressure against the unbelievers, freed from the status of prisoners of war, and raised in rank. Not seldom done pernihakan Prophet create peaceful relations between the previous two mutually hostile tribes. The Mother of the Believers is:
Khadijah bint Khuwailid Sa'udah bint Zam'ah A'ishah bint Abi Bakr as-Sidiq Zainab bint Abdullah bin Umar Huzaimah Juwairiyah bint Harith Hay, daughter Sofiyah bin Akhtab Hind bint Abi Mugirah converted bin Abdullah bin Amr bin Mahzum Ramlah bint Abi Sufyan Hafsah bint Umar bin Khattab Jahsy Zainab bin Ri'ah bin Ja'mur bin Sabrah bin Murrah Maimunah bint Harith Some of the Prophet's wife is also the narrators hadist, namely Ayesha, Hafsah and Zainab bint Jahsy.

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