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Law to listen to music and songs and watching soap operas on TV in Islam

Law to listen to music and songs and watching soap operas on TV in Islam
ByShaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen

QuestionShaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen was asked: What is legal to listen to music and songs? What is legal to watch soap operas in which there is the dandy lady?
AnswerListen to music and singing and it is undoubtedly haram keharamannya. It has been narrated by the Companions and the righteous salaf that the song could grow in the hearts of the nature of hypocrisy. Songs include words that are not useful. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says.
"Which means: And among men (there are) people who use words that are not useful to mislead (men) from the path of Allah without knowledge and make the way of God's mockery. They will have a humiliating punishment." [Luqman: 6]
Ibn Mas'ud in interpreting this verse says: "By Allah is no God in others, which meant the song".
Interpretation of a friend is a proof and interpretation are at level three in the interpretation, because basically there are three interpretations. Interpretation of the Qur'an with the verse of the Qur'an, Interpretation of the Quran with the hadith and the third interpretation of the Koran with explanation friends. Even some scholars say that the interpretation of the law has a friend rafa '(attributed to the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam). But the truth is that friends do not have the legal interpretation of rafa ', but indeed are those closest to the truth.
Listen to music and songs that will plunge to a warning by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in the hadith.
"Meaning: There will be a people of my community to justify adultery, silk, The wine and musical instruments."
That is, justifies adultery, The wine, silk and he is a man who may not use silk, and justifies the musical instruments. [Hadith Bukhari from the hadith of Abu Malik Al-Ash'ari or Abu Amir Al-Ash'ari]
Based on this I convey my brother's advice to his fellow Muslims to avoid listening to music and do not be fooled by some opinion stating its halal songs and musical instruments, because the arguments that say about the illicit nature of the music is very clear and definite. While no women watching soap operas is forbidden because it could lead to libel and lured to women. The average each patron harm, although there are no women or women do not look to men, since most soap operas are a danger to society, both in terms of behavior and moral.
I ask Allaah to keep the Muslims from the ills and to improve the government of the Muslims, because they would improve the goodness of the Muslims. And Allaah knows best.
[Fatawal mar'ah 1/106]
[Copied from the book of Al-Fatawa Al-Jami'ah Mar'atil Lil Muslimah, Indonesia issue Fatwa Fatwa About Women, The writer Amin bin Yahya Al-Haq Darul Wazan Publishing. Translator Amir Hamzah Fakhrudin]

ISLAMIC LAW nasyid, nasyid

ByShaykh Muhammad al-Albani Nashiruddin

QuestionShaykh Muhammad al-Albani Nashiruddin asked: Many circulated among Muslim youth nasyid tapes which they called "an-nasheed Islamiyyah". How exactly this problem?
AnswerIf an-nasheed is not accompanied by musical instruments, then I say "basically does not matter", provided that such nasyid regardless of any other breach of Shari'ah, such as asking for help to other than Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, the creature bertawassul , so too should not be used as a habit (in listening,-pent), as it will turn generations of Muslims from reading, studying and reflecting on the Book of Allah Almighty is highly recommended by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in a saheeh hadeeth, in whom he spoke.
"Meaning: Those who do not read the Quran with smarten her voice, then he is not from our group." [Al-Bukhari Hadith History no. 5023 and Muslim no. 232-234]
"It means: Read Al-Qur'an and baguskanlah voice came to him before some of the hasty replies received (wages readings), and can not wait to get (the reward in the hereafter), then read the Qur'an with smarten sound (mu) with him ".
After all, anyone who observed about the Companions of Allaah 'anhum, he will not get the annasyid-annasyid in their lives, because they are the generation who truly and not the generation of entertainment.
[Al-Ashaalah, 17 p. 70-71]
[Copied from the book re-Shaykh al-Albani Biography rahimahullah Reformer of Islam and Hadith Experts of the Century. Mubarak bin Mahfudh constituent Bamuallim Lc, Reader Publishers Imam Ash-Shafi'i]
BEWARE OF THE MUST-nasyid singers and forbade its circulation AND SELL BUY
ByShaykh Salih bin Fauzan Al-Fauzan

Something that is considered appropriate, the existence of the tapes contain-nasheed nasheed outstanding choir among the youth activists who they named Islam Islamic nasheed, but it includes the song. And sometimes nasyid contains a seductive voice, sold at fairs along the tapes of the Qur'an and religious sermons.
Penamanaan Islamic nasheed by nasheed is naming the wrong, because Islam does not mensyariatkan nasyid for us. But mensyariatkan to our remembrance of God, reading the Koran, and learn useful knowledge. As for that including religion nasheed (know-how) the specialists Sufi heresy, namely the people who make it a futile and the game as his religion. Though making nasyid part of religion is tasyabbuh Nassara with people who make songs together, and chanting as part of (worship) religion.
Thus the obligatory (for Muslims) to beware of nasyid, nasyid, as well as banned content of their contents and sold in addition to the ugly, which is waging a slander impetuous spirit (less calculation), and sow the seeds of discord among the Muslims. People who spread the nasyid is sometimes argued that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam never heard his side of poetry, and he enjoyed it and set (skill) it.
Then he replied: That the poems that his side played sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam was not sung by the choir singing kind, nor called nasheed nasheed-Islami, but he was Arab poetry that includes laws and tamtsil ( permisalan), the designation of the nature of heroism and generosity.
The friends of chant alone because of the meaning it contains. They recite poetry while working grueling sebagan, such as building (mosque), running at night when Safar (jihad). So what they did was show the skill range of rebound (poem), in special circumstances (like) this. Rather than serve as a branch of education and propaganda! As this is a reality today, in which the students ditalqin (trained to memorize) nasyid, nasyid, then said to be a nasyid, nasyid Islam. This is an act of heresy in religion. He was a Sufi religious heresy experts. They are the ones who make nasyid, nasyid recognized as part of religion.
Then it must consider sedition, treason is. Because at first it started a little ugliness and gradually evolved into many, when not immediately eradicated when kemuculannya.
[Al-Khuthabul Minbariyah, Syaih Salih Al-Fauzan]
Question.Shaykh Salih bin Fauzan Al-Fauzan asked: O sheikh, a lot of talk about Islamic nasheed. There are berfatwa allow it. Others say that he was singing instead of tapes. How do you view?
AnswerNaming is not true. He is the new name. There is no naming nasheed nasheed-Islami in the book of the Salaf and Ahl-ul-ilmi that their opinion counts. And had to be advised that the sufilah nasyid, nasyid makes it as their religion and this is what they call the "same" (the song).
At our age, when many emerging groups and parties, then each has a nasyid group that encourages the spirit of the times they call nasyid, nasyid Islami. This naming is not true. And should not be taking this nasyid, nasyid and circulated among humans. Wa billahit Taufiq.
[Ad-Da'wah Magazine Vol 1632, 7-11 Date-1416H]
[Copied from the Al-Furqan magazine, Issue 06 Year IV. Publisher Lajnah Ma'had Al-Furqan Da'wah, Address Maktabah Ma'had Al-Furqan, Gresik, East Java Srowo Sidayu]

ByLil Buhuts Da'imah Lajnah Al-Wal Scientific Ifta.

QuestionLil Buhuts Da'imah Lajnah Al-Wal Scientific Ifta asked: We know about the illicit nature of the song or songs in the form that existed at this time because it contains the words of reproach or other sayings that did not contain the expected benefits , while we are young Muslims whose hearts are illuminated by the light of God's truth so that we have to change the habit. So we choose to listen to the songs breathe Islam in which are the tempestuous spirit, sympathy, etc. that can add to the spirit and our sympathy. Singers or the songs breathe Islam is a series of verses of poetry that hum by the preachers of Islam (may God give strength to them) are expressed in such a tone poem 'Brother' by-rahimahullah Quthub-Sayyid. What is the law of the songs breathe pure Islam in which contained the words of encouragement and sympathy, uttered by preachers in the present or in times past, in which the songs depict Islam and invites his audience to Islam.
Is it okay to listen to the songs nasheed, or Islamic breath when the song was accompanied by the sound of tambourines (drums)?Throughout my limited knowledge, I heard that the Messenger Shollallahu 'alaihi wa sallam, to allow the Muslims to beat the drum on the eve of the wedding while the drum is an instrument that is no different to other instruments? Please explanations and may God give you instructions.
AnswerFatwa agency describes as follows: You are correct to say that the songs that shaped today's ruling is unlawful because it contains words that are reprehensible and there is no goodness in it, and even tend to glamorize lust and sexual attraction, which invites listeners to do not fine. May Allah show us the way diridlaiNya. You can change your habit of listening to such songs with songs nasheed or the breath of Islam because in it there is wisdom, warning and example (ibrah) that inflame the religious spirit and ghirah, evoke sympathy, penjauhan themselves from all forms vices.His appeal can evoke the singer and the listener's soul in order to force obedience to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala,,, change the disobedience and violation of its provisions to the protection of the sharia and jihad in His way.
But it should not make it as a nasyid mandatory for itself and as a habit, just done at certain times when it is needed hhal such as weddings, salvation before making the trip in the way of Allah (jihad), or events such These singers may also sung to evoke the spirit to do good deeds when people are not excited and lose the spirit. Also at the time of the soul driven to do bad, then nasyid songs Islami or it may be sung to prevent and avoid evil.
But someone better to avoid the things that brought him to the evils by reading the Qur'an, remembering Allah and the practice of the hadiths of the Prophet, for surely it is cleaner and purer for the soul as well as further strengthen and soothe the liver, as the word of God .
"Meaning: He sends down the best word (ie) a similar Qur'an (the quality of the verses) over and over again, shaking the skin therefore those who fear their Lord, then be calm skin and their heart in time to remember God. God's instructions, with the book, He leadeth whom He pleases. And whoever Allah misled, then there is no one giving him instructions. " [Az-Zumar: 23]
In another verse Allah says.
"Meaning: Those who believe and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah. Remember, only with the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction. Those who believe and perform good deeds, for their happiness and a good place again." [Ar-Ra'd: 28-29]
It was the custom of the friends to menjadikah the Qur'an and Sunnah as their helpers by rote, learn and practice it. In addition they also have a nasyid, nasyid and singing them as they recite the Trench digging trenches, building mosques and as they head battle (jihad), or on other occasions where it is needed without making the song as symbols or slogans, but only serve as a morale booster and pengobar them.
While the drums and other musical instruments should not be used to accompany nasyid, nasyid such as the Prophet-Shollallaahu'alaihi-wa sallam and his companions did not do that.May Allah show us the straight path. Greetings and blessings on Muhammad and may be delegated to her family and friends.
[Fatawa Islamiyah, al-Lajnah ad-Da'imah, 4/532-534]
[Copied from the book al-Fatawa ash-Fi Syar'iyyah Masa'il Al-Fatawa al-Ulama Ashriyyah Min Al-Balad Al-Haram Al-Khalid Composer Jurasiy, Issue Fatwa Fatwa Latest Indonesia, Dar ul Haq Publisher]


ByShaykh Dr. Salih bin Abdullah bin Al-Fauzan Fauzan

Question.Shaykh Dr. Salih bin Abdullah bin Al-Fauzan Fauzan were asked: What is the farce of Islamic law, and that dinamakn nasheed nasheed nasheed-Islami, which this is done by some youth in the centers of entertainment during the summer?
AnswerPlays [1], I should not say because.
First: In it neglects the audience [2] because they pay attention to movements of the performer and they are happy (laughs) [3]. The play is usually meant for entertainment, so that the neglect of those who watched. This is from one side.
Second: Individuals who imitated, sometimes coming from Muslim leaders, such as a friend. It is considered a disdain for them [4], both the players feel it or not. Example: a small child or someone who is not worthy of imitation of the clergy or friends. It should not be. If there is someone coming imitating you, walk like your way, do you pleased with this? Is not this attitude is classified as a condescension towards you? Although people mean well by imitating the sangkaannya. But every individual is someone who would be willing to humble him.
Third: That is very dangerous, some of their personal imitating infidels like Pharaoh and Abu Jahl or in addition to them. He speaks with a speech that kufr which presumably he was going to argue kekufurannya, or would like to explain how the state of ignorance.This is tasyabuh (replicate). Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam forbade tasyabuh with idolaters and kufr [5] either mimic (resemble) personality and his words. Banned from preaching in this way because there is no indication the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, and not of deeds salafu ash and guidance of the Muslims.These models are not known except for a play from outside Islam.Entry to us by the name of preaching Islam, and is regarded as the means of propaganda. This is not true because the means of da'wah is tauqifiyah (ittiba '). Quite taken with the Messenger of Allaah 'alaihi wa sallam and do not need a road like this. [6]. That the mission will still win in the period that is different. Without the models of this charade. When this way (theatrical) came not to show kindness to the man at all, and can not influence it. It shows that in this way (skits) is negative cases and no usefulness at all. Even where there are dangerous things.
Then if anyone says, 'Surely it resembles the shape of a child angel Adam.
We said, 'The angels came in the form of the son of Adam, because humans are not able to see in its original form. This is good for humans. For if an angel comes to their true form, then humans would not be able to talk to them and can not see them. [7] The angels when resemble the human form do not mean to go on the stage as they want. It resembles a human angel in order to improve.Since angels have their own distinct form of human. The man then how it changes shape to form one human to another. What is driving the changes?
[Copied from the book of Al-Al-Mufidah Ajwibatu As'illah An-Al-Al-jadidah Manahij, Indonesia Issue Dismissed Diversion Manhaj Propagation, Proceedings of the collector bin Abu Jamal Abdillah Farihah Al-Harithi, Yayasan Al-Madinah Publishers, Translators Muhaimin]__________Foote Note[1]. Shaykh Bakr Abu Zaid says in his book At-Tamtsil, 'The existence of a play originally was a form of non-Muslim worship.Most of ahlu ilmi confirm, that the core of the play is part of the symbols, symbols of pagan worship in Greece. (Page 18).
Shaykh al-Islam said in his book Al-Mustaqim Iqtidha Sirath (191 / cet. Darul Hadith) about what they are doing the Nassara on their feast day is called 'Day rayanya those addle-brained "(id asy-Sya'anin) : "They come out at the feast with the olive leaves and the like, and they thought it resembled sikapdemikian what is on the Al-Masih 'Alaiahis Sallam. This has been quoted by Shaykh Bakr Abu Zaid in the At-Tamtsil. Shaykh Bakr hinted about it in his book it. 27-28: "You already know that the play had nothing to do with the history of the Muslims in the first generation (main). Unexpected arrival at the least of the learned, namely 14H century. Then greeted by establishing houses of entertainment and theater buildings, Switch necessarily from the places of worship to a group of actors plays Nassara Islamic schools than most of the Islamic worshipers.
[I (Abu Abdillah) said: For example, the Muslim Brotherhood "]
If you understand this, then know that the rules and principles of Islam who raised the experts to the degree of perfection demanded and the noble resistance that way. As we know, that a charity may be included as a service, or it could be included as a custom. Then the origin of worship, it is not prescribed except what is prescribed by Allah and indigenous origin is not prohibited except what Allah has forbidden. Therefore it should not be a play Islami held as a way of worship, or even as part of a habit or custom which contain elements of games and entertainment.
Theater is not specified in the Islamic Shari'a, he's a new road. Part of the overall teachings of Islam is what is spoken by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam,' Those who make new matters in the affairs of our (Islamic), the case is open from Islam then rejected '.Therefore, what has been seen in some school or college campuses, namely the Islamic charade game then surely it is an act of heresy, because it has been unknown origin. practice is for the Muslims is a matter that comes out of the area is determined based on the proposition syar'i.
Because the practice is a pagan worship of the Greek and ahlu Nassara heresy, then there is no basis in Islam is absolute. So it is a matter of a new practice in Islam and every new case in Islam is a heresy that resembles sharia. A fitting name for the term based on Islamic Shari'a is the 'Theatre Bid'ah'.
If a play is included as a custom, then it resembles the enemies of Allah (kafir). While we have been forbidden to resemble them. While the case was not known except from them.
I (Abu Abdillah) said, "Verily; 'Theatre Islami', as they are called, exist only on the entertainment center during the summer and school-skolah, regarded as one of the methods dakwan and ways to influence the youth. This is a trick them, which in Personality rejected. Though the manner and method of da'wah to Allah tauqifiyah (ittiba), then there is no right for someone to make something (for worship) of her. I will not discuss the means of propagation length.
If there are people who say, 'Behold the means of preaching is part of mashalihul mursalah'. We said, 'What is Islamic belittle all good for servants?
The answer lies in the description of Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, as follows, 'In short, do not underestimate the good that sharia (maslahah) at all, even God Almighty has perfected the Deen of joy for us. So there is nothing closer to heaven than we had been told he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to do it. He has left us on a clean slate. Later that night bleak afternoon, did not deviate from it but the people who perished. [Quoted from the book: Al-Qawiyyah Hujaju Anna Wasa'ila Ala ad-Da'wah Shaykh Tauqifiyah work Abdussallam bin Barjas it. 40]
I (Abu Abdillah) said, 'If a large number of various disbelief, wickedness and disobedience confess to al-haq with syar'i road and it should be. So why would a preacher looking for a way that is not contained in the Personality '? After all that really what is contained in the Personality 'was already sufficient to obtain propaganda purposes to God. Which makes ahlu repent sinners and those who have lost the instructions. Let the preachers preach to clear space for him when God by means of paving the companions themselves on it. Indeed they go back to the science.Ibn Mas'ud said, 'Surely you will create a new case and new case will be created for you, then, if you see a new case, shall be upon you stick with the first case (Prophet and his companions)'. Ibn Mas'ud said, well, 'Be careful you against heresy, caution you against excessive, caution you against berdalam the depths and you must stick with the first generation'. [Quoted from the book: Ala Al-Qawiyyah Hujaju Anna Wasa'ila ad-Da'wah Shaykh Tauqifiyah work Abdussallam bin Barjas it. 43]
Sheikh Abdussalam said, 'Surely goodness in determining a case is difficult. Sometimes an observer maslahah menyengka that this is, but this, in fact the ruling to determine the benefit is ahlu ilmi.They are filled with justice and bashirah, who always bring sharia laws and virtues. It is therefore a need to issue a cautious stance is great and very wary of the mastery of the passions if want something good. Lust is often decorate something that is broken into looking good, so many people fooled. Though the dangers outweigh the benefits. Then how the muqallid (who imitation) can be controlled by the allegation and determine that it is maslahah? Is not this a presumptuous attitude towards the deen and bad attitude towards the law syar'i with no conviction? (P. 45)
Abdussalam He also quotes from Shaykh Hamud bin Abdullah At-Tuwajiri rahimaullah, he said: Behold enter a play in preaching to the God Almighty is not the sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, and not from the first four caliphs al-Sunnah Mahdiyin.But includes a new case in our time. And indeed Allah has warned of new matters, ordered to reject them, and informing him that the new case it is bad and misguided "(p. 45)
[2]. In it contains elements of a waste of time. Muslims will be held accountable for his time. He is required to maintain and take avail of the time, to practice what is blessed by the Almighty, so that its benefits go back to him, both globally and in the hereafter. As the hadith of Abu al-Aslamy Barzah, he said, 'Messenger of Allah has said,
"It means: Do not move both feet of a servant on the Day of Resurrection so that was asked about his age, for what he spends.on his property where he can get, and for what he infakkan. on his body for what he muster. [Issued by Al-Tirmidhi 2417 and he menshahihkannya]
[3]. Generally, the play was a lie. It could be an impact for people who come and watch or attract attention to them or even make them laugh. That part of the fantasy stories. It's been no threat from the Messenger of Allah for the person who lied to laugh at people with a strong threat. Ie from Haidah Allaah ibn Muawiyah 'anhu that the Prophet said,
"It means: Woe to those who speak (preach) while he was lying (in talks) so that a people laugh then woe unto him, Alas for him". [Hadith Hasan, issued by Judge (I/46), Ahmad (V / 3-5) and At-Tirmidhi (2315)]
Accompany this hadith Shaykh of Islam said, 'And indeed Ibn Mas'ud said: "Verily, falsehood is not true either seriously or jokingly"But if the lie that caused the hostility of the Muslims and endangering the dien ban certainly harder. However, the culprit is laughing at the lies of a people deserve the punishment that can deter syar'i of the offense. [Majmu Fatawa (32/256)]
About the stories, it was scholars' hate salaf stories and stories assemblies. They warn all the warnings and fight the narrator (the narrator) with a variety of means. Of the book Al-Mudzakir Tadzkin wa wa At-Adh-Dhikr Ibn Abi Asim, Al-Ridadi tahqiq Khlaid (p. 26).Ibn Asim has been narrated with a saheeh sanad, that Ali Allaah; anhu saw someone told me, he said, Do you know about naskh (remove verse) and mansukh (deleted)? Then he (the narrator) said, No. Ali said, perish thou and thou hast destroyed them. [Al-Mudzakir wa At-Tadzkir it. 82]
Imam Malik said, I really hate the stories in the mosque. I looked dangerous with their bermajelis participate. Real stories of heresy.
Salim said, "That Ibn Umar met a man who came out of the mosque, he said, 'There is no factor that caused me to get out (of the mosque) except for the narrator of yours." Imam Ahmad said that the lie of Man is the narrator and one of the most asked (a question that does not do good). Then asked him (Imam Ahmad), Do you attend their assemblies? He answered, No. [quoted from the book of Al-Bida wa Al-At-Turtusyi Hawadits work, p 109-112]
[4]. One of the theater's name is: Al-Muhakkah, which mimicked a person in its movements. Has come to denounce the hadeeth which mimicked a person, and the prohibition of such that, from Aisha that the Prophet said, 'I really do not like somebody imitate and indeed to me like this and like this'. Saheeh issued by Imam Ahmad (6/136-206), At-Tirmidhi (2503).
[5] Hadith that forbid resembling the polytheists and infidels have spread, such as words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam,' Selisihilah Jews and Nassara .. '[Ibn Hibban Taqrib (2186)],' Berbedalah with those Pagans ... ' [Muslim (259)], 'Berbedalah the Zoroastrian people ..' [Muslim (260)]
[6]. Has published a book entitled Al-Hujaj Qawiyyah Al-'Ala Anna Wasa'ilah Da'wah work Taufiqiyyah Sheikh Abdulkarim bin Abdussallam bin Barjas. A good book discussion, we advise to read the book tersebt.
source: http://almanhaj.or.id
[7]. Then the angel was not mimicking the words of someone who diserupai shape, and do not go his way or the other movements that people make a diseruapinya.

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