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The importance of learning Arabic

The importance of learning Arabic
Imam Shafi'i said: "Humans do not be stupid and always at loggerheads except because they left the Arabic language, and prefer the concept of Aristotle".
That expression of Imam Shafi'i for people, so we do not marginalize the language of Muslim pride. If the priest witnessed the condition of the people present on the Arabic language, he will surely heightened concerns.

Arabic is different from other languages ​​as a means of communication among human beings. Variety of Arabic superiority so much. Ideally, Muslims devote its attention to this language. Good to learn it for themselves or to facilitate and direct the children for the purpose.
In the past, Arabic is a place in the hearts of the Muslims. Ulema and even the caliphs did not see with one eye. Fashahah (truth in language) and the sharpness of the tongue in the language to be one indication of the success of parents in educating their children during childhood.

Ruination of attention to the Arabic language appears when the spread of Islam has entered the countries' Ajam (non Arab).Between races interact and unite under the umbrella of Islam.
Increasingly dominant spelling mistakes in conversation.Moreover, when examined current reality of Muslims in general, many do not care about the Arabic language remains. A quite alarming turns out, the parents are less encouraging their children in order to pursue Arabic.

Conduct of the Assembly of Science

Seriousness and high spirits in attending the assemblies science tirelessly and boredom are very desirable.
Do not be enough to calculate the number. However, figure out how much and the number of our ignorance. Because so much ignorance, while the science that we have very little.
Look at the spirit of the scholars attending the council earlier in the sciences. Abul Abbas Tsa'lab, a scholar Nahwu comment on Ibrahim Al Harbi, "I never lose in the council Ibrahim Al Harbi Nahwu or language lessons for the next fifty years".

So what is obtained Ibrahim Al Harbi? Eventually he became the world's great scholars. Remember, knowledge is not acquired such estate. However, with sincerity and patience.
What a wonderful expression of Imam Ahmad bin Hambal, "Science is a gift given by God to the people she likes. No one got it because of heredity. If acquired by descent, certainly the most eligible person is an expert n the temple of the Prophet ".
Likewise, Imam Malik, when he saw his son John out of his house to play, "Thank God, the One who did not make this science such as property inheritance".

When Charity Without Science
As a Muslim of course every time establish the five daily prayers, or prayers of others. He always asks shown shirathul Mustaqim.That long straight road that has been passed by people who have given pleasure, and kept out of the way people maghdhubi `alaihim (people who you hate), also the way people dhallin (those who lost).

In the commentary, the two groups mentioned above, that the people mahgdhubi 'alaihim is Jewish, while the dhallin is Nassara. Ibn Kathir said, may Allaah have mercy, "And the difference between two paths-that is to be shunned two-way, because of the way believers combine science and charity.
Jewish charity is lost, while the Christians can lose knowledge.Therefore, the Jews and the Christians can earn the wrath of gain error. Anyone know, then do not practice it, deserve wrath. Unlike the people who do not know. Christians can people, when it has a specific purpose, but they did not get his way, because they do not go according to his door. Ie follow the truth. So, they fell into error. "

Demanding rules Sciences
Among manhaj (roads, rules) in their studies, should start with the sciences that light before heavy sciences. Hence to say about an 'alim Rabbani, that he was a prosecutor nurture small science with the sciences that small before the great sciences.

Thus, studying it should tadarruj (gradually). The meaning of the sciences that light is a known issues, which are known, not the problems that require analysis and discussion.

From here, then among the issues that deserve priority issues is clear and explicit, that is about ushuludin (religious subjects), such as knowing ushuludin, usul i'tiqad.

Therefore, the scholars in teaching thulab (prosecutor science, students) is done in stages by using mukhtasharat (books that are concise), in each of the branches of science. They explained to the subjects of human knowledge through mukhtasharat (scriptures compact) this. Gradually, from the texts mukhtasharat until later increased, by reading books Sharh (explanation) against him, and then expanded so that the Talib came to muthawalat books (scriptures thick / wide).

Do not Take a Science of Expert Bid'ah

person who intends to seek knowledge of truth must consider from whom he takes sciences. Do not take knowledge from experts heretical religion, because they will mislead, either consciously or unconsciously. So this will drive her to the brink of collapse. Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al 'Uthaymeen t stated, that in order to achieve the science there are two roads. First.Science is taken from reliable books, written by scholars who have known the level of their expertise, trust, and their aqeedah net from a wide range of heresy and superstition (fairy tales; ignorance).

Take knowledge of the contents of the books, surely someone will come to a certain degree, but on this road there are two obstacles. The first obstacle, takes a long and severe suffering.The second obstacle, his knowledge is weak, because it is not built on the rules and principles. Second. Science is taken from a teacher who trusted in his science and his religion.

The road is faster and more robust to gain knowledge. However deserve pity, in this age we see the phenomenon of taking knowledge from the experts heresy rife everywhere, even though the act was strongly opposed by the Salaf.

Science And Virtue syar'i Learn it
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said "Verily, Allah raised by Al-Qur-an some people and God was humbled some of him."
In ancient times there was someone whose neck disability, and he has always been a subject of ridicule and derision. Then his mother told him, "whom you seek knowledge, Allah will raise derajatmu." Since then, he studied until he became syar'i pious man, so he was appointed Qadi (Judge) in Makkah for 20 (twenty) years.
If there are people who sit on the litigants before him, then his body trembled until he stands. People who are knowledgeable and practice it, then his position will be appointed by God in the world and be exalted rank in the hereafter. Allah has said about the Prophet Joseph 'alaihis salaam. "... We lift degrees whom We please, and above every knowledgeable person who is no longer an All-Knowing.". Mentioned that the interpretation of the above verse is that We (Allah) elevating anyone who we want to because science.

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