Saturday, December 17, 2011

When Charity Without Science

When Charity Without Science

As a Muslim of course every time establish the five daily prayers,or prayers of othersHe always asks shown shirathul Mustaqim.

  That long straight road that has been passed by people whohave given pleasureand kept out of the way people maghdhubi`alaihim (those whom You murkai), also the way people dhallin(those who lost).

   In the commentarythe two groups mentioned abovethat the people mahgdhubi 'alaihim is Jewishwhile the dhallin isNassara.

Ibn Kathir said, may Allaah have mercy"And the differencebetween two paths-that is to be shunned two-way, because of the way believers combine science and charity.

  Jewish charity is lostwhile the Christians can lose knowledge.Therefore, the Jews and the Christians can earn the wrath of gainerror.

Anyone knowthen do not practice it, deserve wrathUnlike the people who do not know.

  Christians can peoplewhen it has a specific purposebut they did not get his waybecause they do not go according to his doorIe follow the truthSothey fell into error. "

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