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Kebid'ahan dismantle and irregularities, the duty bearers of science

Kebid'ahan dismantle and irregularities, the duty bearers of science

Words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.
يحمل هذا العلم من كل خلف عدله ينفون تحريف الغالين و انتحال المبطلين و تأويل الجاهلين
This knowledge will bear a fair people of every generation. They refused tahrif who crossed the line, refusing intihaal expert ta'wil sleaze and fools.
TAKHRIJ HADITSThis is narrated from the transmission path are many, including:A. Bin Ibrahim Al Abdirrahman history 'Udzri in mursal [1] History is issued by Ibn' Adi in al-Kamil, al-Bayhaqi in the Sunan al-Kubra As 10/209, and Ibn 'Asakir in Tarikh Dimasyq 2/233. They narrated from Al Walid bin Muslim way of Ibrahim bin Abdirrahman of people tsiqah of teachers from the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.
Likewise, there is another way of transmission of this Ibrahim, issued by Ibn Hibban Tsiqah Ats in the book, Ibn 'Adi in al-Kamil, Abu Nu'aim the Sahabah ma'rifat Ash 1/53, Ibn Abd al-Barr in Tamhid At 1/59, Al Khathib in Neural Ashhabil Hadith, p. 29 and Ibn 'Asakir in Tarikh Dimasyq 2/233 of the road Mu'an bin Rifa'ah As Salami.
Similarly, Al Uqaili in Adh Dhu'afa '4/256, Ibn Abi Hatim Al Jarh Wat in ta'dil 2/17 narrated from him.
2. Friend of Osama bin Zaid history issued by Al-Baghdadi Al Khathib in Neural Ashhabil Hadith, the 28 with a weak sanad.
3. Abdullah bin Mas'ud history issued by Al Khathib in the book Neural Ashhabil, this hadith. 28 with sanadnya of Abu Salih Salih bin Abdullah bin Sa'ad from Layth from Yahya ibn Sa'id from Sa'id bin Al Musayyab of Ibn Mas'ud. Abu Salih a shaduq katsirul ghaladz [2] (careful in writing but has omissions).
4. History of Ali ibn Abi Talib issued by Ibn 'Adi al-Kamil in the sanad mu'dhal [3].
5. Narrated by Abu Al Bahili Umamah issued by Al Uqaili in Adh Dhu'afa ', Ibn' Adi in Al Kamil with a weak sanad.
6. History Mu'adh bin Jabal Al released by Al Khathib in Neural Ashhabil Hadith, p. 11 with a weak sanad once.
7. Abu Hurairah narrated history of his through the three roads.a. Transmission path Salman Abu Hazim Al Asyja'i issued by Ibn 'Adi in al-Kamil. In no Yazid bin Kisan sanadnya a shaduq yukhti. [4]b. Transmission path Abu Salih Al-Ash'ari narrated by Ibn 'Adi in Al Kamil and Al Khathib in Neural Ashhabil Hadith, the 28 with a rather weak sanad.c. Transmission path Qubail Huyaiy bin Abu Hani 'issued by the Al Bazar in Kasyful Astar, 1/86 and Al Uqaili in Adh Dhu'afa with very weak sanad.
8. History of Abdullah bin Umar bin Al Khathab issued by Ibn 'Adi with very weak sanad.
9. History Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-`As narrated by Al-'Adh Uqaili in Dhu'afa', with very weak sanad.
10. Jabir bin Abdillah history, mentioned by Al-Iraqi in Taqyid At Wal Idhah, p. 139 sanadnya not yet known.
11. As mentioned a history of Ibn Abbas in Fathul Mughits Sakhawi, 1/294 and sanadnya unknown. [5]
Conclusion.Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ali Abdillathif stated, "Sanad that there are only very weakly on the history of Mu'adh bin Jabal, a history of al-Bazzar and 'Uqaili, from the narration of the hadeeth of Abu Qubail Abu Hurairah, history Abdillah bin Umar and Abdullah ibn' Amr. The other weakness is not severe. "[6]
This hadith Imam Ahmad and classed as saheeh by Imam al-Iraqi attenuated. The rajih, this hadith is hasan hadith narration with many roads, as stated Sheikh Ali Hasan Al-Halabi, in his book At Wat Tashfiyah Tarbiyah, p. Sheikh Salim bin 24 and the 'Eid al-Hilali in Hilyat' Alim Al Mu'alim Bulghatit Talib Al Muta'allim Wa, p. 77. And Allaah knows best.
Sharh VOCABULARY• يحمل هذا العلم: here science is the science book and the sunnah, or religion. Expressed by the noble Imam Muhammad bin Sirin, "Truly this is the science of religion. And now, behold, from whom you take your religion. "[7]
• من كل خلف عدله: meaningful, science book and Sunnah will be brought to every generation that comes after the Salaf by people who are 'fair [8] of them. Qayim Ibnul stated, "In this hadith the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam reported, that the science is brought will be taken by the people a fair share of his time in every generation, so it is not displaced and lost." [9] And here is the fairthe scholars are the inheritors of the prophets, who served in the top three things. Namely, refuse ghuluw attitude (beyond), to destroy evil and dismantle ignorance, as in the above hadith. [10]
• ينفون تحريف الغالين: resist meaningful change transgressors in religious issues.
Tahrif, was turned away from the position and the truth to others [11]. Tahrif is divided into two, namely tahrif tahrif lafadz and meaning. Tahrif meaning of this is called by experts as ta'wil heresy.
Ibn al-Qayyim said, tahrif divided into two, (ie) tahrif tahrif lafdzi and meaningful. Tahrif lafdzi meaningful change, sometimes with the addition or subtraction lafadz or with vowel changes or changes in addition i'robnya i'rob. Similarly, this four-part tahrif lafadz. Al Jahmiyah and Rafidhah do it all, but they just do tahrif of hadith texts and can not do it on lafadz Qur'an. However Rafidhah still much to do to lafazd Qur'an accuses Ahlus Sunnah and the Qur'an change.
Then Ibn al-Qayyim stated, while that is meaningful tahrif tahrif they are putting out and developed with ta'wil name. So this is the wrong term, diada invent and never used in Arabic. This means turning ta'wil meaning than necessary. Essentially, is to give another meaning lafadz with a slight similarity between the meaning of the origin and meaning ta'wil. [12]
• و انتحال المبطلين: dismantle the expert lies falsehood, because intihal.That is, if someone lay claim (claim) something to him in a lie, either sya'ir or words, but it belongs to someone else.
• و تأويل الجاهلين: takwil people who refuse to do it without the basic knowledge and understanding of the verses and the hadiths of the Prophet, then turn her from dzahir lafadznya. [13]
Sharh HADITSIn this noble hadith, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has explained, that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has created the clergy after the death of the prophets and apostles. They leadeth men lost to the instructions and make them see the truth of God's true religion. How many people who helped with the teaching and the struggle for their propaganda. Would that their influence on society and the people.
Thus the task of the scholars bearers of science. They must keep the religion of Islam and Muslims from around the shirk, kebid'ahan and disobedience. They keep it from disintegration and the ravages of these things.
But what did they receive? Censure, condemnation of terror, and many come and go. They were condemned as divisive people, sharpening differences in race, defamatory and a myriad of other charges. That's all risks, from the duty bearers of knowledge they gained. They continue to perform the task of maintaining these religions and people of division and destruction, with devoted affection for these people living under protection. They stop the heretic and enemy of God from the activities of proselytizing and apostasy people, with kindness beramar nahi unjust, and invite people to stay away from all kesyirikan bertauhid, kebid'ahan and disobedience.It is they who can maintain the unity of the people, uphold the pole, the power and the triumph of Islam over other religions and destroying lust, heresy, kefajiran and disobedience.
Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said, "The scholars have the obligation to maintain and deliver the people of this religion. If they do not convey this knowledge to their religion or dereliction of duty to keep religion, then so is the greatest tyranny against the Muslims.Therefore Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says.
إن الذين يكتمون مآأنزلنا من البينات والهدى من بعد مابيناه للناس في الكتاب أولائك يلعنهم الله ويلعنهم اللاعنون
Surely those who conceal what We have revealed the form of annotations (clear) and guidance, after we explain it to mankind in the Scripture, they were cursed and cursed Allah (also) by all (creatures) that can be cursed. [Al Baqarah: 159].
This, because the bad effects (hazards) of hiding their knowledge, affect the animals and others. So that all curse them, including the animals. "[14]
Hence the Salaf always unpack and explain to the people, about kebid'ahan and the experts. It is not enough there, even libel and the danger they warn against the unity of Muslims. Look at what is stated imam Ibn al-Sunnah scholars Qayim, when talking about the attitude of the Salaf against kebid'ahan. Rahimahullah He said, "" The denial of the Salaf and the priests they were increasingly hard to heresy. They denied the perpetrators from all over the world and libel experts warn strongly of heresy. Until their denial of kebida'han exceed their denial of atrocities, tyranny and enmity. Because of the danger kebid'ahan, the destruction of religion and greater opposition. "[15]
Look at the Muslims, O my brother, how the scholars tried to keep religion and Muslims with all the errors and the ability to dismantle the existing kebid'ahan! All of that, because of the dangers and implications of such a terrible heresy of the unity of the Muslims.
So unpack the deviation of religion, not to break the unity of the people and exacerbate the dispute. But it really helps tidy up the ranks of the Muslims towards the unity and glory of Islam on this earth. Thus it can be seen in the history of the Muslims who are very long, since the time of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to the present.
Errors and irregularities dismantle religion, is an important matter and become the carrier of the noble task of science. Also be a blessing and grace of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala to the Muslims.So that people can understand their mistakes and can correct it for the better and perfect.
It is pointed in a hadith declares that this noble cause, which must also demonstrate their virtue and science.
Imam Ibn Qayim said: This hadeeth indicates praise the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to the scholars who took the science legacy. Science is hinted at in his saying he n:
(هذا العلم). All bearers of science should be mentioned that a "fair.Therefore, it is well known among the people of these properties' fair penukil and bearers of such knowledge, without any hesitation and indecision again.
Certainly, every person who has been praised the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam did not get Jarh (censure) on them. So that all the priests who had been known as the narrators nabawi science and heritage, are the people who 'just to praise (ta'dil) the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam. Therefore, it is not accepted some of their disapproval of some of the others.
Bebeda with a famous person from among these people with impeccable character and bad. Such innovation experts and leaders who followed them from those who doubt keshalihanya.Because of them, according to these people not including caretaker nabawi science. Thus, it is assumed n science Messenger, except those who 'just.
But sometimes, there is a misunderstanding of the term of this fair.Thus consider that the reference is to the person who has no sin.Indeed, it is not. The truth is meaningful "fair, credible on this religion. [16]
No wonder these things because they are the inheritors of the prophets and apostles, as otherwise the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in his saying:
وإن العلماء ورثة الأنبياء وإن الأنبياء لم يورثوا دينارا ولا درهما ورثوا العلم فمن أخذه أخذ بحظ وافر
Indeed the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets. The prophets do not inherit the dinar nor dirham, but inherited the knowledge. So anyone who has taken it, meaning it has the perfect take. [17]
It is strange when somebody is trying to straighten out a mistake or group of Muslims prayers, then regarded as a disseminator of libel, breaking the unity and brotherhood of Islam. Even more than that, they have been terrorized by a variety of taunts and insults and accusations without evidence and clear explanation, such as nicknames, as American and Jewish stooge, sycophant government, or a fool does not know fiqh waqi 'and others. What a vile accusations and mindless-humanity, especially in accordance with the shari'ah. Allegations that are not likely to come out of someone who understands the science right bearers. Feasible and is it appropriate charges addressed to people who unload the deviation of a congregation or group of Muslims, that all conscious repentance and return to God l?! It was extremely inappropriate and highly inappropriate.
So that would befall sunatullah enforcement of truth, of the apostles and prophets, and their followers.
ولن تجد لسنة الله تبديلا
And occasionally you will find no change in the law of Allah. [Al Ahzab: 62].
Blasphemy and bad has happened to the mat Ahlu Sunnah scholars since time immemorial. Imam Abu Uthman Shabuni Ash explains, "I see the attitude of innovation experts to give the mat-mat in the Ahlu Sunnah is a bad imitation of the way the dispute with the Messenger of Allaah 'alaihi wa sallam. They (the polytheists) has been menggelari he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam with different nicknames.Most of them menggelarinya as a handyman witch. There are menggelarinya with a shaman, sya'ir, madmen, possessed, a braggart and a liar. Though he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam very much and sacred of these abominations. He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, was merely a messenger and prophet who was elected.God said.
انظر كيف ضربوا لك الأمثال فضلوا فلايستطيعون سبيلا
Look at how they make against you in parables, because they have gone astray and can not find the (right). [Al-Isra: 48].
Likewise, innovation experts, may God Almighty humiliate them-have given the title of the scholars that many hadith narrators, who pass it on to someone else and the followers of the Sunnah of Rasulullah SAW. Most of them menggelarinya with hasyawiyah title.Others called him to the mat musyabihah, nabitah, nashibah and jabariyah. Though Ashhabul Hadith itself is very awake, far and clear from this ignominy reproach. They're nothing but a follower of the Sunnah that light, the owner of a blessed life fairy Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, people who walk the straight and on top of a solid proof and strong. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has given taufiq them to follow the book, revelation and kalamNya. They get taufiq also in following the Prophet over the entire hadith. Hadiths he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam that contains commands to his people to do kemakrufan in word and deed, containing the prohibition of all kemungkaran.
Similarly, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala help them to cling to and take instructions to his behavior and sunnah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.Also enlarges their breasts to love the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, the priests and the clerical Shari'ah. So, anyone who loves the people, then he is with them on the Day of Judgement, with the basic words he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.
المرء مع من أحب
That someone with his loved ones. [18]
This noble Hadith which also explains the dangers tahrif a person who exceeds the limit, lies and vanity experts ta'wil, people are ignorant of this religion. So the purification of Islam from this case, is the obligation and duty bearers syar'i for science. Kifayah fard that must be implemented with the manners and the rules of Shari'ah, so it can wash away sin and duty of this people. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala replied to the scholars with a good double.
HAZARDS AND KEBID'AHAN silence munkarKebid'ahan silence and munkar that Islam spread in the community will lead to a variety of damage and danger. Among the damage and harm that is:
A. Loss of important elements of life and glory of Islam, namely unjust injunction prohibiting kindness and fight sleaze.2. Cause the vanity of victory experts Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama'ah3. Deploy and develop the practice or the person who menyelisihi truth, both in i'tikad problems, thoughts and deeds.4. Growing doubtful, doubtful that damage aqeedah and morals, as well as the hearts of Muslims.5. Weaken the power of faith and i'tikad (Aqeedah) are correct.6. Eliminate the penalty syar'i to weather experts and scholars and experts lust heresy.7. Eliminate the barrier between bid'ah and sunnah, and munkar kemakrufan. Also eliminates ghirah kesuciam defend this religion.8. Cause people are capable of committing this sin, because refute and dismantle kebid'ahan and error is an obligation.9. Undermine religion by mixing truth and falsehood. [19]
Looking at some of the dangers and damages arising, of course, we must try to implement this. Of all the manners and in the corridors of shari'ah. Hopefully this article useful and admonished the Muslims to be careful. And Allaah knows best. (Compiled By: Abu Aisha)
[Copied from the magazine edition of As-Sunnah Foundation Published 04/Tahun VII/1424H/2003M Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Purwodadi Km. 8 Selokaton Gondangrejo Solo 57 183 Tel. 08121533647, 08157579296]
THE RED THREAD parse Ahlul heretical WITH JEWS AND Nassara

About the talks about the Ahl-ul-bid'ah, in fact draws us to examine the ideology of the people of previous history, so that we can picture them transparent in all aspects of life. A person sometimes unconsciously, have been locked in the atmosphere of thought or character. Therefore, we need to look for a moment about all the ins and outs of them not affected by rotting gums. Presumably, the Caliph Umar's advice worth noting. He is Allaah 'anhu once said: "I learned evil (bad) not to apply, but the shield itself. Those who do not know the nature of evil, then he will fall in it "
Jews and Nassara, the two previous race, have built civilization and rule the world. So that more or less will be the center of other people. Prophet has mensiyalir, most followers would follow the sunnah (lifestyle) they are in the broadest sense. Messenger of Allah said: "You guys are really going to follow the sunna (lifestyle) people before you, cubit by cubit, sedepa by sedepa, until when they entered the Desert Lizard Dhob holes) also, you will follow. The Companions asked," Who are they O Prophet? Do Jews and Nassara? He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, "Who else could (not them)"
Including the expert character of heresy is talaqqi (take / receive) knowledge of previous peoples. Consequently, we have unmasked the identity of expert innovation, the extent to which they adopt the concept of outside Islam. The reason is, there is a common thread among the factions that exist in Islam (Ahlul bid'ah) with them. As pointed out by the Prophet in the hadith above. Let's look at some of the hard work of scholars in the guise of experts reveal their heresy in tasyabuh against Jews and Nassara. Hopefully a little picture on the profile of Experts heresy can lead to more intensive in the review of sirah Salafush Salih. [1]
TASYABBUH firqah heretical EXPERT WITH JEWS [2]
KhawarijA. Firqah Kharijites claimed himself as a Paradise, see keshalihan and their success .. In addition to their community, is a collection of the infidels. Claims like this part of the Jewish characteristics, which limit their circle of truth in it, while those who opposed them was on the wrong line. The Word of God: And the Jews say, "The Christians do not have a handle" [Al-Baqarah: 113].
In another verse Allah says: We are children of God and His loved ones. [Al Maidah: 18]
2. Khawarij heart to fight his opponents who disagree with the idea, aqeedah and their ideas. Similarly, Jews, trying to muzzle his opponents. God tells them: Did any come to you a messenger to bring anything (lesson) that does not work right then you are arrogant, some people (among them) you deny and some other people you killed "[al-Baqarah: 87]
3. Extreme acts of religion, law and sentencing (infidels) against the individual, one theological stream of this trademark. Religious practice of this model, the original product Jews. He said: "O People of the Book do you exceed the limits in your religion and do not tell lies against Allah kecuaIi true .." [An Nisa: 171]. Khawarij people have preceded the rule of God in convicting a lot of believers as a hell.
4. Khawarij imitate the Jews in the property to justify its rivals. Ibn Taymiyyah describes: "Khawarij, firqah mengkafirkan first of the Muslims, with consideration of a sin or not subscribing to their product innovation, to justify the blood and treasure of the Muslims." He added: "They (the Kharijites) is much more hostile towards Muslims than other groups. No one is more harmful to Muslims than they are, nor Jews also Nassara. They are so zeal to kill Muslims who disagree with them, justify Muslim blood and treasure, and genocide against the Muslim boys, plus their pengkafiran. The move came with the name of religion, because ignorance is outrageous and heretical their misleading ". [3]
5. Khawarij qaswah color (hard) and Jafa '(violent) without tolerance like the Jewish character. He said: "Has not come, for those who believe to submit to the remembrance of Allah and their hearts to the truth that has come down (to them) and they do not like people who had previously been revealed to him the book of Al, then the long berlalulah over them and their hearts became hardened. And most of them are the ones who rebel "[Al-Hadid: 16]
6. Khawarij fight Muslims, but not to disturb the disbelievers. This is a hobby of the Jewish past and present. He said: Have you not considered those who were part of the Book? They believe in Jibt and Evil and say to the disbelievers orng (polytheists of Mecca) that they were more correct way than to those who believe ". [An Nisa: 51]
They even hand in hand with each other the infidel Muslims to brush.Ibn Taymiyyah describes: "The friends and the next generation of scholars agree (berijma ') to fight the Kharijites. They were the bughat (opponents) are hostile to all the Muslims except one who agrees that their schools. They provoke war with the Muslims. Their crimes will not go away except by way of war. They are more dangerous to Muslims than the robbers. The reason, the robbers only property ambitions. If given, they will not hurt. And some people are confronted. The Kharijites, they are fighting people to turn away from Al Quran, Sunnah and ijma 'friend, and then participate in support of their product innovation takwil based on a false and erroneous understanding of the Koran ".
7. Khawarij mentahrifkan (twist) the arguments of true meaning, in line with the attitude of the Jews. He said: "And a party of them heard the word of God and then they change once they understand, and they know" (Al Baqarah: 75). Ibn Abbas described the portrait Khawarij by saying: "They believe in the verses muhkam, (unfortunately) in paragraph mutasyabih slipping. No one knows its hidden meanings (interpretation) except Allah and those who in knowledge say: "We mengimaninya" [5]
8. Khawarij diligently reading the Quran, but in fact they are out of Islam as an arrow through it on target shooting .. Religious leaders and scholars of the Jews were very familiar with the Torah.Surprisingly, they deviate from the truth to the rail gap error. Allah says about them: "And a party of them heard the word of God and then they change it after they understand and they know" [al-Baqarah: 75].
9. Ghurur attitude (glare look at yourself) and even arrogant to scholars, is attached to the identity of Khawarij. They believe that they exceed the capacity ilmiyah Ali bin Abi Talib, Ibn Abbas, and all other Companions. [6]
In this regard, Ibn Taymiyyah concluded: "The root error Kharijites, they believe that the Imams (Muslim leaders, scholars) and the Muslims have put off the spirit of justice and false way." [7]
Arrogant toward others even to the figure the better is the character that is always embedded in the Jewish [8]. He said: "And among them are illiterate, do not understand the Scripture (Torah) unless mythical nonsense and they are just guessing" [Al Baqarah: 78].
This attitude contrasts with the culture of righteous ones who put the clergy in a high position. Sufyan ibn 'Uyainah advised: "Grace of God come down when called righteous people. [9]
10. Khawarij popular with the establishment of instability and internal dissent. As a result, there are many disputes and divisions sparks in their bodies such as the Jewish state has described the Koran. He said: "And when it comes to them a Messenger from Allah confirming what is (the book) that is on them most of the people who were given the Book (Torah) threw the book of Allah to the rear (back) them as if they do not know (that it is the book of Allah). [Al Baqarah: 101]
Word of God: "And the people who zhalim change orders to (do) not commanded them. For this reason we inflict upon them a plague from heaven, because they have ungodly .. "[Al Baqarah: 59]
Also the word of God: "Then you turn to after (the agreement), then if not for the grace of God and His grace upon you undoubtedly belong to the people you guys are losers." (Al Baqarah: 64) And His words: "Do you believe in most of the Scripture and deny the others'. [Al Baqarah: 85]
11. Firqah is said, that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam could have been mired in error, and error kezhaliman. Jews as their role models, are also very reckless of the Apostles and Prophets, with a pronounced heretical, and killing memfasikkan beings are elected. He said: "Have any come unto you a messenger to bring something (lessons) are not in accordance with your wishes and your souls then some people (among them) you deny and some (other) kill you." [Al Baqarah: 87 ]
And His words: "When it is said to them:" Have faith in God revealed the Koran, they say, "We just believe in what is revealed to us." And they disbelieved the Qur'an revealed later, was Al Quran it is (Book) the right, which justifies what is on them. Say: "Why did you first kill the prophets of God if it was you people who believe" [Al Baqarah: 91]
ShiaA. Linkage (tasyabuh) between Shiites and Jews because it looks at aspects of the emergence of Shia and originators. Was Abdullah bin Saba, a genuine Jewish figure who propagate his thoughts through a variety of trouble for Muslims to its market value. As belief in raj'ah (reincarnation) and will Apostle to Ali. Such ideas are inevitably rooted in Jewish Aqeedah. [10]
2 Shiites believe the similarities between Al Khaliq (Creator) and His creatures. This belief also was on the Jewish kenekadannya deliver them who say that Allah is loaded with naqaish (deficiency / disgrace. He said: "The Jews say:" God's hands tied. "(Ali Imran: 64). Also his word "God has heard the words of people who say:" Allah's Sesungguhnyaa poor, while we are rich "[Aal 'Imraan: 181].
Similar utterances, we easily found in many Israiliyat. [11]
3. Bersentral religion in Iran, asserts that the fire of hell will not touch them except for a little while .. It is also a proud Jew. He said: "They confessed:" We will not touch the fire of hell but a little while "[Ali Imran: 24]
In fact not only to stay here, they also mengkafirkan of his opponents and sentenced them as inhabitants of hell. ". Ibn Taymiyyah said: "And the more terrifying, the people who mengkafirkan and Muslims consider unclean as infidels, as was the case in most of the experts Rafidhah heresy (Shiites), Kharijites and others ... Characters like these are often colored talkative group (mimic) the Jews. [12]
4. Shiites also believe there is tanasukh (displacement spirits) as believed by the Jews. They set them on their writings.
5. The adherents of this ideology is very excessive in glorifying and honoring religious leaders (imams) they are. Similarly, Jewish. The prophets and clerical get respect from people that are not measurable. He said: "The Jews say: 'Uzair a son of God", and has left people saying: "Christ the son of God". Such is their saying with their mouths, they imitate the saying of the disbelievers before. Allah has cursed them, how they can turn to. They make people alimnya and the monks as gods other than Allah "[At Tawbah :30-31]
Also saying: "O People of the book you do not exceed the limits in your religion and do not say of Allah except the righteous" [An Nisa: 171]
6. Shiites, a most menggandrungi firqah lie. They produce many false hadiths of the Prophet with a big name scalp. Jews as their ancestors did the same with the story that lies Israiliyat.
7. One of their doctrine, the Shiites have to heaven because of the large mahabbah (love) them against Ali and the Imams. The secret, according to their version of the nature of faith is believing (faith) and to love their priests .. Back of them the word of God: Say O believers, we believe in Allah and what was revealed to Abraham, Ismail, Ishaq, Ya'qub and the children and grandchildren and what was given to Moses and Jesus and what is given to the prophets of his Lord. We do not distinguish between them and the one that we surrender ourselves to Him. So if they believe in what you believe in, indeed they have received instructions. If they turn they are in actual hostilities (with you) "[Al-Baqarah :136-137]
They memlintir meaning of the verse is by the faith of the priests.For this reason, they claim: "Verily the faith not fade with sayyiah (sin), by contrast, infidelity neutralize all the good (hasanah). True faith is reflected in love and recognition of the Imam. [13]
Thus, the false love that they made a ladder to reach Paradise. That is, the occupancy Paradise have their own control with a belly so good .. Talk is not unlike the burst of the Jewish people. Allah says about them saying: "We are children of God and His loved ones." [Al Maidah: 18].
8. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah has outlined some error and tasyabbuh them against Jews. Rahimahullah he said: "The indications are, it resembles the act of mischief Shiite Jews. Jews say: "Power is not feasible except for the descendants of David.Shia himself said: "Imamate (Caliphate) is not feasible unless the descendants of Ali alone".
Jewish state: "There is no jihad until the emergence of still dajjal and a sword fell from the sky". On one side of the Shiites insisted: "Do not apply until the coming of the Mahdi's jihad and the sound of the call from the sky. Mengakhirkan Jewish prayer, demikain habits also Shiite. Practical side of life to another, eliminating the Jewish prescribed period for women and mengtahrif holy book, also of the opinion that the obligatory prayer amounted to 50 times, do not say hello to the Muslims. justifies the treasure of all mankind. All this with a beautiful diadopi by Shiites. Do not miss anyway. Angel Gabriel once hostile to Jews as hatred towards Shi'a same angel for being wrong in transferring the revelation to the Prophet '. [14]
QADARIAH Mu'tazilah.A. Ja'd bin Dirham who first threw the opinion denying the (bare) God of all his properties., God is not above the Throne, meaning istiwa is isti'la '(mengusai), God does not speak. The person is a builder Jahm bin Safwan, founder firqah Jahmiyyah who have faith that God is in all places with His Essence. Aqeedah of this lost Jewish roots of the figure named Labid bin Al A'sham, people who never enchant the Prophet. [15]
2. Bisy Al Mirrisi, one frontman Mu "tazilah, a Jew who is hiding his true with your mask" tazilah. [16]
3. Qadariah disclaim al khalqu properties (creation) and will of god (the will) of God. This is the same as saying the Jewish behavior of good and evil beyond the reach of God's destiny. [17]
4. Hudzailiyah, one part of Qadariah firqah declare God is not different from His creatures, the inhabitants of Paradise does not have the power to move and God are also not able to move them.They will just be a mound of frozen goods lifeless. This statement is also a daily conversation of the Jews [18]
5. Mu'tazilah fighting those who are not in tune with their views as well as Jewish
6. Mu'tazilah also mentahrifkan Al Quran as well as the Jewish attitude toward their holy books.
7. Mu'tazilah equate God with the will of god will of god His creation, His word, saying such behavior being Jewish
8. Qadariyah including flow, which denies (ta'thil) the divine attributes of the Essence of God. Stealing this from the belief equation muncu Khalik (the Creator) and his creation sat Ibn Taymiyyah: The Basics of the eraser both from the nature of God and Qadariyyah Jahmiyyah, image of God qualifies those with properties that are on other people.
MURJIAHA. The followers of the extreme murjiah said "faith will not be eroded by immorality, as obedience is not helpful in the face of disbelief" Therefore, they greatly underestimate the sense of sin and sinners.Jews were so, they violated various kemungkaran and without the burden of sin lightly. He said: "And you'll see most of them (Jews) hasten in sin and transgression and eating the forbidden. Very bad indeed what they are doing it ". [Al Maidah: 62]
Also in another verse: "It has cursed the unbelievers of the Children of Israel by the tongue of David and 'Isa son of Maryam. That way, because they disobeyed and always exceeded the limit ". [Al Maidah: 78]
2. Karamiah, an offshoot of Murjiah has forged many hadiths as did the Jews. Plus, the characters of this group also socialize aqidah tajsim (pembendaan) God as do Jews. [19]
3. Murjiah very highlight aspects of the king '(hope) in worship with mengesampingakan khauf aspects (fear, worry). Hope that this excessive attitude led them to be very optimistic to be residents of Paradise. Such models are also claimed by the Jews. He said: "'We are children of God and His loved ones" [Al Maidah: 18].
Also saying: "We will not touch the fire of hell except for a few days can be counted". [Ali Imran: 24]
4. Murjiah also empower ourselves as the most sophisticated creatures on God's side due to their assumption, stable levels of faith, not increased nor deflated. According to them, the degree of faith of the believers are in the same level. In short, their faith in a class with the quality of faith of the apostles and angels. Thus, they resemble the behavior of Jews who regard themselves as the noblest creatures. Word of God: ":" We are children of God and His loved ones .. Say: Why does God punish you for your sins "[Al Maidah: 18].
JAHMIAHA. One of the most dangerous opinion Jahmiah Jabriah is thought that human beings have no desire at all, like a feather tossed by the wind. This belief is also Jewish past and present. Some modern ideologies such as communism also deny the existence of the will (will of god) from humans. [21]
2. Jahmiah quibble with a twist of fate, the error and irregularities that they are doing .. They said: "Allah has locked our hearts so that light can not penetrate niche guidance." This is the reason for the idolaters and scribes, and Nassara Jews who would not accept the truth. Allah says about them: "Watch us locked" [An Nisa ': 155]
That is, not able to understand and catch it. He said: Oraang who ascribe God, will say: If Allah willed, we and our fathers will not associate him and not (also) forbids us nothing. ". So the people before they have denied (their messengers) till they felt Our punishment ... "[Al-An` am: 148].
People before they are Jews and Nassara. So, Allah Sharia Jahmiah crashed with destiny. As a result, they dumped the symbols of commanding the good and forbid wrongdoing. So they are stuck in tasyabuh against Jews. Ibn Taymiyyah concluded: "Estuary of their behavior toward ta'thil (removal) of the Shari'a and the spirit of commanding the good and forbid wrongdoing. [22]
3. Ta'thil, one of the core teachings of the Jews adopted Jahmiah
4. Jahmiah said the Koran was being so equate the Creator with his creatures as the act of the Jews.
Ahlu TASYABBUH heretical WITH Nassara
Firqah-firqah that deviate from the line al haq also been widely adopted in part the principle of religious teachings Nassara flow.Therefore, there are some similarities between them and religions Nassara. The explanation is as follows:
ShiaA. Shiites say that the teaching of religion in the hands of priests. In full [23], labeled halal or haram is the prerogative of the priests. So religion is none other than their products. This treatment is the Nassara attitude toward their religious leaders. Allah says, which means: They make people alimnya and their monks as lords besides Allah, and they also deify the Messiah Ibn Maryam. [At Tawbah: 31].
Messenger of Allah said: Do you menyanjungku loosely Nassara respect to Isa Ibn Maryam. I am only a servant, say: "(Muhammad) a servant of Allah and his messenger." [Bukhari, Kitab al-Anbiya, Chapter Qauliallah (6/365)]
2. Tombs of saints and righteous people turn into a place of worship other than Allah. It departs from the belief that priests can cure blindness, leprosy, raise the dead, and other matters relating to rububiyyah. Nassara people were sebelummya also do the same.The Apostle said: Behold, the people before you make the tombs of the prophets and righteous people as a mosque. Do you make graves as mosques. Indeed I forbid it. [Reported by Muslim, Kitabul Masajid, Chapter Nahyu 'An Binail Masajid' alal Bury (5/13)]
3. Shiite worship and idolize Ali. The Nassara, too, the cult of the Prophet 'Isa came to the station Uluhiyah. [Ar Raddu' Ala Rafidhah, p. 46]
4. Intercourse with his female followers of Shi'a remained through the anus, although in a state of menstruation as the people Nassara. [Minhajus Sunnah (1/72)]
5. Shiites interpret kalimatullah in the verse "There is no change in the sentences of God" (Yunus: 64) with their priests [24]. Nassara also raised the Prophet 'Isa as kalimatullah. In fact, the purpose of kalimatullah there, that the parable of the creation of Prophet Jesus is like Adam in the self-creation that is off the ground with "Kun". So, in fact Jesus is also part of God's creatures with his words. With this, it becomes clear in this matter that the Shia follow Nassara.
AL QADARIYAH Mu'tazilaA. Their belief that a servant has the absolute right to act because he was the creator of his actions. This theory, they took from the spirit of freedom of religion Nassara programmed. Even as we know, the originator of the idea that denial is a Christian named taqdir Sosan. [Al Farqu Bainal Firaq, p. 4-15]
2. Firqah is growing and developing in the Christian and Jewish philosophical thought. Chronology, when the Caliph al-Ma'mun took the covenant with the Nassara, he asked for references from their Greek books. Nassara people know and clever with mengiriman the books, because they believe that content knowledge would ravage the Muslim faith or the triggering of the differences among the scholars. Mu'tazilah also arm yourself with knowledge and science of kalam manthiq, following the Jews and their ancestors Nassara, to throw their Prophet. [Ashawaiq mursalah (1/230)]
3. Nidhamiyah, one offshoot of the doctrine that has Qadariyah creator god and that there are two. The old and the new God and Jesus. Thus, according to them, Jesus has the power rububiyah.These words are not different from the words and beliefs that menuhankan Nassara Jesus Christ and who will take over the practice of human reckoning in the Hereafter. Interpreting them: "And your Lord and the angels came in rows" [Al Fajr: 22]
According to them, your Lord is a prophet in these verses the prophet Jesus. Prophet's sayings about ru'yatullah they also pull a conclusion as Jesus. [Reported by Muslim, Kitab al-Iman, Chapter Ithbat Rukyatul Faithful Fil Lirabbahum Subhanah Hereafter (3/17)]
Murji'aA. The leaders issued a statement that large Murji'ah none of the Ahlul-Qiblah fall into hell, though bathed in sin. Nassara, their peers, as previously claimed. Allah says, which means: And they (Jews and Nassara) said, "Certainly not going to heaven except the Jews and Nassara." [Al Baqarah: 111]
2. Ash'arite and Maturidiyah, two of which receive a stream of thought firqoh Murji'ah, was used to perform tawasul with tombs and sacred places, while embellishing with illicit activity. For example, by praying, prostrating bernadzar and sacrifice than to God. Was added to the event or isti'anah istighatsah (for help) to those saints who are still alive or that have been buried when they squeezed the life of misery and hardship. Do not forget they build a mosque in the cemetery. So that they stuck to imitate the Nassara.
3. Sufis believe Ash'arite among the many doctrines of Christianity, such as wihdatul form, and the 'ishmah (two matters related to their keterpeliharan of sainthood and sin). It is common knowledge, that the motivation for their visit to the cemetery are the graves to ask help from experts. Ibn Taymiyyah said: "They that, when doing the obligatory prayers at home, watch them float, negligent. Reading the Quran without the appreciation and humility '. But if you're visiting the graves of people in the (respected), so easy humility, and cried, resigned and submissive. "[Al-Raddi Istighatsah Fi 'alal Bakri (1/330-333]
JAHMIYAHJahmiyah and current thinking based on the teachings Nassara. As described Imam Ahmad when Jahm, founder firqah Sumaniyah Jahmiyah met with the tribe. Their thinking and make the postscript Nassara religion, his way of thinking as a foothold and spread to others. [Ar Raddu 'alal Jahmiyah Zanadiqah Wa, p. 26-28]
Similarly, exposure to brief about the relationship "emotional" which existed between the two religious experts heresy that has been previously amended by religious leaders. The Muslim should stand with a solid Izzah, proud of the values ​​that exist in religion, do not need to look to either side for additional scavenging, which in fact would be a blunder for him in the afterlife. In a hadith, the Prophet warned: "Whoever resembles a people, then he is part of the the" Allaah knows best.
(This paper is a free translation of Muhammad 'Asim, who was appointed from the book Tanaqudhu Ahlil Ahwa Bida `wa', by Dr.. 'Afaf bint Hasan bin Muhammad bin Mukhtar, Faculty of Tarbiyah Women in Riyadh. Book is published by Ar Maktabah Rushd, Matter I, the Year of 1421H)
[Copied from As-Sunnah magazine VIII/1426H/2005 10-11/Tahun Edition. Foundation published Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Gondanrejo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 0271-761016]
END OF EXPERTS heretical sequel

ByShaikh Muhammad Musa An-Nasr

Abu Musa Al As'ari Allaah 'anhu entered the Kufa mosque, the mosque and found the people there are a number of form-halaqah halaqah (sitting around). At each halaqah there a shaykh, and before them was a pile of gravel, then the Sheikh told them (who sat in halaqah): "exalt (saying Subhan Allah) a hundred times!", Then they also glorify (count) with gravel. Then the Shaykh said to them again: "Bertahmidlah (say alhamdulillah) a hundred times!" And says so on ......
Then Abu Musa Allaah 'anhu deny it in his heart and he does not deny the verbal instructions. It's just that he hastened away to trot towards the house Abdullah bin Mas'ud, and then she began to say hello to Abdullah bin Mas'ud, and Abdullah bin Mas'ud was returned his greeting. Abu Musa said to Abu Mas'ud: "O Abu Abdurrahman, really I have just entered the mosque, and then I saw something that I would deny it, for the sake of Allah is not my view but the good.Then Abu Musa told the state halaqah dhikr.
Abu Mas'ud then said to Abu Musa: "Do you ordered them to calculate their ugliness, the ugliness? And you give them assurance that their merits will not disappear at all? "Abu Musa replied:" I have not ordered any one to them ". Abu Mas'ud said: "Let us go to them".
Then Abu Mas'ud say hello to them. And they returned his greeting.Ibn Mas'ud said: "The act of what I see you do this, O people of Muhammad?" They replied: "O Abu Abdurrahman, this is the gravel that is used for counting beads, tahmid, and tahlil, and Takbir". Then Abu Mas'ud said: "How quickly you perish, O Ummah of Muhammad, (but) the companions of many a life, and his clothes are not damaged at all, and this The vessel has not been broken, or if you want to be on a more rightly guided religion of the religion of Muhammad? or if you have opened the door of heresy? They also said: "O Abu Rahman, for the sake of Allah is not our desire but the good". Abu Mas'ud also said:
"How many people who want the goodness does not get it".
Amr ibn Salamah said: "Indeed, I have seen their general assembly held a remembrance that we are fighting a war on" An Nahrawan "with the Kharijites". (History Darimi a saheeh sanad)
I (Shaykh Musa Nasr) said: "Hunches Ibn Mas'ud against them (ie the innovation experts who hold halaqah dhikr) is true, where experts joined the heresy that caused Khawarij" continuous string "them in kebid'ahan. And this is the final end of man is "continuous" in kebid'ahannya, and menyelisihi the companions of the Prophet.
However, maybe someone in our times said: "What is undeniable Allaah ibn Mas'ud 'anhu? Is it heresy dhikr Allah?!! We say: "Most holy God, to say to him dhikr is bid'ah, especially if the dhikr is the dhikr that is prescribed, but the heresy is merely a way (dhikr) where they gathered to him, and the way they do in dhikr to God, which the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and his sahanbat he never practice it. And Khawarij who denounced by the Prophet Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam, and he Sallallahu' alaihi wasallam said about them:
"If I see them, surely I'm really going to kill them as the killing of Ad" [Hadith Bukhari and Muslim history]
Rasulullah Sallallahu really just 'alaihi wasallam threatening them because their actions are heresy and unjust, namely: the Muslims because they mengkafirkan maksiyat deeds, and they think the Muslims go to hell eternally (because of the immoral deeds) when the (right) who commit major sins Hell is not eternal. As well as they require for a menstruating woman to replace the prayer (which he left when menstruation) as he was changing fast (Ramadhan if she was menstruating at the time).
So they do exceed the limit in their religion, and burden them with great charity themselves, even they (ie khawari) has khuruj (exit) of the Prophet devotion to the child's uncle, his son Ali ibn Abu Talib Allaah 'anhu (when it became the Caliph) even they killed Ali bin Abu Talib Allaah 'anhu in dhalim and deception.
And our Prophet Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said:
"Which means: Verily Allah keep repenting of every expert heresy until he repented of kebid'ahannya"
While the oral condition heresy expert said: "This is the religion of Muhammad bin Abdullah". How beautiful the words of Imam Malik, which he said:
"Barangsapa do a kebid'ahan in Islam that he had a good view of it was he supposed that Muhammad has betrayed the message, as Allah says:" This day have I perfected for you your religion, and I'd had a sentence `ni both ends unto me; and Ku-ridhai has become the religion of Islam is for you "(Al Maidah 3). So what is the time it was not religion today is not considered a religion, and will not end well, but with what these people are good at the beginning of a people (the Companions). "
Heretics are forbidden from drinking a delicious mouthful of water from the hand of the Prophet Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam telaganya and from which the lake was whiter than snow and sweeter than honey.
Then it really has been true from the hadeeth of Anas Allaah 'anhu he said: Rasulullah Sallallahu' alaihi wasallam said:
"Meaning: It's really a people of my Ummah will be rejected from the lake as a foreign camel is rejected (from the crowd of camel)", then I say: "O Allah, it is my people," then said: "Surely you do not know what they are there- held after you ". [Hadith Bukhari and Muslim history]
So it is that the final denouement innovation experts both in the past or the present, (May Allah protect us from adverse cardiovascular death as their end). So whether they are conscious of heresy experts in every age and place them back in the bad place? Let them repent to God with repentance "Nasuha" (genuine repentance), we expect for those who like that.
And only Allah the One who gives guidance to the path to ittiba '(following the guidance of Allah and His Messenger).
[Translated from al Ashalah magazine issue 27 pages 17-18]
[Copied from the magazine Al-Adh-Islamiyya edition Dzakhiirah Th.II / No. Published 07 Ma'had Ali Al-Irsyad Surabaya, Arabic Video Library Ali Al-Irsyad Ma'had Jl Sultan Iskandar Muda 46 Surabaya]

CAUSES heretical

BySheikh Ali bin Hasan Al-Halabi Al-Atsari

Not a vague thing to everyone, that every event has a cause, that it can be seen right or wrong. The cause of heresy with various forms are returned to the three terms. [1]
First: Ignorance About Resources Law And How His understanding ofSyar'i legal sources are the Qur'an and the Hadith, and what is included with both the form and Qiyas Ijma. But qiyas can not be used as reference in the law of worship. Because among the pillars of the qiyas is when there is a common reason in the proposition of law subject to the legal branch of the diqiyaskan, when worship was established solely based on pure worship.
Indeed the form of error which led to the emergence of innovation is due to ignorance of the Sunnah, qiyas position and rank, also about the style of the Arabic language.
Ignorance of ignorance about the hadith include saheeh ahaadeeth and the folly of using hadiths in Islamic law determination. Where the former implies the loss of law, even though its legal basis is the hadeeth, the second impact is not worn authentic hadiths and not be guided by him, and even replaced his position with arguments that are not justified in the Shari'ah.
While ignorance of Islamic law in the determination of qiyas is the generation of jurists who make a define Khalaf qiyas in matters of religious worship and specify it in to what is not contained in the hadith and charity, but many need to practice it and no one stop him.
The ignorance of the Arabic style is causing understand the arguments rather than on its direction. Thus it becomes a cause of new things that are not known to earlier generations.
An example is the belief of some people about the hadith of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.
"It means: If you hear the Adhan, say what he said then bershalawatlah me" [Hadith Reported by Muslim]
They regard the hadith as a command to the people who read a prayer for blessings on after prayer, and he asked him to raise his voice, so that the hadith is used as the argument disyariatkannya bershalawat with a loud voice. They direct meaning to the person who orders bershalawat prayer on the grounds that talks common to all the hadiths to the Muslims, while those who go to prayer in it. Or that the phrase "If you hear" includes the person who heard the call to prayer because he also adzannya own!
Both are caused by ignorance penakwilan about language style.For the beginning of the hadith does not include orders to people who call to prayer, and end in accordance with the hadith came first, so it does not cover as well as to those who call to prayer.
Indeed scholars early qurun berijma (agreed) that determine the characteristics of the Arabic language for understanding the Qur'an and the Hadith is as a basic condition for the permissibility of diligence and concluded the arguments syar'i.
The level of ignorance about the sources of Islamic law qiyas, namely qiyas may be used if there is no hadith in the matter, this will lead to ignorance of a people do qiyas when there is a strong hadith, but they do not want to go back to him so that they fall into the bid ' ah.
For people who are looking at a variety of opinion among the scholars of fiqh he will undoubtedly get a lot of examples of this. And the closest is what some people in mengqiyaskan people who heard the call to prayer in order to read blessings on the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam after the call to prayer. Yet the hadith is very clear opinion about the law as already mentioned, while the hadith have precedence over qiyas. For redaksai, "If you hear the call to prayer ... (until the end of the hadith)" shows the specificity read command after the call to prayer blessings on those who hear only the call to prayer.
Second: Following Lust In Setting LawContaminated person desires when attention sayr'i arguments, he will be forced to lay down the law in accordance with the tastes and desires are used as arguments seeking guidance and evidence.
That is, he makes the passions to guide inference and proposition of law. So that means the distortion of the position of shariah law and undermine the purpose of setting the argument.
Root passions are following the basic deviation from the path of Allah and straight. Word.
"Which means: And who is more astray than one who follows his desires without guidance from Allah seikitpun?" [Al-Qasas: 50]
Membutktikan fact that due to follow the passions of religion makes the rules in every good fade and be indelible.
Heresy because it follows the passions is in contrast to most of his sin in the sight of Allah and the greatest offense against virtue. For how many passions that have changed the Shari'ah, to change religion and the man dropped into a plain error.
Third: Making Sense of Law Syar'i As benchmarks.Verily Allah is limited reasoning makes sense and does not make it as a guide to know everything. Because there are a few things are completely inaccessible to reason and some are accessible only to the extent of the outer and not the substance. And because of the limitations of reason, then almost nothing is known about the nature of understanding. For strength and understanding how people differ according to the researcher.
So, in something that is not reachable reason and reasoning, the human family should refer to the messenger who vouched for the truth because he brought miracles. He was an apostle who was confirmed by the miracles of Allah is aware of everything that the Supreme careful with what he created.
On this basis God sent His apostles to explains to men what the Creator blessed them, ensuring their happiness, and make them get good luck in the world and good in the hereafter.
The real causes of heresy that we mentioned above have been covered on all sides and terpadunya the subjects in the hadith.
"Meaning: It is assumed knowledge of every generation, people are just among those who would deny the people the extreme, and teaching people who do the sleaze and penakwilan stupid people" [2]
The phrase "those changes extreme" hinted to the bigotry and belebihan. Was the phrase "teaching the people who do sleaze" suggests to consider putting a good reason and the passions follow the law set syar'i. Then the phrase "penakwilan stupid people" hinted to the ignorance in the sources of law and the way he understood from his sources.
[Copied from the book Science Usul Al-Fiqh Al-Bida 'Dirasah Taklimiyah Ilmi Muhimmah Fi Usul Fiqh, Indonesia edition Dissecting Roots heresy, Author Shaikh Ali Hasan Ali Abdul Hamid al-Halabi Al-Atsari, Asmuni Solihan Zamakhsyari Translators, Publishers Press Al-Kautsar]__________Foote Note[1]. See the Book of Al-Bid'ah, the work of Shaykh Mahmud Syaltut: 17-36[2]. Hadeeth hasan View Sari Isryad As-I / 4 by Al-Qasthallani and Al-Siddiq Hasan Khan Hiththah by: 70
Ahlu heretical heretical AND BETWEEN

BySheikh Ali bin Hasan Al-Halabi Al-Atsari

Each study is to understand the past, he must know clearly the difference between our words about a new problem, namely "It's heresy," and our law to perlakunya that he "Ahlu heresy"!
Because the law over new charity that he was a heretic, is the applicable law according to scientific principles and provisions of the science of usul, which arise from studying and applying the law in a clear and tangible.
The heretics are so may be he a mujtahid, as already mentioned.Then ijtihad as though one can not be said that the culprit as a heresy. And it may be heretics who denied him the dumb-as-ignorance ahlu cap as heresy, but he sinned melalaikannya seek knowledge, except if Allah wills.
Perhaps there are also barriers that prevent people who fall prey to heresy as heresy ahlu.
As for those who continue to look the truth in kebid'ahan after him because he followed the ancestors and to be guided by tradition, the people who like this deserve to be fully branded as "heresy ahlu" because keberpalingan and rejection of the truth
This study, if it can be understood carefully to clear the many misconceptions that directed callers to the Sunnah by those hostile to him, that the proponents of Sunnah considered menggelari priests sebagaii experts declared heretical and misguided to "people choice" .
So they say! While they turn away from the truth, follow the passions, and ignorant of science studies!
The opinion is right and what is undeniable is that we have set in this article and the previous article [1] and all praise be to Allah.
[Copied from the book Science Usul Al-Fiqh Al-Bida 'Dirasah Taklimiyah Ilmi Muhimmah Fi Usul Fiqh, Indonesia edition Dissecting Roots heresy, Author Shaikh Ali Hasan Ali Abdul Hamid al-Halabi Al-Atsari, Asmuni Solihan Zamakhsyari Translators, Publishers Press Al-Kautsar]__________Foote Note[1]. Seem right to her opinion-isnya God-in a paper delivered in the most demanding science seminar titled 'At-Tasyhir Silah bil Bid'ah ". He described proponents of the Sunna and their application to problems of heresy, and perhaps this comment is an obvious answer to most of my pen on my opinions and arguments on issues related to the seminar, and God is giving relief to the truth .
HOW Ahlul heretical argument

PeringkasShaykh Alawi bin Abdul Qadir Al-Saqqaf

PreliminaryEach (group) that deviate from the Sunnah but he preached to implement the Sunnah, must be takalluf (force myself) looking for arguments to justify his actions (deviation) them. Because, if they do not do it, (their actions) set aside the Sunna itself has denied those charges.
Each offender heresy among Muslims is claimed that he is a follower of the Sunnah, unlike other firqah firqah-menyelisihinya-only they had not yet reached the degree of understanding of the Sunnah as a whole. That's probably because it is not their understanding of Arabic words and not understand the purposes contained in the Sunna. Or, perhaps also because it is their understanding in terms of knowledge of the principles of usul as the basis for the adoption laws of sharia, or may also be due to two things at once.
On the second group, which is not in his knowledge of the principles of usul, which skewed and deviate from the truth, we have two properties on them based on the verse in the Quran.First nature, the nature of the skewed and distorted, that is the word of Allah, the Exalted:
"Meaning: As for those in whose hearts there is inclination (of truth)." [Ali Imran: 7]
Skew in the above verse it means to deviate from the straight path, and it is a form of slander against them.
Second nature, not deepening their knowledge (about the rules of usul). How do you think would happen if he follows (an argument) just because you want to search for slander? We often see stupid people berhujjah to (defend) themselves with vanity arguments, or arguments that is authentic, (but only in fragments); partially glimpsed arguments and other arguments are disposed of, either in matters of principal or branch, either supporting or opposing opinion with him.
Many of those who claim to have science, apparently took this as a way of course. He was probably just give fatwa in accordance with the desired arguments and practice what one has difatwakannya and objectives (specific). This way is not the habit of people of deep knowledge. That way nothing is a habit people are in a hurry, which according to the indictment it is a solution.
Of verse that has been mentioned earlier we find that the properties will not deviate from the truth happens to an in-depth knowledge.Although not all of it, but a person of deep knowledge will not deviate from the truth by accident.
The path taken by one who notwithstandingThose who have a deep knowledge in their path to follow truth, and the people who have distorted a different way.
We need to know the roads traveled by them (the people who deviate) for us to stay away. Let us consider a clause that states how the way they are and how the way people deep knowledge.Allah Ta'ala says:
"It means: He is My straight path, so follow you do not follow other roads because it scatters will divorce you from His path." [Al-An `am: 153]
The above verse states that the path of truth is one, while the sleaze has many roads, not just one, and not limited in number.
Then let us consider also a hadith that interprets the verse Ibn Mas'ud narrated from Allaah 'anhu.
"It means: (A As) in the presence of our Prophet describes a line, and said, 'This is the straight path of Allah." Then he described the other lines that many of the lines on the right and left, saying,' This is the way -other way (besides Allah), which in any way the devil who took him there. "Then he recited this verse." [Hadith Saheeh]
In the above-mentioned hadith of the line (meaning heretical groups) are numerous, varied and not limited in number. In naqli we should not limit the amount; as well as aqli or istiqra '(research). However, we will mention a few general benchmarks to be used as guidelines to see these groups, namely:
[1]. They're Lean To Weak Hadiths-HadithWeak Hadith sandnya pleh likely not spoken of the Prophet. So it is not possible a law based on the hadith, hadith like that. What if the hadith, hadith which they have been known to make proof lie?
[2]. They reject the Hadiths-Hadith (Sahih), What Not Consistent With Objectives and schools Them.They say that (Hadith-Hadith) such menyelisihi sense, does not refer to the purposes of a proposition, it must be rejected. By arguing as they deny that punishment of the grave, ash-shirath (bridge), mizan (charitable scales), and ru'yatullah (see God) in the hereafter. They also reject the hadith about the 'fly' and (for orders) kill (ie by immersing it enters into the drink. Pent). They do not believe that a fly on one wing while the wing contained the disease contained only antidote, where the Prophet first mention wing contained the disease (See Book of Sahih Bukhari (Hadith no.3142) and other books. Pent). And many other authentic hadith, hadith (which they rejected) are narrated by people who are fair (reliable). In fact, they denounced the narrators of the hadith, hadith, among friends and tabi'in though, and also denounced those who agreed their faith in justice and the muhadditsin (hadith scholars). All that they do to refute anyone who menyelisihi their schools. They reject the fatwas of the people who menyelisihi-jelekannya them and talked in front of human audiences, for the Muslims away from the Sunnah and the people who follow it.
[3]. Guess they mean words are there in the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Arabic Language.Guess they mean that there are words in the Qur'an and Sunnah is Arabic, but they do not have sufficient knowledge of Arabic to understand what comes from Allah and His Messenger. Finally they made the sleaze of the Shari'ah with insight and the way they are, menyelisihi people deep knowledge. And they do it not because of prejudice both to themselves and believe that they are professionals who have the right of ijtihad establish laws, but the reality they are not belong to this class.
[4]. They deviate from the Principles of Religion That Has Clear-Case Case And Following The Faint (mutashabihat) may be disputed by the Intellect of Each PersonThe scholars have established that every proposition which contains in it the vagueness and difficulty, in fact not the propositions, until its meaning becomes clear and bright what is meant. Due to the nature of a proposition is the state itself must be clear and dzanya can (also clearly) show something else. If this does not mean still need another argument. And if the argument was shown to be non shahihannya (as a premise) means do not deserve to be regarded as the argument.
Their sources of error in this case is nothing but their ignorance about the purposes and do not want sharia arguments shar'ie integrate with each other. Because they think people are deep in knowledge, in taking the arguments syar'i must comply fully and syar'i rules, for example.
[A]. An element is juz'iyyat (part) of a Kulliyat (large collection);[B]. Something 'am (general) usually followed by something peculiar (special);[C]. Something muthlaq (absolute) is usually followed by muqayyid (the limit);[D]. Something mujmal (global) is usually followed by a parrot (explanatory);[E]. And others similar to it.
[5]. Distort the meaning of Evidence-Evidence Of ActualIf there are arguments that discuss a particular case, (they) palingkan of the case to other cases with the assumption that the two cases are the same. This is in the form of hidden aberrations they do to the arguments of its true meaning. May Allah Ta'ala protect us from such deeds.
Most likely, the person who recognizes Islam and know the deplorable actions distort the words of real meaning, it would not do such cases. However, they may do so when there is vagueness that passed on him, or because of the ignorance that prevents him to know the truth, sometimes even accompanied by a blinding lust his heart to take the argument of the source. Well, if the causes of those gathered he became heretics.
The explanation is as follows. Syar'i proposition containing a global command in matters of worship, such as dhikr, pray, practice, practice recommended sunnah, and other practice-practice implementation procedures for its implementation are not regulated by the Almighty, it must be done by a mukallaf globally as well. So the argument that he should understand from two sides: (ie) the meaning and how the righteous pious practice these arguments.Jiak mukallaf do a command with a specific procedure, or at a certain time, and he consistently do that, so he assumes that the ordinance, or when, or where it is intended by the shariah with no arguments to show that, the global proposition has been separated from the meaning he should be.
To clarify this we give an overview. We know that we are advocating sharia dhikr of Allah Ta'ala. Then there is a people who (always do) with the way congregation in unison with one voice, or at certain times, with a oleg commandeered as they did in the mosques, and we know that such shari'ah not recommend it, even precisely the opposite. So, act like it's definitely menyelisihi rules. Because, first, he had an argument with absolute meyelisihi provide certain limitations minds at will, and second, he menyelisihi people more aware of Shari'ah than himself, that the righteous ones. Though the Prophet himself had left the practice, when he pleased to do it, for fear it will be followed by a man who then obliged to them. Do not we know that the Prophet ever did in the congregation, if not obligatory prayer means praying sunnah muakkad, according to the scholars, such as the two Id prayer, the Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-adh-ha, pray Istisqa '(for rain), prayer kusuf (solar eclipse), or semisalnya? He did not do it in congregation for evening prayers and other acts of the Sunnah, because prayers are only mustahab (recommended) are legal. Prophet himself recommended we implement these prayers alone. It was not because be troublesome when prayers are indicated and dinampakkan implementation (the congregation).
Another example in this case is used after a prayer by praying together and mengeraskannya. This issue will be addressed specifically in the back Insha Allah Ta'ala.
[6]. There are Among Those Who Set the Case-Based Case Syar'i ta'weel What Not Acceptable Reason.They accuse (the establishment) that is what is desired and by shari'ah. While they do not (understand the arguments shar'ie) as understood by the Arabs. They said: "Any what is contained in the Shari'ah, both concerning things to be done by humans, humans gathered issue and expose their deeds-deeds (on the day), as well as matters related to worship (Allah ), then it is the examples of supernatural affairs. "
[7]. In excess Mengangungkan They TeachersThey put their teachers were not properly in place. If not for religious moderation, excessive defense of schools, and too much in love with heretics, would not be there on one's mind to glorify such a teacher. But the Prophet had said.
"It means: What you will follow the path of those before you inch by inch, and cubit by cubit" [HR.Bukhari no. 3456 and Muslim no. 2669 and the rest of the hadith of Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri]
So, they were superfluous (to their teachers) as well as the Christians exaggerated to 'Isa ibn Maryam, who said, "Verily, Allah is the Messiah Ibn Maryam". So, Allah said:
"It means: Say (O Muhammad)," O People of the Book, do not you exaggerate in your religion in a way that is not true. And do not you follow the desires of people who have long ago been lost (before the advent of Muhammad), and mostly they have been mislead (men) and they have strayed from the straight path "[al-Mâ'idah: 77]
The Prophet said:
"It means: Do not you exaggerate (praise) I, as the Christians exaggerated (praise) 'Isa son of Mary, but say: (I was) Servant of Allah and His Messenger". [HR. Bukhari no. 6830 of Umar bin Al-Khathab]
Anyone who watched the people (who act as above) will undoubtedly find a lot of bid'ah they do in the branches of Shari'ah.For, indeed, a heresy when his name has been entered into the subject matter (usul), it will easily fit into the branches (furu ').
[8]. Berhujjah With DreamsThe weakest proof is proof of a people who rely on dreams to carry out or leaving a practice. They usually say, "We met with the dream of so and so,-usually someone who is righteous, and he told us, 'Leave that practice, and practice doing it!" Others said, "I dreamed (met) at the time of the Prophet sleep, and he said so and so ordered, "then the practice or leaving a practice based on his dream, turned away from the constraints that have been made by the Shari'ah."
Obviously it's a mistake. Because, according to the Shari'ah, but dreams of the prophets could not be taken as law. These dreams must be returned to the shari'ah laws that exist. When matched with shariah law, then the dream may be practiced, but when it does not fit, then it must be abandoned and shunned. Dreams we can make it as good news or warning only; not be used as legal provisions.And we can not say, "Dreams are a part of the prophecy that should not be ignored. It could be telling the dream it is the Messenger of Allah, because he said:
"Meaning: Whoever sees me in the bed so he really has seen me, because satan can not menyerupaiku." [Reported by Al-Bukhari, no. 6993, Muslim no. Of Abu Hurairah 2266. Narrated by Al-Bukhari also no. 6994 from Anas no. 6997 and from Abu Said Al-Khudri; and Muslim no. 2268 from Jabir]
So he was preaching during sleep (dream) just as he was preaching at the time of waking.
(We can not say such words above), because:[1]. If the dream is one part of the prophecy, then the dream is not a revelation as a whole, but only in part only. While one part of it can not occupy the whole in every sense, but just sat on a side. Dreams can be used as a form of good news (bisyarah) and warnings (nidzarah) alone, did not reach the legal aspects.
[2]. Is part of a prophetic dream of the conditions is true must be the dream of a righteous one. Yet the fulfillment of the terms of the research is clearly needed, so that it can be fulfilled and may well not.
[3]. Dreams themselves are divided. There is a common dream is a dream which comes from the devil; there is an illusion, and there is also a record of events that occurred prior to sleep. When we can determine the true dream that can be taken as a benchmark law and which are not true to the dream we left behind?
Dreams that depict the Prophet preaching about a legal matter needs to be seen. When (in the dream person) he reported on a line with sharia law, then (in effect) that the law is the law that has been held there (the shari'ah) is. And if he were preaching about something that menyelisihi (shari'ah), then it's impossible. Because after the Prophet's death, the Shari'ah has stipulated in his lifetime would not manshukh (replaced by others). Because of this religion, even though the Prophet had died, of law provisions will not change with a dream for someone. Because it is a falsehood according to ijma '. So he who dreamed of (the Prophet preach to find a law that conflict with existing shari'ah) it should not be practiced. And at that time we said: Dream person is not true. Because if he really (dreaming) saw the Messenger of Allah, surely he would not preach something menyelisihi shari'ah.
Now, let's talk about the meaning of words of the Prophet
"Meaning: Those who see me on the bed, meaning he had seen me."
In this case there are two interpretations, viz.
First.Meaning of the hadith is (are):
"Whoever (dreaming) to see the shape in which I created and he has seen me, because satan can not menyerupaiku."
Because he did not say, "He who believes that he sees me (in a dream), then he has seen", but said, "Whoever sees me (in a dream) then he has seen". Where do people think that he saw the Messenger of Allah was sure that he saw in his dream that he is really a form? If he remains (insist) have seen him, but he could not tell if he sees it is really a form of him, then this is something that is hard to believe.
In conclusion: What is seen in a dream a person may not Allah, even though the person who dreamed he believes that it is.
Second.Ta'bir dream experts say, "Satan can actually go to someone who is sleeping in some form, as in the form of a man known by the dream or the other. Then (Satan) show it to others (and say): 'So and so this is the Prophet!' How like that is taken in carrying out their tricks satan against people who dream. In fact, the figure of the Prophet have certain signs. Then, the figure shown by the devil must submit orders or restrictions that are not in accordance with the Shari'ah to the person (the dream). People who thought that it was a dream of the Prophet, but it's not, so the speech, command, or prohibition conveyed in the dream that we should not believe. "
Thus, it is clear this problem. Namely, that a law can not be taken from the dreams before the first match with the argument, because the picture in a dream possible mixed with falsehood.
Only weak people alone who argues with her dreams in a matter of law-law (syar'i). Indeed, one could have seen (in the dream) that come with the notice, the glad tidings, and warning specifically, but the experts ta'bir dream is not making it as a guide in determining and establishing a rule of law. It is the right attitude in addressing what is seen in the dream was to always adhere to the shari'ah that is, wallahu knows best.
Any person who noticed the way in innovation expert argues, surely he would know that they did not have a well-established reasons.For these reasons they continued to flow changes, it will never stop at one particular reason. And based on those reasons, those who stray and those who disbelieve and kekufurannya penyimpanmgan base, and doctrine attribute to the Shari'ah.
Anyone who does not want to fall into such actions, should seek clarity where the straight path for him. For who dare to underestimate (this), surely the hands of the passions would throw into the different destruction no one can free him, unless God wills other.
[Copied from "Al-I'tisham Muhtashar Kutaib, Peringkas Alawi bin Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Saqqaf, writer Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Musa ash-Syathibi, Indonesia Issue Summary of Al-Imam ash-Syathibi I'tishom, Arif Syarifuddin translators, publishers Media Guidance]
source: http://almanhaj.or.id/

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