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Muhammadiyah Prove themself as a Reform Movement

Muhammadiyah Prove themself as a Reform Movement

In 2011 this 102-year-old even Muhammadiyah. Over the years the Muhammadiyah has proved itself as a movement of renewal / change.

In fact, according to PP Muhammadiyah chairman Din Syamsuddin, the reforms have been carried out in almost all areas of life.

"Muhammadiyah has provided updates to the community in terms of education, economic, social and other aspects of life," Din said in his speech at the event Milad Muhammadiyah to-102 years at the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Sportorium (UMY), Sunday (11/12).

Milad peak which was also attended by Chairman of Muhammadiyah was attended by thousands of other members of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta and Central Java. In addition to great sermons by Din Syamsuddin, the show is also enlivened by a thousand donors blood donors from Muhammadiyah.

Din said the changes have been made Muhammadiyah is not necessarily come by itself but thanks to the cooperation that has been done starting from the head of twigs, branches and regions of Muhammadiyah. "These changes are the result of cooperation of all elements in the Muhammadiyah," he said.

Din said the changes include a variety of fields including community life. He cited, among other educational fields are marked with the birth of educational institutions ranging from kindergarten (kindergarten) through Higher Education (PT).

"By the age of 102 years is certainly a lot has been given an abundance of graces that therefore we must continue to be grateful for all the graces and blessings that have been delegated to the Muhammadiyah," he added.

Muhammadiyah chairman Haedar Nasir said, to give a significant change for the life of the nation, it would do the revitalization of the charitable efforts of Muhammadiyah."Revitalization especially for education. How is this nation's character education can be embedded and well entrenched in our generation," he explained.

Muhammadiyah, he said, has thousands of educational institutions from kindergarten level to the PT. Educational institutions play a very strategic in character education in Indonesia. Revitalization is not just the curriculum but also in its application in society.

Muhammadiyah was established in Kampong Kauman Yogyakarta, on the 8th of Dhu al-Hijjah 1330 H/18 November 1912 by a man named Mohammed Dervish, then known as the CRC Dahlan.

He was an employee of Yogyakarta sultanate as a Khatib and as a trader. Looking at the situation of Muslims at that time in a state of stagnant, frozen and filled with deeds-deeds that are mystical, he moved to invite them back to the true teachings of Islam based on Qur'an and Hadith. Therefore, he gave his home amid the religious sense Khatib and his busy life as a trader.

At first this doctrine is rejected, but thanks to the perseverance and patience, finally got a welcome from family and friends nearby. His profession as a merchant he strongly supported the invitation, so that in a short time his call to spread beyond the village Kauman even outside of the region and outside the island of Java. To organize these activities then established Persyarikatan Muhammadiyah. And now Muhammadiyah has existed in all corners of the country.

Besides giving lessons / knowledge to men, he also gave lessons to the young mother in a forum called the study "Sidratul Muntaha". In the daytime lessons for young boys and girls. At night for children who have grown up.

KH A Dahlan led Muhammadiyah from 1912 until 1922 when it was still using a system of annual consultative meeting. At the meeting of the year to 11, leader of Muhammadiyah held by KH Ibrahim, who then held the Annual 1934.Rapat Muhammadiyah until later transformed itself into the Annual Congress in 1926 which later turned into a three-yearly congress and conferences such as this Being 5 years. 

Muhammadiyah is a second largest mass organizations in Indonesia after Nahdlatul Ulama (nu). Muhammadiyah have more than 50 million members while Nahdlatul Ulama have nore than 80 million members. The third largest organizations is Hidayatullah with more than 30 million members.

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