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Zakat is a pillar of the five pillars of Islam, difardhukan in the month of Shawwal in the second emigration. In terms of language is clean and fertile, and in terms of the Shari'ah is to produce a particular part of the property given to who is entitled to receive it.
Word of Allah Ta'ala:
Which means: "And be steadfast in prayer and give Zakat".(Surah An-Nur verse 56)
Word of Allah Ta'ala:
Meaning: "Successful indeed are the net to make himself available net increase steadily (by faith and good deeds)".(Surah Al-Syams Verse 9)
Zakat LawCompulsory / Fardhu Ain on the Muslims who had perfect conditions as well nisabnya, haul and others.Word of Allah Ta'ala:
Which means: "Give Zakat".Surah An-Nisa 'verse 77)
Word of Allah Ta'ala:
Meaning: "Take (some) from their wealth alms (zakat) in order that they (the sin) and purify them (from the bad manners).(Surah At-Tawbah Verse 103)
S.a.w Prophet:
Meaning: From 'Abdal-Rahman' Abdullah Ibn 'Umar reported: I heard Mohammed said Islam was founded on five (pillars): Shahada (testimony) that there is no god but Allah in worship and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establish regular prayers and give alms and pilgrimage in the Ka'bah and the fast of Ramadan. (Narrated by Bukhari & Muslim )
Terms of charity
Divided into two parts:Prerequisite charityCondition for charity
Zakat prerequisiteIslamIndependentPerfect PropertyJust NisabJust Haul (12 Months / 1 Year)
Condition for charityIntentionGiving ownership (Al-tamlik) - given to the person entitled
Category ZakatZakat EarningsZakat on SavingsZakat EPFZakat on Gold / SilverBusiness ZakatZakat StockZakat CropsZakat LivestockDescription: Nisab based on current gold price of 85gm = 20 = 25 mayam 2.7108 misqal saga.

Zakat Calculation Method
Zakat EarningsDefinition: The remuneration or earnings obtained by individuals on employers or individuals either in the form of grants or professional services or physical in the daily, monthly or annual charges may apply charity.(Fatwa has been gazetted on May 22, 2000 to require that all Muslims who have provided enough income to pay zakat).Calculation Method:There are two methods of calculating the zakat payers may elect:
Method 1: (no rejection)Income from all sources per annum (inclusive of allowances)RM30, 000 x 2.5% = RM 750.00
Method 2: (with rejection)
BillsMatterTotala.Annual IncomeRM 30,000.00b.Expenditure

SelfRM 8,000.00
Wife (not working)RM 5,000.00
Children (RM800.00 an x ​​6)RM 4,800.00
Parent EmpowermentRM 1,200.00
EPF (11%)RM 3,300.00
Contributions to the Organization of ZakahRM 1,800.00
Total ExpenditureRM 24,100.00c.Income eligible zakat (a-b)RM 5,900.00d.Zakat must be paid (RM5, 900.00 x 2.5%)RM 147.50
Zakat Fund savings
Definition: Zakat contributed by depositors of the savings that have been completed a year or nisab.Calculation Method:
For fixed deposits, ie after storage haul for 354 days and more than nisab exempted from Zakah.For regular savings, it is based on the lowest balance in one or more savings accounts in one year. It also must note that when starting the haul and haul to the end of the savings.
For example:(The remaining low for the year 2005 is RM4, 000.00)RM4, 000.00 x 2.5% = 100.00
Zakat is charged RM100.00Zakat EPF / LTAT and Similar
Definition: Zakat contributed by contributors to the EPF / LTAT having obtained money contributions and nisab and haul.Calculation Method:
2.5% on EPF contributions when produced either upon retirement or produced for other purposes prior to retirement.Zakat is payable each time a withdrawal is made.
2.5% on EPF savings / LTAT for each employee based on annual returns.

Zakat on Gold / Silver
Definition: Zakat is an alms of gold and silver jewelry and jewelry for women. Zakat on gold, depending on whether gold is used or stored, which was nisab and haul.Calculation Method:
Zakat Gold
Gold zakat payment is divided into two, namely:2.5% on the value of gold stored a year exceeds the fair market value nisab (85gram).
Gold are not as liable to Zakah unless:Uruf uruf market value is greater than the rate allowed local application of RM5, 000.00Zakat Silver
2.5% on the value of silver stored or used a value greater than the rate nisab (624gram).
Business Zakat
Definition: Zakat issued by a private business (sole) partnerships, Limited Companies, Private Limited Company. Ltd, Co-operatives and associations that have a full year of business operations and nisab which diniat for traded goods and grow.
Calculation method: 2.5% of eligible business property that has more than nisab charity. (Current Assets - Current Liabilities) x percentage of equity ownership held by the individual Muslim.
Zakat Stock
Definition: Zakat on stock investment has been a full year and nisab.
Calculation method: 2.5% on the lowest of all shares owned within a year after deducting the loan to buy shares and not less than the ratio.Zakat Crops
Definition: Zakat is imposed on basic food for the filling of a country which has just 400 bushels, such as rice, wheat, corn and so on.Calculation Method: 5 ausuk equivalent to 400 bushels (after cleaning of the romance and disappointment) nisab is 10% of the cultivated rice or grain, if the flush / irrigated with rain water alone, and 5% of the irrigated using energy.
Zakat Livestock
Definition: Zakat is imposed on livestock ascattle, buffaloes and goats are not used for work which has been completed and nisabnya haul.Calculation Method: Zakah on livestock is a cow / buffalo for every 30 head of cattle / buffalo and a goat for every 40 sheep that are not used to working.
Zakat Qadha
Various types of charity are not fulfilled when it is obligatory zakat and charity, if the payment is issued now, it is as qadha charity.
Zakat of Fitr
Zakat is the fardhukan in the year 2 AH, the year in fardhukan fast. In fardhukan on every individual Muslim men and women who can afford it with the conditions specified.Word of Allah Ta'ala:
Meaning: Prosperous people after receiving a reminder that trying to clean himself (with obedience and good works).(Surat al-A'la Verse 14)
Zakat fitrah or other name of "charity an-nafs" which means the body zakat charity to purify the soul by producing the staple food of the filling of the Baghdad equivalent of one bushel of rice or the equivalent of 2.70kg given to certain groups with certain conditions.
Necessary conditions Fitr Zakat
A surplus of food or wealth for yourself & family on the night and day hariraya.
Life at the end of Ramadan & the beginning of Shawwal
Children born before sunset at the end of Ramadan and live up to the next.
Converted to Islam before sunset at the end of Ramadan
A person who passed the end of Ramadan after sunset.Time Zakah FitrAfdhal Time / Circumcision: Before Prayer DayTime Required: After sunset the night until sunrise the next day AidilfitriTime should be: Since Start of RamadanDisapproved Time: After the feast of Prayer until sunset 1 ShawwalSacred Time: After the sun sets, a ShawwalPersons Eligible to Receive Zakat of FitrWord of Allah Ta'ala:
Which means: Verily charity (zakat) are only for people - the poor and needy and a'mil-a'mil who manage and those converts who tamed her, and for slaves to be freed himself and those who owe and to (spent on) the way of Allah and those who reconciled (to the) in the course. (Legal ruling that is) as a resolution (which comes) from Allah and (that) Allah is Aware of very wise.(Surah At-Tawbah Verse 60)
There are eight asnaf:Indigent personIs a person with no possessions to the needs of everyday life, not willing to work, unable to work, and ashamed to beg.The Poor:Is the person who can work and work but do not meet the needs of everyday life.'Amil (zakat collector):The person appointed or authorized by the State Islamic Council to collect zakat.Converts:New people embracing Islam.Servant:Divided into three:Qin slave (slave onlyMudabbar slave (slave master's independence depends on the die).Servant Mukattab (independence itself depends on the conditions given by the master).As Imam of evidence, slave mukattablah eligible to receive charity.Debt Many people who:Which norms of liability for the debt himself and his family, or well being of the Muslims when the debt was more than wealth.Sabilillah:Those who fight in Allah's wayIbn SabilPeople who travel far to complete the claims of Islam and then run out of expenses or costs.

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